Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots by reviews of experts

Review of the best according to the editors. About the selection criteria. The the material is subjective, is not advertising and is not serves as a guide to the purchase. Before purchase is needed consultation with a specialist.

In modern homes, you can increasingly find robotic vacuum cleaners different models. This is not only a tribute to fashion, but also very real way to reduce the amount of cleaning. Compact devices work in automatic mode, removing small debris, pet hair animals and dust. Due to this, the floors in the house throughout long time will remain clean.

There are many models to choose from, differing in characteristics, appearance, sizes and other features. Today you can find even budget models on sale, able to cope with the basic tasks of cleaning the room.

rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots

Top manufacturers of robotic vacuum cleaners

Robotic vacuum cleaners are a relatively new type of household appliances on market and every year their popularity is growing. Many housewives begin to understand that this is not a toy or entertainment, but quite real assistant in home cleaning. The specificity of this segment leads to the fact that the market presents its products not so A lot of companies. But they already managed to prove themselves well and get a lot of positive reviews from ordinary consumers.


The American company iRobot has always specialized in the creation of robotic mechanisms, including she created complex robots for military purposes. Today a lot of attention in the company’s activities are devoted to the production of household Robotic vacuum cleaners that have gained great popularity around the world. The main advantage is the use of innovative technologies and materials. The company opens its own service centers in Russia, therefore, our compatriots get all the necessary support.

Clever & clean

Clever & Clean today is actively engaged in the development and production of our own cleaning equipment. The main a combination of relatively low can be considered an advantage cost and quality cleaning. Brand products today It is delivered to many countries of the world, including Russia. In our they undergo a mandatory certification procedure in the country.

Neato robotics

The company Neato Robotics is another native of the famous Silicon Valley in the USA. When developing robotic vacuum cleaners uses modern achievements and innovations – laser rangefinders, improved navigation system, upgraded electric motors. The robotic part remains on top, and with with the release of new models of vacuum cleaners, the company also improves the quality cleaning itself.

Rating of the best vacuum cleaner robots

Nomination a place Name of product price
Top Premium Robot Vacuum Cleaners 1 IRobot Roomba 980 41 600 rub.
2 Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1 31 599 rub.
3 Neato Botvac D85 37 990 rub.
The best mid-priced robotic vacuum cleaners 1 Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner 17 950 rub.
2 IRobot Roomba 616 17 950 rub.
3 Clever & Clean AQUA Series 01 17 990 rub.
The best budget-friendly robotic vacuum cleaners 1 Panda X500 Pet Series 11 470 rub.
2 Kitfort KT-503 12 990 rub.
3 Clever & Clean 004 M-Series 7 990 rub.

Rating of the best premium segment robotic vacuum cleaners

IRobot Roomba 980

Rating: 4.9

IRobot Roomba 980

Vacuum cleaner iRobot Roomba 980 is one of the best robotic vacuum cleaners from a leading manufacturer for dry cleaning. He has small dimensions – diameter 35 cm, height 9 cm, weight 3.94 kg. He is different voice and sound, effective navigation system.

To limit the working area of ​​the robot vacuum cleaner, 2 virtual infrared walls. There is a rubber bumper on the case to Protect furniture from scratches. The robot is able to work 2 hours autonomously, then leaves for the base. Management is carried out over Wi-Fi through a special application.


  • convenient programming – by timer and days of the week;

  • ease of maintenance;

  • Easy control using a smartphone;

  • high quality cleaning of any floor coverings;

  • low noise level – 60 dB;


  • high cost for assistant robot.

Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1

Rating: 4.8

Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1

Functional robot vacuum cleaner Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1 designed for cleaning dust and small debris from laminate, linoleum, carpets with pile up to 2 cm. Smart navigation system and body with bumper prevent damage to furniture and eliminate dead zones ..

The battery capacity of 2200 mAh is enough for 2 hours or 2 cycles work, while the robot always independently returns to the base for charging. Height is 8.8 cm, diameter 35 cm, weight 2.87 kg. But you can’t program it by the days of the week, so you have turn on every day.


