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Characteristics Stroller Inglesina Trip

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months to 3 years
Pram weight 7.5 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Chassis width 49 cm
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Wheel diameter 17 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not

Walking block

Included there is
Back adjustable
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 4
Seat Dimensions (WxD) 31×17 cm
Seat belts there are five-point with soft pads
The bar in front of the child there is


Carrying not
Accessories cup holder, sun visor
Hood material the cloth
Assembled stability not
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 27x25x105 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 77x49x110 cm
Parents Choice Award 2015/2016

Reviews on Inglesina Trip Stroller

Pluses: comfortable, with the first child was cheaper cane, after this heaven and earth: – good handling – passable wheels – removable bumper – pocket in the hood – when “walk” the stroller through the curb, the child does not fall out (in the past stroller strove to fall out)
Disadvantages: 1. the hood was constantly snapped off at the mount to the base 2. the seat latch pulled to the right, but it is quite possible for them It was used (and used) 3. A small basket, like everyone else canes 4. small hood, does not cover the sleeping child 5. “zero” package: no raincoat, no cover on the legs, I’m in principle and it was not necessary
Disadvantages: 3 years of use, mainly off-road, rural terrain, primers, stones, not even asphalt. All wheels are intact (last cane killed in a similar operation in a year), even intact handles made of soft foam plastic, faded hood and seat, because they often stored on the street and the sun (Crimea) In general, the stroller didn’t let you down.

Markova Olga

Pluses: Easy. Beautiful. Great fabric and overall The materials are all of high quality. Walks on gravel, sand and in general SUV
Disadvantages: The cap in the supine position does not close the child. It’s difficult to switch the back from one position to another, sometimes skips. In the assembled state, the wheels in different sides are folded – it’s not very convenient
Minuses: After Chinese strollers cheap when you take it in hands – immediately feel the quality and reliability. We have a bright green It looks great and the fabric does not get dirty, water and dirt repels on Hooray. The bag is not very functional, but it is uncritical. I would like to so that it was assembled, otherwise in transport, for example, very hard with her. The cap is well thought out for a sitting position – completely covers the child from the sun but at the same time it forms on the side the window and the child can see what is happening on the sides, not boring. But in does not close the child’s lying position and has to be plaid to cover, if the wind is not comfortable at all. The back is displayed in almost completely horizontal position (child 1.3 years old still he sleeps in it with pleasure). I took Avito for funny money, after 2 children, but the stroller is excellent. I think with us rolls not one child, a great thing!

Bayramalova Rimma

Pluses: Looks quite high quality Really water repellent material. Water is collected in drops and drains. Hydrophobic. The hood has a small visor that improves closeness, maybe not everyone found it or it wasn’t in more older versions Wheels are relatively large for canes, foamed rubber, not particularly rattles and backlash, does not look like a tin can with nuts, the same pico mini thunders a lot more and backlash due smaller and harder wheels A raincoat complete, like a glove, so far no complaints. Cup holder – well let it be, not the essence. It develops quite compactly, there is no problem getting on an airplane, talking about the train, lean against the wall, if you need dirty wheels wrap in bags, a little dumb, but fine. Weight – 7 kg, with the presence of a fairly large number of metal elements and four not the smallest wheels, this is an excellent indicator. I take and I carry with one hand without straining. All sorts of loudspeakers with tiny wheels or plastic imitations do not count. Generally on one I read from sites that the weight of the stroller is less than 7 kg – dangerous for the child, for what would not be the construction, with a large child are possible problems that would not be written in the instructions. Adjustments – fine. The brake is normal, bye. Front wheel lock – excellent, clearly and confidently. The angle of inclination – well, not as usual, such rails with slots, but I see no problems. Adjustable footrest, The visor can be removed on the hood, the hood itself is removed in seconds to zero or even removed, Everything is so thin and light, but not makes an impression of some cheapness and wretchedness, tailoring, too excellent, no thread, etc.
Minuses: All the same, a cane – therefore, on a poor surface it’s hard to walk, it can get stuck in a hole or rumble a little. But I’m sure much smaller than most other canes. According to normal the asphalt is generally perfect, quiet, smooth, perfectly controlled even with one hand. Fresh models do not have a pocket for little things and another location of the viewing window. See date clips. The cart under the stroller is very small, access to laid out almost impossible, the material is thin, so very it’s stupid to pile on something and complain about what is torn. Put there a raincoat, a couple of bags for wheels and a few toys. For he is needed. Not for potatoes as kilograms. There is no cape on the feet, and in cold or windy weather, the child is not sufficiently protected. Cape separately – more than 2000. But it’s easier some kind of diaper or put a cover or just dress the child warmer. Well we thought of covering it with a raincoat in the wind. And great. Even nothing no need to invent. Although the child does not see much there, it is still asleep. That is, the option is more likely for warm and calm weather, or for children who are not raised in greenhouse conditions. Not worth it assembled, and if improperly folded, the fabric will dirty itself to myself. If I’m not mistaken, if I lock the wheels and do not squeeze until emphasis, wheels will not dirty anything. Relatively long but narrow collected. In addition, the front wheels can be easily removed screwdriver (see instructions) and placed in a separate package
Disadvantages: Traveled in Russia for a month, when a child It was 4 months without a stroller and a car. First endured and worn child in her arms, then they began to take strollers for rent at 100-150 rubles. Then they realized that this is also not an option. Almost immediately Arrived bought this stroller, purely for travel, especially on this hinted even in the name of the stroller. While satisfied with all 100, there are no more ideal strollers, even for twice as much money. AND in terms of price-quality ratio and within the framework of suitable use for trips in good weather and with normal quality roads, this one of the best options. It’s clear that on the road and in the snow and the wind is not very. Now no trips without a stroller. there is oddities on reviews on the market. Most likely, part of the positive reviews are false. Although she is certainly very worthy, but the rating is like at least by the number of reviews – wound up. For example, in dozens of reviews in the first lines necessarily goes the word Maneuverable and some similar turns. Yes, maneuverable. But I won’t believe what the number of users will write so persistently about this. AND several reviews in general as from another planet, such as heavy, cheap, uncontrollable. What are you talking about? In my opinion, the omission moderators.

drifter semen

Pluses: very maneuverable, comfortable for moms and dads above 170 cm (legs do not rest as in Aprica), folds easily, decomposes into an almost completely lying state. Very reliable strong, durable!
Minuses: Not light (relatively light Aprica), the hood would more, so that when lying he would more close the child from light and eyes (but in principle, this is not a problem, since it is possible hang with a diaper / blanket), not a very convenient folding mechanism in a lying position (you need to get used to it, to do it smoothly and silently)
Minuses: Favorite carriage! I want to update the old one by buying the same model but newer

Piskunova Natalya

Pluses: Favorite stroller! Reliable, convenient, where only on they didn’t go to it – it went everywhere!

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