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Specifications stroller babyhit Wonder

General characteristics

A type pleasure
Recommended Age from 6 months
Pram weight 7.2 kg

Chassis design

Folding mechanism cane
Number of wheels 8, front and rear dual
Swivel front wheels / wheel yes, with the ability to block
Wheel diameter 15.20 cm
Depreciation system springs
Shopping basket there is a mesh
Handle height adjustment not

Walking block

Back adjustable
Seat Dimensions (WxD) 33×21 cm
Berth length 79 cm
Seat belts there are five-point with soft pads
Footrest height adjustment there is
The bar in front of the child there is a removable


Carrying not
Accessories mosquito net, sun visor, cape on legs
Hood material the cloth
The hood drops to the bumper Yes
Dimensions (height) 108 cm

Reviews on Babyhit Wonder Stroller

Pluses: I liked that there are springs in the wheels. Not big but still a plus. Good quality and functionality and acceptable price.
Disadvantages: Cape is fastened with Velcro, while still cracks remain.

Mayer Marina

Pluses: Normal springs on wheels, pavement joints tiles almost do not give into the hands and ass of the child. Good price. Big hood and nice looking.
Minuses: None. A cane is like a cane. Everything is with her.

kireeva nina

Advantages: Backrests, seat belts, hood, there is a basket.
Disadvantages: Depreciation, maneuverability, cross-country ability completely are absent.
Minuses: Maybe for such a price the quality of the goods and consistent, but waiting for the time when I already say goodbye to this pram. Before her was Verdy Pepe Eco 3 in 1 – a fairy tale is simple, neither one claim. They bought a cane, because we often travel and need there was a stroller more compact in assembly. Yes, compact, but for now you carry her, good thoughts do not arise in my head). Saves only the fact that we have tiles everywhere in the city, but if the asphalt is uneven or, worse, sand, that’s all; on tiles in wheel stores spinning. When folding the wheels, the hood is dirty. Under the legs are fabric, that is, in bad weather everything is dirty there. The back is displayed in 3 the position, the child is comfortable to sleep, but the depreciation of the wheels fails, when you get off the flat road.

Volodina Alina

Advantages: The back is comfortably lowered, it doesn’t disturb asleep sitting child. Large awning over your head. Unpretentious springs on wheels.
Disadvantages: Sometimes wheels begin to live their own lives.

Kravchuk Irusik

Pluses: chose a calm color, not annoying, not gets dirty especially. Such a stroller is well suited for everyday life, inexpensive, easy to fold, not heavy in weight. Back of one hand falls
Disadvantages: Yes, the same as all canes. Experience is – miracles patency from the reeds do not have to wait


Pluses: Large seat and sleeper. Spring on wheels, small but there. In general, I liked the stroller, good done. It seems like a reliable thing. Rides along the street well. It’s convenient for daughter, for me and dad too.
Minuses: The coating on the handle is torn, caught on sticking piece of iron on the railing in the stairwell. The coating is not strong.

Sapkina Ninel

Pluses: Removable crossbar in front of the child is good. Large hood and comfortable backrest too. The stroller is high, the back is not tired of rolling her.
Minuses: Four Velcro on the cloak on the feet and still bottom blowing out.

kurik lusia

Pluses: Comfortable handles, a large hood, there is a viewing a window and a pocket for small things, the back is conveniently regulated seats.
Minuses: I read good reviews about this stroller (neither I did not find one bad). I ordered her in the well-known online store. I was waiting for her impatiently. I thought it’s necessary, which good stroller for the money. But with the stroller we got disappointment. When a child (9 kg) was planted in it, it ceased turn right front wheel. We agreed with the store about exchange for the same (suddenly we were just out of luck and defective the stroller was caught). But this time the left front did not turn wheel. I still decided to go out with her, so on an uneven on the pavement, she stopped turning at all, I had to fix front wheels, so she went a little better. But now you won’t give it back, because the wheels are already worn. I tried 2 times post a review about this stroller on the store’s website, but the moderator didn’t gives publish. It turns out that only good reviews are posted, deceive people in general. And another drawback: the seatback no vertical position (i.e. 90 degree angle). For me it important. In general, I DO NOT ADVISE. P.S. I hope they’ll publish it here my review)

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: big cap, backrest tilt adjustment
Disadvantages: handling, handles, wheels, forever dirty cap from wheels assembled.
Minuses: No controllability. The car is driving in all directions when the mode of “floating” wheels and this when riding in the shopping center (about the street I won’t write at all because it’s shaking so it seems that I have hand tremor, how the child feels there at this time is generally scary think), the wheel scrolls on the right front wheel, plus the wheel always goes sideways and you have to stop and kick wheel in place = (There is no depreciation, although it is declared (here they are clearly misleading). From pens appeared mazoli on hands. (tin, even if wearing fitness gloves). Buy not expensive an option for traveling abroad, but judging by how she showed yourself in light conditions, then there is no hope for it, and fearfully becomes like that =)

Vatova Anastasia

Minuses: Normal stroller. I don’t have much to compare with, this is our first easy after cradle. Probably there is better. Sellers were not cunning when they said that lower and raise the back can be without disturbing a sleeping child. We’re not using it for long less than a month, while all is well.

Arkadyeva Dina

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