Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones

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Features Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones

main parameters

Device type Bluetooth earphones with microphone
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A type dynamic


Membrane diameter 40 mm
Type of mount headband
Design folding
Cable type detachable

Wireless connection

Codec support Aptx
Radius of action 10 m


Headphone jack mini jack 3.5 mm
Headphone Jack Shape L-shaped


Working hours 30 h


Multipoint there is


Features twisted cord
Equipment removable twisted cord for wired use; cable for charging

Reviews on Marshall Mid Bluetooth Headphones

Pluses: Finally, no wires; Listen in a hat even more convenient than without it; Connects to iPhone 6s without problems; Sound super (used Yamaha plugs before);
Minuses: As already written here, there is a short-term loss communication with the phone (this can be described as playback delays), but it really only happens in the same places (in I specifically it is near the tram tracks on the Belarusian). In the underground and other places there are no problems
Minuses: Headphones suit everyone, really quality product from the box to the sound. In the subway, audibility excellent not even at maximum volume. Ears hurt from long listening, although I’ve been using them for less than a month and “long” for me starting at 30 minutes)) but gradually the discomfort becomes less, hopefully completely disappear with time. I do not regret buying it’s time to abandon these wires! I bought myself a vacuum cleaner without wires and fire in general)) move forward!

Shadrin Anatoly

Advantages: 1 – Bluetooth. Give the development of wireless technology. The aptX codec does its job quickly and efficiently. It is connected to the device instantly, if the headphones were previously connected to it. The signal capture radius in the room is 10 m, at open space – up to 25-30 m. 2 – Sound. Sound quality low frequencies can not but rejoice. All percussion instruments sound Naturally and without distortion even through Bluetooth listening. Other instruments also sound juicy and natural. 3 – Management. All necessary and sufficient functions are performed by one joystick! Brilliantly simple solution 4 – Landing on the head. Many consider it. “minus”, because initially the headphones have a very small angle The rim is also very crushing. But this is brilliant! As a result, some. wearing time The rim takes the shape of a head and sits comfortably. You can do any sport with headphones (originally for this and acquired them) 5 – Design. Initially, I did not want acquire them in this category. But it was only worth taking them in hand, touch, turn – give back there was no desire. A very stylish accessory that can be worn even on the neck. 6 – Headphone Microphone. A very convenient thing: you are talking calmly with man, and he hears you well. Only in noisy places you the voice may sound due to excessive external noise.
Minuses: Sound again. Here to each his own. Built in Earphones Equalizer boosts the bass and treble volume by Compared to Medium (101-95-100 dB). When listening to Bluetooth happens such a problem as “deafness of the middle frequencies.” This is strongly manifested in the songs, the basis of which is laid in the Middle frequencies (for example, alternative rock, power-metal, heavy metal). Therefore, I definitely advise you to listen to your music before buying headphones (to have an idea of ​​what inconvenience you can collide).
Disadvantages: I am pleased with the purchase of this model b / prov. Marshall headphones. Unfortunately, I can not compare with Marshall Major BT due to the lack of such a model. Marshall Mid can connect to all Bluetooth devices. It turned out to connect to Android, to Agios, to Computer and even to Smart Watch! With a computer There are some interesting points: when you connect headphones to them log in as Three devices – Stereo sound, Mono sound and Microphone. The second one is used by default in any form. conversations. The problem is that the stereo and mono modes do not work at the same time. Because of this (for me) Mono always works, and The stereo is silent. This problem does not appear when connecting through a 3.5-wire. Very interesting headphones Marshall Mid Bluetooth! I advise everyone to get acquainted with them!

Barulin Alexander

Advantages: I liked the quality of workmanship, materials as the headphones themselves, and the cords that come with the kit. Headphones are sitting well, I like the sound, hold the charge for a long time.
Disadvantages: So far, no obvious deficiencies have been identified.
Minuses: I took it Marshall Mid Bluetooth, not Marshall Major Bluetooth due to the reliability of the mount. Because and in the internet people and acquaintances of acquaintances complained about the fragility of the latter.

Lou paul

Pluses: Very good sound, but it’s important to understand that it’s still not monitor headphones. However, these are the best of wireless ears that i saw. Before that there were AKG K 845BT, Marshals definitely better. They hold a charge for a long time. Space design. quality assembly pleases. The wire in the kit is wonderful.
Minuses: Slightly pressed on the ears when wearing. but in a couple I am used to roofing felts, they grew up toli.

Pavlukhin Ilya

Pluses: Sound quality Sound is simply divine: low the frequencies are not overwhelmed, just in moderation. The sound is dense, while you can hear all the nuances. It’s a pleasure to listen. How did you start using these headphones – switched to flac. Previously, the joke did not understand mp3 320 kb / s was enough. Then the sound is completely “revealed” and flac begs itself. Battery I listen to music for 2-3 hours in day. With this use of charge enough for a MONTH, which is outside competition. Design, assembly and materials Headphones are very stylish: the rim is entirely metal, covered with leather, plastic cups, but The texture is also made under the skin. Headphones do not play, do not creak, that’s all very high quality and reliable assembled. The microphone was pleasantly surprised sound quality. The interlocutor hears everything clearly between the microphone phone and headphone difference is almost imperceptible. In a noisy environment Of course, you won’t talk, because absolutely everything is heard, but also thanks for that.
Minuses: At first it was very hard to wear. Headphones crushed so much that the skull cracked. For 2-3 months, either I’m used to it, then whether the earphones carried, but there is no more discomfort. Periodically naughty bluetooth – the sound croaks, sticks or disappears altogether. But This, I think, is not a matter of the headphones themselves, but of “interfering” signals or frequencies. When I listen indoors, everything is fine, but in the subway or there are glitches on the street. Interestingly, the sound sticks every time when crossing the tram line) No cover included. To such cool headphones would like no less cool case)
Shortcomings: For some, maybe lacks new technologies, such as active noise reduction, pause when removing headphones, etc. I believe that these headphones are about sound quality, and not about tech chips. All the manufacturability of this model aimed at amazing sound. When buying, choose between several models. As a result, after listening to all the options, doubts disappeared themselves by myself. Sound quality is just heaven and earth, compared to competitors. In short, take it and you won’t regret it!

