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Specifications Stroller Maclaren Techno XLR

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months
Maximum allowable child weight 29 kg
Possibility to install a car seat there is

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane folding with one hand
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Chassis width 50 cm
Wheels rubber
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Folded Wheel Position apart
Wheel diameter 16 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment there are, the number of provisions is 3
Carry handle / strap there is

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustable
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 4
Seat belts there are five-point
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child not

Car seat

Compatible Car Seat Models Recaro


Carrying not
Accessories adapters for attaching car seats, sun visor, raincoat
Hood material the cloth
The hood drops to the bumper Yes
Ability to wash cover there is

Reviews on Maclaren Techno XLR Stroller

Pluses: beautiful, attracts attention, smooth quiet move, wide seat, the main structure is quite reliable.
Minuses: Coating pens. No genuine parts – hence expensive repairs. The brakes stopped working after a year. Frail bumper, for which you need to lay out 1000-1500r. Hard to manage with one hand.
Disadvantages: The carriage was rolled for almost two years. A couple of times they took in vacation. Fulfilled the main purpose. Handles peeled off about after 8 months, they became sticky, seemingly as if their dog was chewing. The brakes are dead too, there are grooves on the wheels that go into latches, so these grooves simply erased on the rear wheel holders. Grooved drums can be thrown from the front wheels, but the wheels filmed hellishly. I paid special attention to how other people deal with handles and brake – 3 of 4 strollers that I saw with the same problems. Accessories cost inadequate money – cup holder 1500r, well tryndets. Bottom line: If the price of a new one does not scare – take it, there will be pleasant to use all year :). I consider it unjustified expensive.

Pupkin Andrey

Pluses: The biggest advantage over everyone else strollers is a wide seat of 37 cm, those little child up to a year sleeping as soon as the soul desires; a big hood that you can not only close the child with almost legs but also isolate from external noise; accessibility to the basket with a full decrease in the back (the child sleeps and through the side locks you can not get everything applying effort; in the winter I passed pretty well through the peeled Needless to say the roads, maneuvering
Minuses: The main minus because of which the newcomer quickly stroller drain this seat, after a year the child hangs on the straps, with what the most intimate place suffers because the seat does not have recesses. The minus is still in weight, dimensions and fold stressfully. Constantly bend down to fold, and if the wheels are dirty then they come in contact with the hood and it all gets dirty (rubbed to unfortunately not all), lift 8-9 kg and put in the trunk, place takes quite noticeable. I would say that this is not really a cane, keep that in mind.
Minuses: Perfect only up to a year if I had already listened when choosing a stroller to reviews where repeatedly all the disadvantages described in detail, the choice would have fallen on another cane. I do not recommend. There is a great analogue, and also England – Silver Cross from McLaren the functionalities cannot be distinguished, only the seat is not 37 cm, but the savings 7-8 thousand rubles

Julia Julia

Pluses: Perfect stroller. This is a walk! Depreciation at 4 wheels. Maneuverability is the best. Materials: textile, metal, plastic, wheels, high quality. It does not fade in the sun. Good is being cleaned. Removable parts are easy to wash. 5 point belts and lock they are very strong and high quality. Huge huge headrest soft, the cover on the legs is wonderful and covers well. Wide seat (37 cm) !!!! Walks on the stairs.
Minuses: There is no bumper, and without it we ride perfectly. At the hood lowered and the buttoned cover on the legs there are gaps on the side. The hood is not very well fixed when fully unfolded. Well price.
Minuses: I love this stroller. We decided to buy it in 2015. In late March. Skated to the beginning of December. Would ride further if not for the snowdrifts to the waist. I read negative reviews and don’t understand I’m rather wondering whether they write about this stroller! My height is 164 cm. Pens not pulling. At first she stumbled over the wheels, but this was not a habit. Now I think how it turned out)))) in growth I feel good. For less growth will probably be high. Wheels. Large, do not rattle (by what the coating must go so that they thundered as they write below or how plastic?). Depreciation was developed in about a month. At first she was very distant about the hard move, but then even on paving a child comfortably. Like all strollers with cushioning and generally with wheels)), a creak appears periodically, from getting dust or pebble. Vd 40 to help you). Hood. Big and cool. Starting from 2015 models, the front visor is opaque. Basket. Since 2015 models, it has been finalized. It opens calmly when fully lowered back. A lock is made on the side and a good Velcro. Holds a complete set of products from milk and bread to a couple kilo potatoes and even a detergent. And it all walked along steps with a sleeping child up to the 4th floor, since there is no elevator in the house. There is a moment when folding, the hood gets dirty, but not fatally, pre-put on the bag. And not so small when folded. But it’s difficult to call it a cane, it’s a full walk, comfortable. We rode from 2.5 months without any additional inserts or carry

Raspberry Sweet

Advantages: You can list for a very long time, I will say the bonds of general experience, maybe around me there are a lot of such strollers. 1) and the most the main thing! The stroller is really suitable for babies from 0 to 5 years old! (If you give birth in the summer and will not hysteria that the poor child rides so close to the ground, and even without depreciation as in a cradle) 2) it is not difficult to fold and unfold 3) compact and stable assembled 4) good cross (in winter, ride on it the uncleaned roads are hell, but the cleaned ones are quite), but, I draw your Attention! This is, in general, a SUMMER carriage, a stroller. 5) this is the most wide and roomy stroller (I went shopping with a meter, she measured everything herself). For comparison, look at peggo for example, this is horror! How is it that the poor cub will sit in 3.5 Glda in a warm sweater and jacket? 6) is included even in the narrowest elevators! 7) but in general I took it as a STEPPING stroller – she has her own function fulfilled – the back no longer wears 17 kg. Castors knock knock and drove off. Up and down. 8) everything is erased, everything is washed, by at least what should 9) like the window, visible child, you can fool around and see if he’s sleeping 10) of course, quality. Oh, I threw it and threw it in the car, she rolls and so on. Though I wish that she, the infection, even if something fell off, I would write ….
Disadvantages: 1) today’s price, we bought for 19000 2 back 2) weight (it’s still heavy) =) this is nit-picking for such strollers, but who can’t carry such weights, it’s better to take a poppy thinner, less weighty
Minuses: I like a lot, but I will say that it is SIMPLE GOOD STROLLER that will not annoy you.

