Microwave Gorenje MO17MW

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Specifications Microwave Gorenje MO17MW

General characteristics

Internal volume 17 l
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 45.2×26.2×35.8 cm
Pan diameter 245 mm
Inner coating of the camera enamel
Weight 11.3 kg

Operating modes

Grill not
Bottom grill not
Convection not
Microwave power 700 watts

Control Panel

Type of management mechanical
Switches rotary
Delay start function not


Defrost mode there is
The ability to make your recipes in memory not
Cooking process programming not
Automatic maintenance of the set temperature not


Other functions and features camera backlight, sound signal
Door mounted
Door opening button
Body color white

Reviews on Microwave Gorenje MO17MW

Pluses: Heats well
Minuses: Noisily opens when the door is pressed
Minuses: I like gorenje

Strekalova Irina

Advantages: Compact, easy to operate
Minuses: heats poorly, thin iron
Minuses: Awful model, wanted to replace Bosch, buy simple, compact mechanics, bought Combustion and very regretted, the body of thin metal, the whole bends, and most importantly, inside at the seams RUST was formed !!! After 4 months of operation, the cause of corrosion poor enamel coating in places of moisture accumulation, service center oven returned, rust is constantly increasing, the smell of metal, rubbing is not helps, in the representative office Combustion in Moscow is still silent, and moisture leaves poorly due to poor misconfiguration fan, shorter in production disappointed !!!

Ponomarev Igor

Advantages: If used for heating and defrosting, then you can’t imagine any better. No need to poke buttons a thousand times, turning on by simply turning the knob for the right amount of minutes. Have tried cook fish in a glass dish – everything is ok, evenly bakes.
Minuses: The design is simple. Better not in a conspicuous place set))


Advantages: Cost, simple operation, dimensions
Disadvantages: The quality of the coating inside the furnace. Ventilation.
Minuses: It was necessary to buy a simple microwave “for inexpensive. “Looked closely at this model, because all the equipment at home this firms, but of a different class. In the rest of the technique, everything was fine. Here even if you cook porridge in 10 minutes, it’s under the plate puddle of condensate. Not to mention longer cooking time. As a result – peeling paint under the “wheels”. Material under the paint – ordinary mild steel, which rusts. I was disappointed in grief. I regret that I did not take the “name” for half the price.

Balashov Alexander

Advantages: Price. Easy to use.
Minuses: After two months, it broke: it stopped warming. IN service center noted non-repairability.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: Pretty -some reliable -simple control
Disadvantages: It is inconvenient to set the twists for a short time. poorly heats.
Minuses: The main minus because of which I do not I advise this piece of iron – this is inadequate heating of products – put the soup: after two minutes on the edges it boils in the middle of the icy, you put a frozen pancake: on the edges it already melts through minute, and in the middle frozen. That is absolutely not thought out distribution of microwaves. Warm up the product evenly impossible.


Pluses: Microwave like a microwave, nothing more. It does not break and okay.
Disadvantages: For the same price you can buy a microwave with function of uniform heating.

The user has hidden his data

Pluses: for a long time with us, works great
Minuses: not found
Disadvantages: A good model, no complaints about it. Without breakdowns and any problems have been working for a long time. Defrost grill, heating – this is what we use all the time, everything it turns out.

Melonov David

Advantages: Microwave fully copes with all declared functions, heats well, defrosts too Noisy not much. Discomfort does not deliver.
Minuses: not identified
Minuses: Quality oven from a well-known brand


Advantages: Design, Dimensions allow you to integrate into the cabinet 30cm deep, Quiet
Disadvantages: there is no memory function, each time you need to turn on and choose mode
Disadvantages: We took this microwave for only two reasons: 1. it is placed in a box 30cm deep. 2. Suitable for design. Management is extremely inconvenient. In order to warm up a cup of water you need 1. turn on the microwave 2. set the time (not always can be done in one motion) 3. press the start button B microwaves that are 8 times cheaper this is done by one movement: set the time – and that’s it, the warm-up went. Also in Microwave missing spinning plate. I don’t know it well or bad. Heats up more or less evenly.

Samovik Anna

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