Lukashin Eugene

Advantages: They sit perfectly, the sound is pleasant (I use paired with Fiio x1). Workmanship on top.
Minuses: 30 hours without wires saves. Pick it up Listen before buying and everything will become clear.


Pluses: sound price quality
Disadvantages: not everyone will be comfortable wearing, I personally am super

Chkolyan Arthur

Pros: Atomic battery. The sound in the middle is just super. Build quality. Convenient quality cable. Assembly materials so are good. Convenient design (for carrying) in comparison, e.g. with Major.
Minuses: Joystick control. Not on all heads. For two months of very heavy use (almost every day) never It turned out to carry them. My pain threshold is high enough, but after 2-3 hours, socks on the head, ears begin to burn so that sometimes you think comes to amputation. Inner rim for attaching pads very eats into the ear when I remove the traces are visible, I do not know maybe this is due to the excessive softness of the pillows themselves. In general, who ears stick out – I highly recommend trying them first vilify.
Minuses: I’m not an audiophile, even the difference between a wire and I don’t really feel like talking about bluetooth, what can I say about the difference between aptX and a standard codec. Just notice that the sound is very good. It’s better In total, midrange and bass come into them. Those. rock, metal, some kind of electronics. Everything else sounds good too, but already no wow effect. The batteries last a very, very long time, that’s how stated 30 hours, so no less for sure. Extremely long-playing have turned out. The wire, although not often used, but looks very reliable, compact, convenient and even major 🙂 Only sad shrinkage on my head, more or less found the optimal location, but the problem has not disappeared, albeit on the road home-work, work-home enough “comfortable” time. Also this joystick control. I do not I know who came up with such an idea, but it is clearly not the most successful. Firstly, the control is inverted vertically i.e. right shift – this is rewinding. If you look in terms of walking, then this it turns backward – rewinding, it would seem logical, but! This little golden gaddy pimp is not located on the main planes of shells, and on their rounding! When you try to imagine how it is located relative to the head, which side it needs yank to get exactly what you want – every time the head is boiling. I couldn’t bring this matter to automatism (intuition), every time I swear when instead of increasing the volume, I rewind. Well, turning them off is difficult, you need to press and hold exactly in the center the button is just hell.

Kilis Nikita

Advantages: – sound – noise reduction – build quality – the presence of a connected wire with an additional microphone – external view
Disadvantages: – lack of a cover / bag
Disadvantages: Already at the unpacking stage, it can be seen that this is a quality worth the money thing. The headphones have a very reliable metal design (to break it you need to try). High quality all materials. I was very pleased that the design is thought out to trifles both from an aesthetic point of view and from the point of view of convenience. For example, all control is carried out with just one lever, which made of gilded metal and located in a convenient place under left hand. The charge lasts for a very long time, even more than stated sometimes. As for the sound. Of course, first of all it’s worth remember that if you decide to listen to music via Bluetooth, it is unlikely you can be called a convinced connoisseur of sound) But nonetheless for Bluetooth headphone sound at mid is above all praise. Soft bass – just the way it should be – pure not too jingle top and fairly even mids. First few days ears got a little tired, but then got used to it. The microphone works fine, I can hear well. Recommend!

Fedin Svyatoslav

Pluses: The main advantage is the joystick button on the case headphones. Using it is super convenient to switch tracks, adjust the volume, pause, because no need to be distracted and poke on the phone. More advantages – build quality, ease of wearing, appearance. Low frequencies are normal.
Minuses: Sound quality. Tall and especially mid … When I bought these headphones, I wanted to get a sound like in Marshall major II, but mid has a much worse sound, unfortunately. Put two models side by side – major II and these – connected in turn through the same cable to the same phone – and the sound on mid is much (!) worse, in principle, almost the usual “mess” as in cheap headphones. To the outstanding detail of major II (I mean non-bluetooth model major II) far. “The difference between .mp3 and .flac” I don’t think I will ever notice.
Недостатки: Наушники проверял после > 20 часов звучания, такthat they are definitely warmed up, although I’m sure that heating is not necessary. I AM I’m not an audiophile, I don’t connect the headphones through the gold wires and don’t wait warm sound. Listened naturally from different sound cards by cable + from the phone via bluetooth. There is a professional sound card Focusrite Scarlett 2i2, unfortunately the expected sound quality is not “appeared” on no sound card … I ordered from Amazon, in authenticity no doubt. In fairness it’s worth noting that the sound is still better than average Sennheiser HD 215 headphones II.

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