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White things are known to be very easily soiled. And, especially offensively, when various pollution get to the most prominent places. Long away not everyone knows how to deal with a problem and throws it away thing. Our experts will tell you how to effectively remove stains with white clothes.

We remove stains with improvised means

remove the stain from the white clothes

If you unexpectedly “put” a stain on white clothing, you don’t need to panic or throw her away. The main thing is to act immediately. If you have a life saving stain remover pencil on hand, We recommend using it immediately. Then additional cleaning may not be useful at all. When is under there’s nothing with your hand, and you’re not at home, try to wet the pollution, so that it does not eat.

So, to remove stains from white clothes, you can use various home remedies, depending on what type pollution.


If drops of chocolate get on your clothing, use for dish washing. Take a cotton pad or cotton swab, dampen in the product and for a few minutes wipe the stained chocolate a place. Leave on for 5-10 minutes. Then wash your hands thoroughly in warm water.


It’s not so easy to remove it from the white cloth, but it’s worth to try. Pour some very cold water and rinse thing a couple of minutes. Prepare an ammonia solution (ratio to water) 1: 1), pour it onto a stain of blood. If there remains murky stains, wipe them with hot hydrogen peroxide. After wash the thing. After washing, rinse it in water with the addition of 1 tbsp. tablespoons of vinegar.


Traces of lipstick can be removed with ethyl alcohol (or replace it with vodka). Slowly pour alcohol onto the stain, moving along direction from the edges to the center (this will help to avoid spreading lipstick). Leave for half an hour, and then send the product to the wash.


With traces of coffee on white clothes, 9% will do just fine table vinegar. Use it undiluted. Pour in a little substance on the coffee stain, repeat the action 2-3 times. Then send the thing to the washing machine.

Grease stain

It can be removed using ordinary talc and acetone. Mix substances in a ratio of 1: 2, mix thoroughly and apply on contaminated area. Leave on for 7-10 minutes. Then gently remove the slurry and wash clothes in warm water. Can try in the case, and another way. Apply a little to the contaminated area. potato starch, cover the cotton with a towel or rag and put the load. Leave it as such for a couple of hours. Then gently remove the slurry and send the item to the washing machine.

Deodorant marks

If in the armpit area you find unflattering white marks from deodorant, you can easily get rid of them, using saline, dishwashing detergent or oxygen bleach. Any of the funds listed is required. apply to contaminated area before washing (leave for 15-30 minutes).

Sweat stains

Can be removed with oxalic acid or peroxide. hydrogen. In the first case, lather the stain with laundry soap and leave for half an hour. Dilute in the meantime 1 teaspoon of acid in 1 Art. water. The resulting composition rub the contaminated area. Through Rinse the composition for 10-15 minutes and send the product to the wash.

In the second case, mix with 1 tbsp. spoon peroxide with 1 liter of water. Soak the clothes in the resulting composition for 40-60 minutes. Thereafter it is necessary to wash a thing.


This is the case when a thing accidentally came into contact with corrosive metal or metal itself the inserts that you discovered with horror rusted after washing. Do not rush to throw away a thing: try to remove the stain lemon juice or acid. Lay the product on an ironing board, laying napkins under the fabric. Put on a contaminated area thin slice of lemon, cover it with gauze in several layers. Take a hot iron a few times. Then send the thing to the wash.

Useful Tips

stain on a white shirt

Well, and finally, a few simple tips to help to avoid the annoying and fraught with the spoiled thing thing:

  1. Do not use when applying or rubbing onto fabrics. dark cloth / towel.

  2. Do not try to rub soap (any) into contaminated tissue – this is how you only exacerbate the situation by “driving” the pollutant even deeper.

  3. Do not wet the stain with hot water and, especially, boiling water (especially if we are talking about traces of eggs, dairy products or blood).

  4. You do not need to rub the stain with force in an attempt to remove it.

  5. Remember that it is not always possible to remove a fresh stain, just sprinkling it with salt.

  6. Do not try to iron the soiling – so you only fasten it to the fabric.

  7. To improve the result, try making water for soaking things softer – add soda ash to it.

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