Microwave Gorenje GMO25ORA-ITO

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Specifications Microwave Gorenje GMO25ORA-ITO

General characteristics

Internal volume 25 l
Location freestanding
Dimensions (WxHxD) 51×30.3×41 cm
Pan diameter 270 mm
Weight 14.7 kg

Operating modes

Grill there is a quartz
Convection not
Microwave power 900 watts
Grill power 1500 watts
Number of Power Levels 5
Combined Modes microwaves + grill

Control Panel

Type of management electronic
Display there is
Switches sensory


Defrost mode there is
Automatic defrost there is
The ability to make your recipes in memory not


Other functions and features camera backlight, sound signal
Door mounted
Door opening a pen
Body color the black
Additional Information surface “Anti-Finger-print”

Reviews on Gorenje GMO25ORA-ITO Microwave

Pluses: not found
Disadvantages: 1. Glitchy, after a week of use they started randomly switch programs. 2. Do not want to press buttons on the touch panel 3. Noises when working as if gathered take off 4. About her programs, in addition to the standard warm-up, in general I can’t say anything. Because they DO NOT WORK.
Disadvantages: Money wasted. Categorically not recommend.

Vingen mira

Pluses: The company is called Gorenie
Minuses: All this microwave is one continuous disadvantage.
Minuses: When we took the microwave from the courier, we, to Unfortunately, we checked only her appearance. When we turned it on it turned out that it randomly turns on and off, itself selects programs and generally does not respond to our teams (for rare exception). We climbed to look for documents – but they are not. On guarantee there is no print, and without it it is worthless. So where is her grill and other delights – could not appreciate. Suspect good reviews – fake. Dismantled the microwave – a buggy chip. Turned off the touch control unit, put a jumper to magnetron, backlight and turntable turned on immediately upon delivery nutrition. As a result, we have a reduced functionality microwave for thousand rubles, but only for 10 000. Stuck in a tee with switch, I press the button, I time the clock – through I turn off the minute myself using a tee. That’s how we live. Well nothing – hands reach, I will do bluetooth control)

dd kk

Pluses: I use since 2010, I really like the quality technicians. He attracted an interesting design and the presence of a grill. Convenient control: 5 power levels of microwaves, 3 power levels

Maslykov Alexander

Minuses: turns off when overheating
Disadvantages: if you cook popcorn or similar food, then bake turns off when overheating. The problem is solved by pulling the cord power outlets

Stuf Ivan

Pluses: Great model! Great stuff!
Disadvantages: Not a convenient menu. User must have memory good one!
Minuses: Over 7 years of operation replaced one fuse. Question price 200 rubles. Cook, defrost, warm up! Thanks to the developers and manufacturers !!!

Pryazhkin Igor

Pluses: The coolest microwave !!!
Minuses: not yet discovered
Minuses: I bought a microwave due to the design and internal stainless steel surfaces. Very convenient to use – fast figured out. I have no prints left, because by the handle open and close, not the door. Thawing is wonderful! Price – of course, you can lower it, but you have to pay for beauty. I am very happy with such a microwave. Recommend!

Dmitrieva Elena

Pluses: Beautiful model.
Minuses: I had to get used to that touchpad almost invisible. Exactly after 2 years, infrequent operation the protective screen burned out, its repair in the company service is so much so that it was easier to buy a new microwave. Cheaper .
Minuses: I do not advise, you can buy a cheaper model to it was not a pity to throw out after a couple of years.

nightingale faith

Disadvantages: She is one continuous flaw. Persuaded to buy wife, liked the design. Wanted Bosch. She doesn’t know how to defrost defrost foods. The menu is stupid, in English, plus abbreviations, even on cheap LG and Samsung are much clearer and simpler, paper instruction is not better (poor translation). Eventually It is used only for warming up. To wash the top under grill, it is necessary to pervert greatly.
Minuses: I thought I bought a stove in which you can not only heat up, but also cook. Samsung’s relatives cope with this is great, you can’t do anything of this. Conclusion not to take definitely, don’t be fooled by the design. Add to review … in a year use broke … stopped warming … I am writing in 8 more months .. broke again, for several days it smelled of burned insulation during heating, then something inside exploded slightly. The result is again in the repair …

Deryabin Andrey

Pluses: design when warming up (1-2 min) plate not heats up
Minuses: not detected Price could be smaller
Minuses: Do not believe previous reviews. In the kitchen, all appliances ORA ITO. So, I read these reviews and ordered as a gift on dr Samsung microwave, but the people who should have bought They bought a cheap Samsung and presented Gorenje GMO 25 ORA ITO, for which they special thanks to. So: – The door opens perfectly – The prints really remain, like on any black glossy surfaces – The menu is not the most convenient, because function selection started one button, easy to get used to – I didn’t even read the instructions, and so everything is clear According to the recall “January”: – She does not know how to defrost – all She knows how, just need to specify the weight correctly. – Menu stupid, in English – but you don’t understand what it means: microwave, defrost, grill, double grill – Paper instruction is not better (bad translation) – there is a total translation of 3 pages, how to use 5 buttons. – To wash the upper part under the grill, it is necessary to pervert – on any with the grill there will be difficulties, you can use microwave lid Conclusion: I recommend.


Pluses: design
Disadvantages: a bunch, bought due to the fact that the rest is household ORA ITO machinery
Disadvantages: a very hard door, on a simple LG or Samsung much smoother and better. the score is not conducive to convenience use, typos of course. The instructions are very poorly written. If she was in the store and I had the opportunity look, try, I would not take it. And her price is enormous compared to others, the only plus is pretty


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