How to choose the right septic tank for private at home

The modern benefits of civilization is the very thing for which many people prefer to live in a city, far from always and not in full least accessible to residents of the suburbs and countryside. Unwillingness live in spartan conditions and necessitated the use of modern sewer technology, a striking representative of which is a septic tank. This device can solve many problems. with water and sanitation, and also prevents the likelihood contaminated household waste entering the soil. What you need for houses in which there is no central water supply and Sewerage!

how to choose a septic tank

The best manufacturers of septic tanks for private homes – which company choose?

Despite the fact that the popularity of such devices is only formed, the production of septic tanks has mastered a fairly large the number of manufacturers – both foreign and domestic. TO the most famous firms among consumers include:

  1. Eco Grand;

  2. Triton-Plastic;

  3. FloTenk

  4. Topol-eco;

The products of these manufacturers are distinguished by excellent operational characteristics, it performs its functions in full, undemanding in operation and does not deliver special hassle when servicing.

The principle of operation and the device septic tank for a private house

The principle of operation and the device septic tank

The principle of operation of septic tanks has largely incorporated the modern multistage wastewater treatment used in housing and communal services. He is high-strength tank equipped with a multi-stage system filtering. Inside it there are several cameras, each of which is responsible for performing certain properties. The functioning of such devices almost always includes three main stages:

  1. Untreated waste products enter the rough system purification separating fractions of large and medium size;

  2. By means of a water pump or naturally cleaned liquid waste is pumped to a second tank, where method of enzyme filtration is the separation of water, sludge and gas. At this stage, the water is substantially cleansed and brightens;

  3. At the third stage, fine filters are included in the work, through which the formed liquid is passed. As a result water is radically cleaned and does not pose a threat to the environment Wednesday.

The advantages that such devices carry are quite a lot:

  1. The presence of a complete sewage system, allowing multiple increase the level of comfort in a private house;

  2. The output is almost completely purified water, which is not able to harm the environment;

  3. Bad smells and contact with waste products completely excluded;

  4. Long-term work without the need for cleaning and technical service;

Types of septic tanks for private houses

Storage septic tanks

Storage septic tanks

Devices perfect for use on small suburban areas, as well as where there is no need for constantly functioning sewage system. The design is based on capacious tank made of durable plastic or metal and equipped with a tight-fitting lid. For indication the degree of filling the tank is a special sensor, and for special pumping waste for subsequent disposal Luke. On sale can be found as small, about 1-3 cubic meters, devices, and capacious tanks capacity up to 40-45 m3, not requiring regular maintenance.


  • Ease of installation;

  • Low price;

  • Durability;

  • Reliable, proven design;

  • Unpretentiousness in operation;


  • Lack of a sewage treatment system;

  • Septic tanks with soil filtration

  • Careful monitoring of the condition of the tank in the summer is required heat and in severe frosts;

  • The need for regular pumping of accumulated waste;

Septic tanks with soil filtration

Septic tanks with soil filtration

Ground Mounted Devices involves two-stage filtration of wastewater. First step – cleaning of coarse fractions and solid particles, the second – the passage purified water through special filters. All subsequent work performs soil acting as the third stage of cleaning. The degree of filtration of such devices is quite high, of the order of 70% Filter elements clog over time and also require maintenance and cleaning, but this happens much less frequently than in case with storage septic tanks.


  • Provide high-quality wastewater treatment;

  • Work independently of all other systems in the house;

  • Unpretentious in operation and maintenance;


  • Fairly high cost;

  • Not suitable for installation on clay soil, as well as in areas with flowing groundwater;

  • The complexity of the installation;

Multi-level deep wastewater treatment systems

Multilevel systems for deep wastewater treatment

Devices based on many different principles sewage treatment. Massive, difficult to install, but very functional: the degree of purification is very close to 100%. Due to their high performance, they are great for filtering. a large amount of wastewater. A nice feature is accumulation of purified water that can be used for systems heating or watering.


  • High functionality and versatility;

  • Allow installation absolutely anywhere;

  • Do not require regular maintenance;

  • The degree of wastewater treatment up to 95-98%;


  • Laborious installation;

  • Requires an external power source;

  • High price;

Options for choosing a septic tank for a private house

septic tank selection options

Having decided on the type of specific device, it is necessary pay attention to the key parameters that are responsible for the maximum functionality.

Device volume

Before giving your choice in favor of a particular model, it is necessary to calculate the estimated amount of waste in depending on which the appropriate reservoir is selected volume. The larger the septic tank – the less often you will have to turn to the services of sewage trucks and the more expensive is a similar device.

The principle of the septic tank

The detailed principle of the action of various types of septic tanks with all their the strengths and weaknesses are given above, the choice of the same device the specific type remains with the buyer and is entirely dependent on needs, functionality of a specific device, and also places of its installation.

The material of which the septic tank is made

Currently, the largest number of devices of this type It is made of metal or thick-walled plastic. Metal septic tanks are usually more expensive, but they are not an example. more reliable and more durable.


Option applicable only to models equipped with a system filtering. Displays the amount of wastewater that is capable of recycle septic tank for a certain period of time. More than a person lives in a house – the more productive it should be septic tank. In the case of storage septic tanks, productivity replaced by a parameter such as tank capacity.

Which septic tank to choose?

Which septic tank to choose

  1. Compact storage septic tank – the perfect solution for a summer cottage site, active life in which occurs only in warm season. Preference should be given to devices made of metal with a capacity of 15-20 m3;

  2. Septic filter with soil filtration and aerobic treatment is a great option for sewage equipment private residential building with no access to the central sewers. Difficulty can arise only when groundwater runs high enough. In this situation prefer to have a funded model;

  3. Multi-level deep cleaning systems are optimal option for equipping cottages and private residential buildings, they Suitable for those people who are used to caring for the environment. The water received as a waste product is quite suitable for use in heating and irrigation systems plants.

How much is a septic tank?

  1. The price of a storage septic tank is entirely dependent on the material, which was used for its manufacture, as well as the volume devices. The average cost of such models varies by around 35 thousand rubles;

  2. More advanced devices equipped with soil filtration cost more. The price tag for such models starts at a mark of 40-50 thousand rubles;

  3. Perfect septic tanks with multi-level filtration system – most expensive devices. Their cost ranges from 100-150 thousand rubles.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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