Larina Egenia

Pluses: no
Minuses: rattles, creaks, bad cough from sun / wind / snow. Doesn’t eat in the snow, no bumper
Disadvantages: for the money the quality is not ice, or this stroller not for Russia, we need perfect roads …

Maslyak Marina

Advantages: experience of using more than a year. Very maneuverable universal, lightweight. With the minimum dimensions of the back folds out to a horizontal position, the baby is comfortable sleep
Disadvantages: Reliable, withstands heavy loads, is indispensable on trips (train, plane, that’s it). Is used daily, carries on itself 10 kg of food and a child about 12 kg easy! We rode in it all the time in winter. If the snow is not loose rides fine. 2 stroller theutonia mitral p is also chic, but according maneuverability with mclarik is not comparable. If you need freedom movement and at the same time you are not ready to carry the child on yourself Maclaren XLR is the best.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: maneuverability, horizontal back, large cap
Disadvantages: heavy, bumper for extra. fee no shoulder belt (as on a mclaren quest)
Disadvantages: it is not clear why people do not choose carefully strollers, and then put bad grades and write bad reviews. The stroller is just a bomb! Everything is thought out to the smallest detail. The hood is huge laid out in 3 different ways. Whoever wrote the letter G is not true, you can push or pull the small gray part of the hood-like conveniently. The wheels are maneuverable — turn in place and with one hand — freely. Handles lengthen. 2-sided, removable mattress, can be in summer remove. For babies headrest. Folding back almost on 180 degrees, fits a 5-year-old child (older) weighing 18 kg. Basket with zippers, you can pull out any back decomposition necessary. Latching on belts is a McLaren chip, why to blame …. upon purchase, that they did not see how they work, yes with they cannot be opened with long nails, but because of this, one cannot call. Used the mclaren quest with the eldest daughter, for the son larger have chosen this: powerful, modern, comfortable and very functional stroller.

Need Elena

Pluses: Beautiful appearance (except wheels), good material
Disadvantages: 1. A U-turn is not possible only if push forward and then turn 2. Tile front wheels glide, do not spin, noise throughout the store 3. Not deep sitting, the child hangs on belts 4. Clasp, unique for athletes, without nails, grandparents can’t do it 5. Huge ugly hood the letter G, the child is not visible, poppycock window 6. Wheels are worn out, view battered 7. The basket is not reliable, do not put purchases, for this the price could be made stronger, I have 3 children and things I drive many, often go shopping 8. Very high handles, only for moms from 170cm, my height is 165 cm is not convenient (to everything you can get used to? why?) 9. It’s problematic to enter the curb, only with stop and strong pressure on the rear wheels, with a growth of 165cm it NOT CONVENIENT !!! Small distance between front and rear wheels!?!? 10. When folded, it takes up a lot of space
Minuses: Before buying, be sure to put your child in stroller and ride for at least 5 minutes! Before ordering online go to any children’s store and test this miracle yudo! Most a big indicator – a huge number of these strollers on second-hand sites goods! thank


Pluses: running board! The child can sleep peacefully even when 92cm tall legs do not hang! It turns into a full bedroom a place. Hood completely covers from the sun and wind. Comfortable basket. By the way, I’ll say it to everyone who dreams of a unicorn pen this stroller can be driven with one hand for one handle and it will not wag. But friends! how many can be hung on two handles packages!
Disadvantages: In our carriage, only the handles were let down – it is erased this fragile parallon in 2 weeks.
Minuses: This is not a stroller, but some kind of unkillable tank! We got it in November and went to goa for three months – this is the absence roads, permanent sand, sea water as we walked along the sea all day long. Dragged along the sand on the rear wheels. Then in in March she was expected by the Russian outback with the lack of roads and ice blocks, well i.e. there are people generally with strollers only with inflatable wheels go. And ours has shown itself worthy! overall now she looks like new, when flying, only the cap from one was lost wheels and handles are not very durable material. But did not rust never creaks, never broke! In goa how much was everyone’s strollers broke! And I especially didn’t spare my own and she didn’t failed. By the way, the wheels are very superbly jumping up the stairs and due to The child’s depreciation is not very affected.

Yeryutina Oksana

Pluses: big hood
Minuses: wheels !!!!!
Disadvantages: We used the stroller from 5 months to 1g.8m. in the suburbs. The only plus of this stroller is large hood. Perhaps that’s all. They write that the seat is large and wide. I don’t I agree. Our baby in 1g.3m. weighed 10 kg growth was 77cm to sleep he was there I couldn’t hang my legs, and in a jumpsuit, the fir fit in width. Wheels terrible wheelchair shakes as a result we have broken the rear right wheel (fell apart on the floors right on the street). In general, I do not advise her buy. We bought our son a walk Jetam with 803 and very happy with her and her seat is wider and longer than that of mclarene

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