Plantronics Audio 310

Plantronics Audio 310

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Plantronics .Audio 310 Specifications

main parameters

Headphone type waybills


Noise canceling microphone there is
Microphone mount movable


One-way headset Yes
Type of mount headband
Cable connection one-sided


Type of connection with wire
Connector 2 x mini jack 3.5 mm
Connector shape straight
Gold plated connectors there is

Plantronics .Audio 310 reviews

Pluses: Comfortable Lightweight Excellent thick long the wire
Minuses: too quiet quiet room
Minuses: There was a better opinion of a company that specializes on such devices, I won’t buy their products anymore. For those who still got some advice. In the sound settings, turn on “Loudness” and “equalizer” while equalizer adjust your profile holding everything up. This will make the sound more or less loud. I use a headset to listen to courses, without these actions listening is not possible, you can only listen. About the microphone I can’t say anything, I bought because I needed a symmetric earphone in one ear (use at work)

Kalini Dmitry

Minuses: The speaker is quiet, quieter than in the phone! Only suitable for quiet rooms. On the street and in transport use impossible!

Perfiliev Yuri

Pluses: Great sound, that microphone, that speaker. Invisible to the head.
Minuses: None.
Disadvantages: Over 4 years of daily use not disappointed in him even once, only the embouchure got a little frayed. On the the head of the device is 5-6 hours a day, no discomfort. Great working machine!

nuuser nuuser

Pluses: Strong and reliable, microphone, quite normal sound, price.
Minuses: None
Minuses: A very interesting and stylish solution in life look great, I would even say a little futuristic, and it for the lowest price. The headset is built tight and does not fall apart, it lies comfortably on the ears and does not bring discomfort. Sounds quite normal, no problems with sound are observed on any frequencies, the microphone is also completely satisfied, regardless of what is happening on my part of the wire (And then what just was not during conversations on it, believe = D) the voice is transmitted clearly and reliably, in my memory there were no complaints about this case.

Sukhov Igor

Disadvantages: very quiet sound of the headphones, lack of adjustment, mute the microphone, in my opinion absolutely inadequate price, it ceiling 200 rubles
Disadvantages: after the purchase I was upset, but didn’t throw it away, Fortunately, a cat nibbled in a week.


Minuses: quiet, thin wire
Disadvantages: poor noise reduction if the person is in 2x meters, then it is very audible, probably quiet from the fact that the cord long. bought as a test for the manager for the nokia 109 phone, without I can’t hear the amplifier, we’ll pick something better understood what noise reduction is, said what to achieve so that it was inaudible for neighbors to be impossible or very difficult; microphone sensitivity, but that’s also not what everyone wants


Pluses: in one ear, you can hear others
Disadvantages: I didn’t notice the operation of the noise reduction system, to my deception
Disadvantages: a normal headset with a good microphone, but stars not enough from the sky

Tsakunov Dmitry

Pluses: I use the second year, for a house in Skype, me completely satisfied. Excellent that with one earphone = second ear you you hear what’s going on in your apartment. The microphone is good, that’s all they say that I hear perfectly, I even lift it up so that did not hear breathing ..: o))
Minuses: not found

Dmitriy Shchegolev

Pluses: Cheap and cheerful. Low cost multimedia option headsets. Long cord. Warranty period – 1 year
Minuses: Sound average.
Minuses: Plantronics A310 headset is not intended for work of operators or call-center. Before you buy, take on testing

fedotova marina

Advantages: Long service life, light weight, does not create inconvenience to the head
Minuses: Very quiet sound. In our office with such headsets 8 people use it and regardless of the network configuration, The computer stream in all these headsets is very quiet. Customers have difficulty hearing operators and vice versa. We will change everything and to buy new ones.


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