How to disable autorun programs

When the operating system starts, some of the installed The user of the program starts automatically. With over time, their number grows and begins to interfere with normal operation a computer. Our experts tell you how to disable autorun unnecessary software in Windows 7.

Configuration utility

For detailed configuration in Microsoft operating systems The configuration utility is used. A separate section is reserved for it. to control startup options for programs.

Call the “Run” dialog with a keyboard shortcut “Win + R”. Enter the text field “msconfig” in the highlighted marker. Press the enter key on the physical keyboard or virtual button OK by running the configuration utility.

In the window that opens, go to the tab indicated by the unit. In the form of interactive text entries, all programs are listed here, starting with the operating system. To turn off autorun uncheck the boxes opposite the names indicated on screenshot arrow. We write the changes made by clicking “Apply” and close the utility with the “OK” button.

To complete the setup, you will need to restart your PC. Push the button marked with a frame and at Windows startup we check the received result.


The configuration utility allows the user to fully control the process of automatic loading. Considered below methods give the same result only in the aggregate. Every the method leads to the shutdown of some programs.

Autorun directory

Calling the Run dialog box, enter the highlighted marker field “shell: startup”. Click “OK” to open the system directory “Startup”.

Applications whose shortcuts are placed in this folder are launched at Windows startup. To remove an unnecessary item, select it and right-clicking on the mouse displays a drop-down menu. Push the line indicated by a double in the screenshot.

Software Settings

The program settings provide options for integration into the system. One of them is the automatic start at Windows startup.

Our experts show the example of a music player AIMP how to change the level of integration. We call the main manager program menu and go to its settings.

We are looking in the general list for the section indicated by the unit. In others programs it may have a great name, but collected in it values ​​are responsible for implementation in the OS at the level of system menus and operations. We are looking for the autostart control line and uncheck indicated by the number “2”.

Windows registry

If the program does not have a shortcut in the Startup folder and it fails find the appropriate item in its settings we resort to editing system registry.

In the field of the Run window highlighted with a marker, enter “regedit”. Click “OK” by launching the registry editor.

We go to the HKCU section, sequentially expanding the branches along highlighted by a green path marker. Select the directory with the mouse “Run”. The right half of the editor window will display placed in her autorun keys programs indicating the path to executable files. Right-click on the item selected for deletion. mice. In the expanded context menu, select the line, marked with a triple. In the “Run” directory, the HKCU branches are listed programs installed for the current user. To delete common to all software profiles, repeat the operation by going through the same path in the HKLM branch.


Following the step-by-step instructions provided by our experts, you You can clear the startup list of Windows 7 and accelerate the start operating system.

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