  • low noise level – up to 60 dB;

  • modes – full and quick cleaning;

  • thoughtful motion algorithm, smart navigation;

  • timer for delayed start;


  • You cannot program a schedule for a long period.

Neato Botvac D85

Rating: 4.7

Neato Botvac D85

Robot vacuum cleaner Neato Botvac D85 belongs to the advanced models. American manufacturer uses its own patented navigation system based on laser rangefinders. The device is heavier and taller than its counterparts – its weight is 4.1 kg, height – 10 cm.

The quality of flooring cleaning is enhanced by vacuum filtering. The robot vacuum cleaner supports daily programming weeks. Battery life reaches 1.5 hours, thanks battery capacity 3600 mAh. The vacuum cleaner is designed to clean the area up to 150 sqm


  • timer and day programming;

  • good patency of rapids and various obstacles;

  • effective navigation system;

  • high-quality cleaning due to high power (up to 120 W) and side brushes;


  • high price;

  • small capacity of the garbage compartment – 0.7 liters.

The best mid-priced robotic vacuum cleaners

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Rating: 4.8

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The Chinese manufacturer offers a lot of interesting “smart” devices, including the Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum robot vacuum cleaner Cleaner. The inner filling is supplied by the Japanese company NIDEC, therefore it is of high quality.

A 5200 mAh battery lasts up to 3 hours. Vacuum cleaner robot has a suction power up to 1280 Pa. Height is 9.6 cm and diameter 34.5 cm. The robot offers the necessary set of functions – smartphone control, magnetic tape zone limitation, effective navigation, schedule programming and so on.


  • simple control via the application via Wi-Fi;

  • cleaning timer and schedule programming;

  • large battery capacity – 5200 mAh;

  • effective navigation;


  • the dust collector consists of only one compartment;

  • inconvenient cleaning procedure;

  • lack of Russian language;

IRobot Roomba 616

Rating: 4.7

IRobot Roomba 616

The iRobot Roomba 616 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a model in the middle price segment from a well-known manufacturer. It is popular due to a good combination of price and quality. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight – only 2.1 kg, and height is 9.5 cm. Battery life is 60 minutes, with a noise level of not more than 60 dB.

Navigation system allows you to choose the best routes movement. The robot is distinguished by good maneuverability, suction power 33 watts Robot vacuum cleaner can be recommended to those who keep at home animals, because he collects wool well.


  • various extras including air purification and wet cleaning;

  • simple control from the remote control, programming of cleaning by days;

  • two different driving modes;

  • UV lamp for disinfection;


  • fast water consumption, probability of leakage;

  • long-term charging at the base – more than 3 hours;

  • small capacity dust collector – only 0.5 l;

Clever & Clean AQUA Series 01

Rating: 4.6

Clever & Clean AQUA Series 01

Universal Robot Vacuum Cleaner Clever & Clean AQUA Series 01 Designed for both dry and wet cleaning. is he provides efficient garbage collection even on carpets with pile up to 2 cm and above, wet cleaning is carried out using a dampened rags on the area up to 70 sq.m.

UV lamp provides floor disinfection. Manufacturers provided a programming function by day of the week, a cycle of one harvesting reaches 3 hours. He independently finds the base and Charges in 90 minutes. 8.5 cm small height allows penetration under the furniture.


  • convenience in management from the remote control;

  • long battery life – up to 2 hours;

  • easy cleaning;

  • cyclone filter, 3 stages of filtration;

  • cleaning programming by time and day of the week;


  • there is no way to control from a smartphone.

Rating of the best budget class robotic vacuum cleaners

Panda X500 Pet Series

Rating: 4.6

Panda X500 Pet Series

Cheap robot vacuum cleaner Panda X500 Pet Series from the Chinese the manufacturer is able to become a full-fledged home assistant in cleaning up. It has enough power up to 50 watts to retract not only fine dust, but also sand and dirt. Battery capacity average (2200 mAh), but it is enough for cleaning about 50 sq.m. behind once for 110 minutes

Big wheels with a protector provide good passability. Sophisticated navigation system and ergonomic shape (9 cm high) allow the vacuum cleaner to penetrate even under sofas and furniture on legs. The control is carried out using the remote control, the noise level is not exceeds 50 dB.


