How to choose thermal underwear for active recreation

Recently, lovers of outdoor activities, hunting and fishing discovered thermal underwear – a unique type of equipment, allowing to solve a great many diverse problems at a time. Here is protection against cold and precipitation, and prevention blowing by the wind, and adjusting the body temperature in comfortable for its limits. However, the most important feature is the ability to divert sweat out under intense loads, in As a result, the back does not have time to sweat corny! Of course all of the above is feasible only when thermal underwear is chosen correctly, and its characteristics are completely correspond to operating conditions.

How to choose thermal underwear

What is thermal underwear

Depending on its physical properties, everything is modern thermal underwear can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Moisture-resistant thermal underwear designed for active operation, long transitions and intense loads. In his based on synthetic materials with high vapor permeability. Due to this feature, this thermal underwear perfectly removes moisture outward, not allowing the back to sweat. it means that maximum comfort will be maintained even when intense loads;

  2. Heat-saving underwear belongs to the category of so-called “slow”. Its mission is to ensure maximum heat savings. in harsh operating conditions, and therefore similar models almost always designed for passive relaxation and long stay in one place.

  3. There is a third type of thermal underwear – the so-called combined. Depending on the percentage of those other fibers, such equipment may possess at the same time heat-saving characteristics, and at the same time very good to sweat away from the body;

Advantages and disadvantages of the materials used

advantages and disadvantages of materials

  1. Cotton is the most common material used for making thermal underwear for everyday wear. Such material only suitable for use in moderately positive weather and for loads of medium intensity. It’s all about high him hygroscopicity – cotton immediately absorbs sweat and holds it, delivering a lot of discomfort, especially noticeable in the cold season;

  2. Wool is characterized by maximum heat insulation characteristics, and therefore is an excellent option for manufacturing heat-saving “slow” thermal underwear;

  3. Synthetic materials are highly vapor permeable, and because their number is maximum in the top models of the “fast” thermal underwear, the main characteristic of which is the rapid removal of moisture from the body. To achieve certain parameters, synthetics can be used together with natural wool or cotton;

  4. Polyester and polyamide are currently enjoying huge popularity. To the touch these materials resemble cotton, and their characteristics not only are not inferior, but even surpass this material. Other things being equal, thermal underwear made of polyester and polyamide perfectly absorbs moisture, making it ideal for those who move a lot;

How to choose thermal underwear

advantages and disadvantages

The choice of thermal underwear is not particularly difficult even for newcomers. All that is required of them is to determine exactly specific characteristics of a particular model, as well as with conditions in which this or that will be exploited model:

  1. Thin cotton thermal underwear or its analogues from polyester and polyamide are good in the warm summer or in quality demi-season equipment for active operation during subject to the use of a quality costume. The hunters choose him anglers and lovers of expeditions and travel;

  2. Warm thermal underwear made of natural wool with the addition of synthetic fibers or other “slow” equipment options designed for passive operation. They warm well and able to remove a small amount of moisture. Such equipment used for ice fishing, as well as for ambush hunting, when the hunter does not move for several hours in a row;

  3. If thermal underwear is chosen for everyday use, give preference to cotton models or their counterparts made of polyester and polyamide. These materials do their job well. functions under any operating conditions. And only in the warm winter while a couple of thin thermal underwear can use thicker ones, Woolen or fleece patterns.

How to try on thermal underwear

Before giving preference to a particular model thermal underwear, you must remember that it is operated exclusively on a naked body, and therefore this equipment should not cause discomfort and discomfort. She is not must press, rub, the seams should not be felt. Wearing thermal underwear on body, it is necessary to perform a series of sequential actions – sit down, stand up, shake the body from side to side. Is being done this is in order to assess the nature of the work of thermal underwear in dynamics, under load.

Thermal underwear care

Maintenance of thermal underwear does not require any special costs and is very unpretentious. Such equipment is washed at temperatures up to 40 degrees using powders and cleaning products not containing chlorine and intended for washing thermal underwear and synthetic fabrics. Drying is carried out naturally by, away from sources of open heat and sunlight. Not recommended spinning – mechanical effects can cause harm to the structure of thermal underwear.

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Video for choosing thermal underwear

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