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Specifications Cybex Topaz stroller

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months
Pram weight 7.5 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane folding with one hand
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Folded Wheel Position apart
Wheel diameter 16 cm
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment there is

Walking block

Back adjustable
Number of positions for backrest adjustment 4
Seat belts there are five-point
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child there is a removable


Carrying not
Accessories mosquito net, sun visor, rain cover, toe cape
Hood material the cloth
Ability to wash cover there is
Assembled Dimensions (LxWxH) 112x30x32 cm
Dimensions (LxWxH) 80x50x110 cm

Reviews on Cybex Topaz Stroller

Advantages: 1. Visor in the 2011 model is simply gorgeous. It closes perfectly from the sun, even if the child is lying. Defence from ultraviolet light. 2. It is displayed almost horizontally (170 degrees) 3. Walks well along the stairs. 4. Maneuverable 5. Belt it is pulled up by one hand 6. It is folding and unfolding conveniently, if you adapt 7. Even a large child can fit in it. 8. The ability to install chairs 0+ from Cybex 9. Quality materials. 10. The front wheels rotate, but they can be locked. 11. Very hardy. Loaded huge bags in supermarkets, but problems for for many years did not arise
Disadvantages: 1. Raincoat, cup holder and foot coverings needed buy separately. 2. Fully unfolded visor after some time began to stick poorly, periodically folding with one side. 3. It is necessary to periodically lubricate the wheels so that they do not creak 4. The handle is not adjustable for reach, so with a small increase you can kick when walking (with average growth, exactly everything excellent) 5. No depreciation (as with most canes) 6. Not the easiest (but can withstand a child up to 5 years and 22.5 kg). Apparently, more than the declared 7.5 kg 7. The bumper can not be taken aside and throw it so that it stays in that position 8. Brake in a couple years stopped working 9. Do not remove material for washing completely
Minuses: Good stroller. Choose between I’coo Pluto, Maclaren XLR, but when buying a chair Cybex Pallas 2-Fix decided take a look at the Cybex strollers. The ad was very impressive. I bought a stroller and a chair at once in a German online store. Managed delivery of 425 Euros (17 thousand rubles) It turned out cheaper than in Russia, but not as much savings as with purchased in the same store has a heavier Hartan stroller. Now I would take Topaz again. Callisto of course allows you to put a cradle, but small wheels for our broken roads are not very suitable. For canes it can still be normal, although of course everyone has to get used after inflatable wheels for several days 🙂

Popov Alexander

Advantages: very high quality, very comfortable for the child, very easy to operate and fold with one hand, many removable accessories – bumper, hood, mattress, lining – easy adjust to the weather and maintain, clean. huge hood up bumpers. soft berth with a pillow. the footboard changes position, the back leans back completely. There is a carry handle. reliable and indestructible !! and many more – not enough space list!!
Disadvantages: a bit big when folded, and we got equipment from the sale without a cover on the legs., instead of it used a plaid. but by and large for such a stroller no flaws.
Disadvantages: the carriage is simply a miracle! she is so comfortable and maneuverable – steps up the steps, jumps onto the curbs, rotates with ease with one hand even with locked front wheels. cable brakes can be pressed and depressed one with the foot. also folds with one hand and foot. can be used with three months to three years calm !! baby sleeps on walks very soft. accounted for on foot with this kalyaska and with two children to go shopping, the basket is full to the top and the stroller is not creaked, nothing loosened., can withstand even an adult man, maybe it was even a matter of sitting down in nature. at fast at least does not creak. materials are very high-quality, through 2.5 years of active use looks like new. really liked in that you can remove the hood, unfasten the barrel on the seat – and for A more adult child has fun riding and looking around. very I recommend this model !!!!


Pluses: We bought this model in 2011, we still use it since then, 3 children have already grown in it, on the 4th approach, they gave relatives for several months. There is only one conclusion – not killable, very convenient for baby sleep on the street, does not take up much space, easy to roll and manage with one hand, if you need to hold the elder’s hand; were cases when she herself had to sit in it with a child to feed – withstood, nothing creaked and did not break. Cap up bumpers + cover on the legs and you can not be afraid to get in the rain or heavy snowfall. Walks on the stairs. On the side of the basket we still sometimes we put an older scooter, the folding lock holds him, I came up with a gum loop to throw on the steering wheel scooter and stroller handle and in general beauty – you can go camping shops with free hands :))) there was a case when I went to the cap a baking tray with pizza, on the handle hung a bag with the needs for a child, the trip took about an hour on foot, insured with two fingers, maneuverability and speed are not have suffered. Generally a stroller for life.
Minuses: Raincoat. Without a slotted window, all in creases, it’s not convenient to look through it; it can even harmful. Cover for legs and cap completely remove the need for raincoat, so we almost forgot about it.
Minuses: Now the price has risen sharply, we bought for 7 tp

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Pluses: very beautiful, stands out from the crowd, not “hackneyed
Minuses: It seems like a bit heavy, but it’s stable
Minuses: I took a stroller for a very long time. When I saw cybex, I immediately realized that I wanted her. McLaren didn’t want to fundamentally, he has every second, pegger and inglesin, not interesting. Choose between Cybex Topaz, Cybex Callisto and silver cross reflex. I did not regret my choice at all !!! Stroller perfect, beautiful. Very high quality fabric, the seams are perfectly even. The color violet spring is sooooo beautiful, noble. I recommend if does not bother weight ~ 9 kg. ADD AFTER HALF MONTH ACTIVE USE: now I do not think that the stroller is ideal- absolutely stupid idea with adjustable hood height. Every once, after you fold and disassemble the stroller, the hood is constantly goes back and forth as he wants, since there are no gaps. IN as a result, scratches appeared on the frame. We often collect and disassemble the carriages, but the husband is still freaking out and says that I bought g … but not a stroller. The mechanism is not developed in any way. We moved into the house without an elevator, Topaz steps perfectly up and jumps down. He is not perfect, but I still love him 🙂

