Smartphone Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

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Specifications Smartphone Sony Xperia T2 Ultra

General characteristics

A type smartphone
OS version Android 5.1
Type of shell classical
SIM Type micro SIM
SIM Card Number 1
Weight 172 g
Dimensions (WxHxT) 83.8×165.2×7.65 mm


Screen type color IPS, 16. 78 million colors, touch
Touch screen type multi-touch capacitive
Diagonal 6 in.
Image size 1280×720
Pixels Per Inch (PPI) 245
Aspect ratio 16: 9
Auto screen rotation there is

Multimedia features

Rear camera 13 MP
Flash rear LED
Rear Camera Features autofocus, digital Zoom 16x
Recognition persons smiles
Movie Recording there is (3GPP, MP4)
Max. video resolution 1920×1080
Geo tagging there is
Front-camera yes, 1.1 million pixels.
Audio MP3, AAC, WAV, FM Radio
Headphone jack 3.5 mm
Video output Mhl


Standard GSM 900/1800/1900, 3G, 4G LTE
Support LTE bands Model D5303: Bands 1, 3, 5, 7, 8, 20; Model D5306: Bands 2, 4, 7, 17
Interfaces Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.0, USB, ANT +, NFC
Satellite navigation GPS / GLONASS
A-GPS system there is
DLNA Support there is

Memory and processor

CPU Qualcomm MSM8928, 1400 MHz
The number of processor cores 4
Video processor Adreno 306
The amount of internal memory 8 GB
RAM size 1 GB
Memory card slot up to 32 GB


Battery capacity 3000 mAh
Battery removable
Talk time 24 h
Standby Time 1071 h
Music Hours 93 h
Type of charging connector micro usb

Other functions

Control voice dialing, voice control
Flight mode there is
A2DP Profile there is
Sensors light, proximity, gyroscope, compass
Lantern there is

Additional Information

Features model D5303 – weight 171.1 g, model D5306 – weight 172.4 g
Announcement Date 2014-01-14

Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Smartphone Reviews

Advantages: Manufacturer of once high-quality electronics. Simple, logical and recognizable interface. Good to listen to music. The batteries with Stamina last for 2 days.
Disadvantages: 1. The screen on the right lane lost its sensitivity 5x70mm. 2. AB began to swell (charging only from the native adapter) is already at 6 months of use. 3. The camera does not know how take pictures if there is no sun or clear day. 4. Weak body (bends in different directions without much effort). Out of the box has noticeable deflection over the entire area. 5. Bluetooth works even with relatives headsets through one place (then creaks, then hisses, then loses communication. Tested on three different Sony headsets). 6.The original book cover is full of rubbish. Replaced 2 pcs. Is always cracks in the same place – from the hole under the camera, not understand why …? Did not fall, did not squeeze …
Disadvantages: I really liked the phones Sonyericeeon and then Sony. But this model is the last purchase from this company. I can not now call benign none of the gadgets offered for crazy grandmas in the market. Value for money does not stand no criticism. Problem with screen sensitivity first agreed to decide on warranty. But after 10 days of diagnosis refused due to deformation of the body more than 1 mm. It was MT-Service is the official center. An independent examination did not find no deformation, about as a result of diagnostics revealed factory marriage of assembly and touch screen controller. Now the MT service will be make repairs under warranty and compensate me for the cost expertise, legal services, my negative feelings in connection with refusal event and 4% for each day of delay in the provision of services. I bought myself in return Idol4 from Acatel. I regretted that I did not immediately pay attention to it is just a great device for your money strong aluminum case and high-quality sound in stereo speakers, excellent camera performance with a focusing time of 0.1 sec. Sony, goodbye forever. You have died for me as a brand. Became the same trash like Samsung. Feces in a beautiful wrapper. Alctel Idol4 surprised very nice. I didn’t even expect it.

Sheremet Denis

Pluses: Large screen. Fairly simple navigation. IN In general, for my purposes – the Internet and some toys are quite it was enough.
Disadvantages: After 3 years of use, jambs c battery. A small bar appeared in the corner of the screen. Renouncement pairing with a computer. STAMINA mode failure.
Disadvantages: 1. The battery began to fail. a) Over night discharge to 30-40%. Previously, it sat down only 10%. b) with a charge of 40-30% sometimes began to discharge literally before our eyes! c) Battery voltage at low charge dropped from 4.2 to 3.3V 2. STAMINA mode failed. Just does not turn on! 3. Even earlier, I noticed a strong heating of the case when hard work. 4. There is absolutely not enough internal memory. Although it’s possible to carry some applications on the card, a number of completely unnecessary and unused Applications cannot be deleted at all! You can only roll them back to original version. 5. The front camera, worse than mine Nokii ten years ago. 6. Photos are obtained every other time. Not always focuses correctly. The picture takes a delay. IN In general, in my opinion it is possible to use, but reliability under a question. I’ll try to roll back to the factory settings, it can help. If not, then it will be easier to take a new device.