  • 50 W power provides good suction power;

  • low noise level – no more than 50 dB;

  • easy cleaning of the dust bag;

  • 50 W suction power, high-quality cleaning even in hard to reach places;

  • cleaning according to the timer and schedule for every day of the week;


  • medium-capacity battery that loses charge over time.

Kitfort KT-503

Rating: 4.5

Kitfort KT-503

The budget Kitfort KT-503 robot vacuum cleaner is available to a wide range consumers. The vacuum cleaner copes with fine dust and dirt, in one cycle in 1.5 hours. Its height is 9 cm, and diameter 34 cm. Weight is 3.5 kg, so it’s enough maneuverable. The navigation system allows him to move in zigzags, in a spiral along the walls depending on one of 5 modes.

First of all, it can be recommended for smooth flooring. surfaces because a suction force of 22 W is not enough long pile carpets. If necessary, he can conduct wet cleaning and disinfect the surface with UV radiation.


  • high build quality, compact dimensions (diameter 34 cm, height 9 cm);

  • UV lamp disinfection

  • remote control, timer cleaning, programming Schedules for each day of the week;

  • support for wet cleaning;


  • low suction power for cleaning on carpets (22 W);

  • patency is not enough to overcome obstacles and cleaning in hard to reach places;

  • small capacity dust collector – not more than 0.3 l;

Clever & Clean 004 M-Series

Rating: 4.5

Clever & Clean 004 M-Series

Clever & Clean 004 M-Series Robot Vacuum Cleaner Available at Low Price cost, and at the same time offers a good set of features. A height of only 7.4 cm and a weight of 1.5 kg allow penetration into hard to reach places. Quality assembly ensures durability of operation.

In standalone mode, the vacuum cleaner is able to work for 50 minutes, and the time of full charge is about 4 hours, capacity The battery is 850 mAh. This is not the best ratio, but for Maintaining cleanliness in the house is enough. Moreover, it is necessary manually charge.


  • power consumption no more than 25 W;

  • ease of maintenance and operation;

  • good maneuverability with a diameter of 27 cm and a height of 7.4 cm;


  • short battery life – less than 1 hour;

  • lack of a base for charging (must be set manually).

Which robot vacuum cleaner to choose?

Which robot vacuum cleaner to choose

Robot vacuum cleaners have long ceased to be a newfangled toy and turned into full-fledged housekeepers. They are helping keep clean without daily manual cleaning, and in this their main advantage lies. In this regard, when choosing a vacuum cleaner for the home is better focused on autonomy and simplicity in work, because often it turns out to be much more useful than additional functions.

To the main characteristics of greatest importance, include:

  1. suction power;

  2. size and shape;

  3. dust collector capacity;

  4. support for wet cleaning;

  5. automatic operation time.

But in the first place you should always put the effectiveness of the system navigation and schedule programming. If a the vacuum cleaner is poorly oriented in space, then all of it other advantages are nullified. Also a timer and the ability to set schedules greatly simplify the work.

The leader among all models can be called iRobot Roomba 980 and Neato Botvac D85, which are highly autonomous. But due to the high price, they are not available to everyone. Robot Vacuum Cleaner Miele SJQL0 Scout RX1 will cost less, but will have to be manually every day start cleaning.

Of the more accessible options, Xiaomi Mi Robot can be distinguished. offering a good set of features, including programming Schedules and Wi-Fi control. Nice set of features offers iRobot Roomba 616, but with wet cleaning add water regularly and prepare for possible leaks.

From budget models, we can recommend the Panda X500 Pet Series or Kitfort KT-503. This is a good option for those who want to assistant robot for little money. They do a good job of conventional floor coverings, but require complicated cleaning not worth it.

Attention! This rating is subjective, is not advertising and does not serve as a guide to the purchase. Before the purchase consultation with a specialist is necessary.

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