Panties Merries (12-22 kg) 19 pcs.

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Characteristics Merries panties (12-22 kg) 19 pcs.

General characteristics

A type panties
Floor for boys and girls
Child weight 12 – 22 kg
Filling indicator there is
Number of pieces per pack 19
Additional Information special “breathable” air channels along the belt and “breathable” the outer surface removes heat and moisture from the panties; even the baby plays enthusiastically – his ass remains dry; new, even more soft material around the legs and along the belt adjusts to movement of the baby, does not rub and does not crush, providing comfort and freedom of movement; innovative ultrasonic joining method side seams make them softer; panties very comfortable use to teach the baby to the potty, they are convenient to remove and dress like regular panties; cute design with Merries bunny will give the baby a good mood; if two central stripes indicators turn blue – it means it’s time to change diaper

Reviews about Merries panties (12-22 kg) 19 pcs.

Advantages: Soft to the touch, very pleasant for the baby, and emphasize the anatomical features of the baby, do not rub, although we have this problem, there is no allergy to them
Minuses: Leaking, constantly!
Minuses: I change the diaper very often, even the tape does not have time change the whole color, but anyway, when always occur when child pisses lying on his stomach.

Lilia Safina

Pluses: Quality
Minuses: PRICE !!!!!
Disadvantages: Like any Japanese diapers, high-quality and expensive. If the wallet allows, buy on health, we bought times, because the redness on the pope went from old diapers. FROM these were all good, but income per family does not allow you to crap in such expensive diapers, alas (

Pipe Miron

Advantages: High-quality and at its price.
Minuses: Not identified.
Disadvantages: We have been using them since the birth of our son. Tried others the diapers were leaking or rubbing. Although Merries is a little expensive but parents are calm!

Semikolenov Vyacheslav

Advantages: the price corresponds to the quality .. against allergenic that you can’t say about other diapers .. open all diapers pass your hand over everything and see for yourself how pleasant it is on touch ..
Minuses: no shortage
Disadvantages: it’s better to buy good ones for the health of the child high-quality diapers I advise everyone

Faima Abdulaeva

Advantages: Comfortable, soft, breathable
Disadvantages: disposable :)))

Victor Kaa

Advantages: soft elastic band, well absorb, comfortable dress
Minuses: high price
Minuses: In terms of price quality, I would say that the price overpriced. There are no worse options, but with a lower price

Krupko Natalya

Pluses: absorb a lot. Sit well
Minuses: not found

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