LNB Short on TV | What is and solutions

LNB Short (can also be displayed as Warning LNB Short) – the mistake is quite rare, but dangerous. It occurs on TVs, connected to a regular television antenna, and speaks of a short circuit of the antenna cable.

LNB Short problem on TV may indicate about the following:

  1. Directly damaged antenna cable, shorted signal line to ground;

  2. The receiver is damaged, its power is shorted to the ground plane;

  3. The connector is dirty.

And if the third problem can be fixed independently, in at home, the rest is already a little more complicated.

How to get rid of LNB Short error on the TV screen

LNB Short

As mentioned above, this message informs you about problems. with antenna wire. Accordingly, it is necessary to check the entire the path – from the outwardly directed television antenna to the connector, which connects directly to a display device (TV).

First clean the connector. It is pretty simple:

  1. Turn off the power of the TV, disconnect the antenna from it cable;

  2. A brush dipped in alcohol (namely in alcohol, preferably medical, alcoholic beverages like cognac or wine are not will do. Vodka – it is possible, but in this case it is advisable to purge the connector after the procedure) wipe the antenna connector from the outside and from the inside;

  3. Wipe the connector in the same way. directly on the wire;

  4. Connect the antenna and try to watch a couple of gears.

If the error persists, then the closure is higher. Possibly damaged connection of current-carrying conductors to a connector or to remote “horns”.

Separately, it is worth checking the antenna gain – if, of course, you have device with support for additional power supply. Without disconnecting your TV, turn off the power to the amplifier. If the message disappeared – here it is, the problem is detected. Need configuration without amplification or just repair an amplifier.

In which case is it recommended to contact a service center?

In general, a similar error indicates a rather exotic damage that “from the bay-floundering” does not occur. therefore call a television repair technician recommended immediately after its appearance.

The most common way to fix this damage is a complete replacement of the LNB cable, which leads to external “horns”. A short circuit may occur on any of its plots. In addition, moisture may get inside the wire, which also leads to a variety of short circuit, including inter-turn braided, performing the role of “grounding” and the screen.

Short circuit in amplification equipment is also found, although less frequently. It talks primarily about physical damage on chips inside the signal receiving device. In this case additional power starts shortening to grounded shield – the outer layer of metal conductors in the LNB cable.

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