How to choose Nordic walking poles

Nordic walking as an independent way training, came to our country relatively recently. On his own historical homeland – in Finland, this sport enjoys rampant for nearly a hundred years. Invented this system as a set of training exercises for Finnish military skiers, and she intended to the latter did not lose their knack and could train in the absence snow cover. Nordic walking extremely renders extremely positive effect on all muscle groups of the body, contributes to strengthening the central nervous system, lowering arterial pressure, and also tone all the muscles of the body and is a great way to lose weight. Of course, its beneficial she exerts influence only when the main attribute – sticks – selected correctly.


  1. The best Nordic walking stick manufacturers – which one choose a company
  2. The principle of operation and the device of poles for Nordic walking
  3. Types of Nordic walking sticks
  4. The main criteria for choosing sticks for Nordic walking
  5. What Nordic walking poles to choose
  6. How much do Nordic walking poles cost
  7. Nordic Walking Pole Video

how to choose Nordic walking poles

The best Nordic walking stick manufacturers – which one choose a company

The lion’s share of Nordic walking poles is Finnish origin, however, there are also models made in Sweden, Norway and Denmark. By coincidence, domestic manufacturers have not yet mastered the release of these products, and therefore, when choosing, give preference to the best proven models:

  1. Swix

  2. Karhu;

  3. Exel;

  4. Gabel

  5. Komperdell;

Before giving preference to the products of one or another manufacturer, it is necessary to study the models presented in catalogs, as well as read customer reviews, represented on the Internet. It is necessary to consider how positive and negative feedback.

The principle of operation and the device of poles for Nordic walking

Nordic walking sticks are a great tool for in order to keep the muscles of the whole body in good shape. During not only the lower part is involved in the exercise body, but also the top – press, arms, shoulder girdle. Nordic walking is based on synchronous removal back and forth opposite arms and legs, so that is included in the work almost the whole body. Nordic walking poles includes three main elements:

  1. Special handles with soft harnesses, comfortable in the hands and not slipping even with intense walking;

  2. The stick pole is a key element of the whole structure. They have to be as light as possible, tough and comfortable, first of all, in order to serve as a reliable foothold and provide decent depreciation during intense loads;

  3. Tips are a structural element, in contact with the surface. They should not get stuck in the ground, therefore, depending on the type of surface, it is necessary to use various nozzles. The most advanced manufacturers in design their sticks provide for the possibility of rapid replacement tips directly on the knee.

Types of Nordic walking sticks

Depending on the specific operating conditions, all sticks for Scandinavian walking can be divided into two conditional categories:

Sticks of fixed length

Sticks of a fixed length

The most popular models currently allowing Provide maximum functionality in any environment. IN assortment of leading manufacturers of such devices practically each model of this class is available in several sizes, which means that picking sticks to fit your height everyone. Their design is reliable and unpretentious in operation, and the cost is very affordable.


  • Simple and reliable design;

  • The minimum risk of injury when performing the exercise;

  • Ability to operate in almost any environment;

  • Minimum weight;


  • Standard, devoid of dynamics, load;

  • The inability to use specific sticks by a person, growth which is higher or lower;

  • Lack of height adjustment;

Telescopic sticks


Materials, nature and basic structural elements there are practically no telescopic sticks for Nordic walking differ from the above, and the main difference lies in design features – thanks to special mechanisms, the athlete gets the opportunity to change the length of the sticks in quite a tangible range of values.


  • Universality and simplicity of a design;

  • Convenient in storage and transportation;

  • Allow you to easily change the intensity of the load on the body;

  • Reliable locking mechanisms;

  • The ability to adjust the height for any person;


  • High price;

  • Vibrations, backlash and rattles during intense operation;

  • Telescopic connectors are theoretically weak a place prone to breakage;

The main criteria for choosing sticks for Nordic walking

Choose the length of the sticks

choose the length of the sticks

The main parameter to pay attention to when The choice of poles for Nordic walking is their length. Contrary to conventional wisdom, the principle “the more, the better it does not work here”, and when choosing specific sticks must be guided following rules:

  1. If you are a man of short stature, from 150 to 175 centimeters, sticks from 115 to 120 centimeters long should be preferred;

  2. People from 175-180 to 195-200 meters tall will need more long sticks, about 130-140 centimeters.

  3. The basic rule here is – during exercise the arm bent at the elbow should have an angle of 90 degrees. Wrong matched, longer or shorter stick, similar proportion will fail to provide.

Stick weight

It is impossible to single out specific figures here: each person is an individuality, and therefore weight and size the characteristics of the sticks are selected taking into account its features. IN ideally, an athlete should have a feeling of lightness and weightlessness, as if there was nothing in his hands.

The material from which the shaft is made

  1. Fiberglass is found in most budget models. This the material is sufficiently elastic and rigid, but its weight does not allow talk about maximum performance. However, this drawback with more than blocked by price – such models are usually worth inexpensively;

  2. Aluminum. Metal poles for Nordic walking not common because the characteristics of aluminum significantly worse than those of carbon fiber and fiberglass, however in in some cases, aluminum sticks are still in demand – to for example, they are successfully used in winter training of the year;

  3. CFRP. Natural carbon fiber – light, hard material and very durable. It is successfully used in the manufacture of various sports equipment. Carbon sticks have virtually no flaws, but their cost does not allow us to talk about availability and budget;

The material of the handles

  1. Rubber handles – budget, but at the same time high quality an option that provides decent reliability in any situation. Rubber perfectly dampens movement, provides comfortable grip even with wet hands and is highly durable. Of minuses should be noted the fact that the rubber is “dubbing” on cold

  2. Natural cork is the most advanced option used in top models of Nordic walking poles. Similar to rubber mechanical properties, the cork is still different – it much more “warm” and perfectly tolerates negative operation temperature. The disadvantage is fragility and mediocre resistance to mechanical stress;

  3. Plastic pens are the most budget option. They quite tough and slippery, very mediocre in the cold season. These pens are equipped with sticks for the Scandinavian walking a budget level;

What Nordic walking poles to choose

which Nordic walking poles to choose

  1. When choosing Nordic walking poles, don’t forget to pay primary attention to their length. The taller you are, the longer there must be a stick;

  2. When choosing the material from which the stick shaft is made, give preference for carbon fiber models. They are distinguished by minimal weight, excellent rigidity, strength and elasticity, and their weight minimal;

  3. Telescopic sticks should be purchased only in the most extreme cases. They do not differ in high reliability, and cost savings able to result in injuries during the exercise;

How much do Nordic walking poles cost

  1. The cheapest are fiberglass sticks, devoid of interchangeable tips. Their cost varies around 2 thousand rubles;

  2. Budget Carbon Sticks That Can Be Considered To purchase cost about 3-4 thousand rubles;

  3. Professional models equipped with interchangeable tips whose shaft is made of carbon fiber, and the handles are made of natural traffic jams, have a rather high price – about 6-8 thousand rubles;

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Nordic Walking Pole Video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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