Gennady Ivanov

Advantages: 1. completeness: there is a bumper, an envelope 2. back can be laid out in an almost horizontal position 3. large wheels 4. light 5. the width of the wheels matches the width of the guides on 6. beautiful stairs, in the sense – nothing more
Disadvantages: Serious deficiencies have not yet been identified, and if to find fault, it smelled hard raincoat. If flaws are noticed or something breaks – I will write additionally, incl. while i have nothing wrote, then the stroller is alive and well and does not bother me.
Disadvantages: 3 years have passed, the jamb carries the second child – nothing has broken, everything is fine, but now in the car there are two more Car Seats – Winners of ADAC Tests ————————————————– — UPDATE The stroller broke down – did not notice when reversing.

Kostin Yuri

Advantages: Comfortable to operate, compact, excellent fabric, huge hood, the window in the hood does not glare, silicone raincoat
Disadvantages: Without an elevator on the 4th floor it’s too heavy (7-7.5 kg)
Minuses: Great stroller! We’ve been using it for a year and a half already satisfied. For sleeping in nature, a great option, wide sleeping place, a wide place for legs (used since 9 months it was very important), skated winter perfectly. There were no problems if the roads were not cleaned, the front wheels were blocked and normal passing by. A very good option at an affordable price!

Irina Kolgatnikova

Advantages: – Strength of construction: strong joints, all securely made -Fabric: very good quality, pleasant to the touch, matte, non-slip, very beautiful color (we have the Ocean) -High handles, but convenient for grandmother 164 cm and for dad 186 cm. -Very convenient system of folding of a back, it is possible to lower with one hand Do not disturb the back of the sleeping baby -Big hood, lowers almost to the bumper – A soft seat and a hard back, and for softness – Cozy headrest – The footrest is adjustable – The back is lowered almost in 180 degrees. -Can be removed sidewalls for greater ventilation in summer – The brake must only be pressed on one side and no Dirty shoes – Easy to operate, can also pass through dirt and fixed porridge snow porridge
Disadvantages: -Very explosive wheels, rattle even on a level asphalt, ideally only a flat floor in a shopping center or airport -Heavy, still about 8 kg for a cane – that’s a lot -Enough bulky when folded, takes up a lot of space -Hood poorly fixed when unfolded, not enough latch -Absolute lack of depreciation, there are no soft suspensions which are specified in the description
Disadvantages: Bought a stroller in addition to a walk for traveling and for summer walks in the city. I chose a stroller, suitable for tall parents. Unfortunately, the best canes not for tall ones (the same Pliko mini). Despite the large number merits, yet the stroller was not satisfied. Too she explosive. This is her biggest flaw. This is our first cane, maybe you just need to get used to such a rattle noise, but I I am very sorry that I shook 4000 more rubles and did not buy McLaren xt. The child in the stroller is comfortable, did not want to get out, but it’s hard for mom. Not suitable for travel and noisy, so only 4 points, even with a minus.

Ambarova Ksenia

Pluses: Great stroller, big cool hood, It looks very nice, not very noisy when driving on irregularities.
Minuses: It gets dirty when folding, the basket is not very convenient down below.
Minuses: Came to the store for a stroller, very strollers a lot ….. how to choose it is not clear. I wanted to take for 6-7 thousand, but after as he held this in his hands, the others did not even touch I wanted, they are painfully flimsy, but this one is very strong. Especially the little one was put in a stroller right in the store and he was satisfied, they did not dare to transfer to a wheelchair worse. Maclaren is good too, but 15-16 thousand a little expensive. There is a pocket in the back where you can phone and keys to throw. The straps just snap in, the stroller is nice rolls along the track. Generally a pleasant stroller with a cool the hood.

Alexey Harin

Pluses: Beautiful, looks expensive and high quality made. As I did not immediately pay attention to cybex! First, I chose everything Maclaren, but a friend advised a cybex callisto. Looked video review and just fell in love with the topaz model. Big hood finally the problem of the bright sun in the face will be solved. I liked good equipment – the mosquito net was important to me, in the summer from mosquitoes will not be saved. In general, I advise. Now also over the purchase car seats think about it.
Minuses: Wheels stain the hood – a common thing for canes
Minuses: When I looked at reviews, I did not immediately pay attention on dates. Some reviews of the old model. 2013 model refined and much more convenient than the old. I would like to buy a bag a cover for transporting this stroller, but have not yet found.

Yakovleva Anna

Pluses: Very comfortable stroller. Lightweight, manoeuvrable. About the hood does not agree! Maybe people don’t know that if lightning unfasten, then the child will simply completely close. Available on Hood viewing window is very comfortable. The backrest is fully vertical position, doesn’t collapse anywhere (like many strollers), it is regulated very quietly and conveniently with the help of a lever, not uncomfortable belts. Wonderful rain jacket that attaches to Velcro to the stroller, does not flood anywhere, there is ventilation. there is bumper. The child loves to ride in this stroller. Large mesh for toys. There is a step for older children. The hood is adjustable by height, even a three-year-old baby will not rest his head on him
Disadvantages: Depreciation is, but small. Rumble a little wheels, wheels stain the hood when folded, but this the problem is with all cane strollers, even macklaren.
Minuses: Very happy with the purchase! The stroller fulfills all its functions at 5. I bought on the official website and went as a gift the cape of the legs is a warm and branded mosquito net. I advise this stroller for the warm season

Barbashina Irina

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