Vasetskiy Alexey

Pluses: display only
Minuses: Bluetooth does not work correctly with Sony srs x11. support service was told that it is not compatible with them. With the cheapest the phone is paired! Constant breakage of sound in the headphones as on native player and on third-party! I don’t even speak about memory ….
Minuses: The most problematic phone that I had. Twice I gave it to the service, they said that no defect was found … In general, decide buy it, buy it and problems!

philippov sergei

Pluses: convenient to read and watch pictures, battery enough for the whole day of constant digging on the Internet, and if Internet does not turn on and then 2 days will pull for sure.
Minuses: Very little memory! When installed all the necessary applications on it (I got 13 of them), the rest are no longer fit in, but there are many unnecessary built-in (for example, built-in eyelash extension function with the front camera. You seriously ??? !!!), which can not be removed. To the memory card Applications cannot be installed, you can only save pictures. Very bad front camera, but I don’t take selfies, so it’s not important. Gigantic size, not all pockets fit. Dulls camera.
Disadvantages: In general, the phone is not bad, it is rather good as small tablet. But you need to understand that there is enough memory only for the most necessary applications.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: battery
Disadvantages: I haven’t seen a worse phone. NOT ONE FUNCTION, NOT ONE- DOES NOT WORK CORRECTLY. disgusting camera, the worst possible the camera button does not work from the 3rd month, you need to push until the blue finger. takes NO if the lighting is just below a clear day – the picture will not be. brakes in everything, falls off once a day, then the network then map, navigation and maps – if it wakes up, it will find itself meters 200-300 to the real situation. if wakes up. everything turns off always and everywhere, by itself. the screen is not calibrated in any way, i.e. by pressing lower left corner boldly answers, after 5 minutes, by launch applications from the icon from the top right. sound when listening music if in an hour 7-10 times is not cut down, then today is your day !! lives its hostile and dumb life. The most stupid, buggy malfunctioning and braked device on the market, I’m sure. behind year exhausted SO that SONY vowed never to do business !!
Disadvantages: worse than the phone is not, do not look. this is the worst. ANY CURVED CHINESE WILL BE BETTER.

Polikarpov Vyacheslav

Pluses: Large screen, updated to Android 5.0, Solid design.
Minuses: The back cover was quickly wiped with scratches (without case), with a cover this phone is very large. Full charge barely 8-10 hours of moderate use are enough (without games and other). Narrow side shell linings partially fell off. Got worse catch 3G (network constantly disappears)
Disadvantages: After 2 years of operation, problems appeared: became die battery (barely enough for a working day, 8-10 hours). Later The screen on the side partially faded with a stripe. A couple of months ago there were problems with sound: you can not hear the interlocutor, as well as external sound disappears when an incoming call or inclusion player (music, video, YouTube, etc.). All this for not small money (was purchased for 16t.r. in 2014). In addition, the phone has become catch a glitch with a 3G network. Can disable and enable several times net. Although the signal is 5-4 sticks. Why is he doing this? Tried to treat reinstalling Android – did not help. The company is well known, and sells pieces of plastic. My wife has a similar phone from another well-known company, nor one glitch in 2 years! It’s a shame. Goodbye Sony.

Shekov Artyom

Pluses: good design, comfortable, fast
Minuses: Quickly scratched the back of the phone
Minuses: the phone is excellent, chose a very long time, purchase satisfied. The camera works well, the pictures are clear.

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Advantages: Beautiful screen, despite the low for such diagonal resolution, looks under any conditions, very worthy. I was surprised by the battery, it is almost impossible to kill in a day. To telephone there are no complaints functions, talking is quite comfortable. Communication too on top, LTE catches great, I don’t know about Wi-Fi, with the appearance of an iota, it simply is not necessary))
Disadvantages: Terrible camera, navigation, constant brakes during all that is possible, a scratched and terribly flimsy case, he really just bends like a rubber ….
Minuses: Before that, there were an iPhone 5 and a lumia 925, of course I I understand that this is a budget device …. But it does not even pull the usual surfing, contact, facebook, and a couple more browser pages lead to reckless reverie, the back with very careful operation after a week all in scratches, the case is so flimsy that constantly afraid to break it in my pocket … use the camera just impossible, it is very slow, generally focuses at night to disgrace for a long time … After 10 days a piece of the side fell off linings .. I would really like to look at those people who are given this miracle developed in general)) I use it a month, after two weeks I stopped freaking out and just started laughing, I’m already wondering how he will die, smashed against a wall or just breaking in your pocket at rush hour Metro….

Alexander Surgutsky

Pluses: Slim, catches 3G wifi well, play one the pleasure of watching videos is very convenient
Disadvantages: well, in auto mode it’s not good at night, but if switch to manual then everything is fine, a little weak speaker ( Well, it’s purely for me)
Disadvantages: I own a phone for almost a year, no special complaints only the back panel is scratched if you do not buy a cover, and so the phone excellent, playing toys on such a screen is a pleasure

Kolesnikov Mikhail

Pluses: Slim, appealing
Minuses: as if there is no GPS module, constantly losing satellites, the camera tupit catastrophically
Minuses: I gave mom on DR such a phone, in a couple months bought myself too. Mom is happy (uses as dialer, reader and fotka sometimes), I regret every ruble, spent on this phone. He’s terribly nerdy, although I don’t play games, but after opening about 5-6 applications it starts very much stupid. The camera is a complete zero until it focuses already there’s nothing to shoot, the animals ran away, the child too ((In poor lighting – generally no good, just a nightmare, even Old Nokia filmed better. Stopped catching satellites after a few weeks of use, or rather, you are driving yourself along the route and suddenly – communication with satellites is lost. At the same time lies a cheap FLy, which perfectly holds the route and communication with satellites. FROM Samsung Nout 2 also had no problems in this regard. Telephone I use (more precisely, I try) for work (mail, photo, Internet, nothing supernatural), like a reader, a fotik for every day (except selfie) and a navigator – and it really only works normally on reading room.

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