How to choose lipstick: make lips attractive

The most important item in a girl’s makeup bag is lipstick. It is a symbol of femininity and beautiful make-up. To selection lipsticks come with caution and care because it changes the image. The right color can both complete the image, and ruin it. There are plenty of models to choose from, so the girls have plenty to choose from.

How to choose lipstick and choose the right color?

How to choose a lipstick and choose the right color?

When choosing a cosmetic product, attention should be paid color. For girls, this decision becomes difficult because it’s hard to decide which is better. Experienced makeup artists recommend taking into account the shades of skin and hair – they will give a hint. Lipstick is the finishing touch, so cosmetics are selected comprehensively.

Individual features that determine the choice of one or another cosmetic product to be taken into account:

  1. age-related changes;

  2. skin condition;

  3. shape and size of the mouth;

  4. color range of makeup.

They will give an answer to an experienced makeup artist on the question of which lip lipstick should be used.

Dark tone


Dark shades combined with a matte finish look sensually. Girls with a small mouth, such lipstick is unlikely fit, but owners of puffy lips will be able to emphasize volume.


  • visual increase in volume;

  • giving sensuality to the image.


  • visual narrowing of the surface.

Makeup artists choose this lipstick only for girls with a wide mouth and puffy lips.

Bright colors

Bright tones

The craving for brightness is characteristic of girls, so you should know with this measure. First of all, such a lipstick is selected for those who have clearly pronounced lip contour. Otherwise, the effect will be different.


  • outline selection;

  • giving attractiveness to calm tones of the face.


  • overly catchy look;

  • if applied incorrectly, asymmetry is visible heck.

Girls with a simple appearance pay attention to such tones. and clear contours of the mouth. Rich and vibrant cosmetics are used as times to highlight facial lines.

What kind of lipstick can be – varieties?

The choice of lipstick is not limited to the selection of the “right” color gamut. There are many factors that also pay attention. Do not forget about safety and hygiene properties of a decorative coating for the lips. In addition, makeup artists take into account the structure of lipstick, affecting how it falls on skin.

Long lasting lipstick


For girls, maintaining makeup in throughout the day, so they often tend to persistent lipsticks. They able to hold out for a long time, but they have both virtues and limitations.


  • keeps on lips throughout the day;

  • rich and deep colors.


  • unpleasant sensations of tightened lips;

  • special application requirements.

Persistent lipstick is different in fat and wax than its water-repellent properties are also determined. She applied carefully on dry lips with preliminary summing up the contour. In addition, such lipsticks are distinguished by saturated colors, and such the option is not suitable for every girl.

Moisturizing Lipstick


If you put comfort, safety and hygienic properties, then choose a moisturizing lipstick. Her the main feature is the moisture content, due to which It is able to retain moisture in the tissues.


  • suitable for regular use;

  • does not cause discomfort.


  • not enough for the whole day;

  • not suitable for complex makeup.

This lipstick should be in a cosmetic bag, because it helps preserve lips. It is recommended to use it in the summer, when lips need extra protection.

Satin lipstick


This lipstick has an attractive look. In its composition contains a lot of fat, so it covers the surface well lips without any extra effort. Together with that provides the necessary protection in various weather conditions.


  • good hydration performance;

  • comfortable use.


  • refers to unstable categories of lipsticks;

  • the color scheme tends to light shine.

This lipstick is suitable for many girls who regularly apply makeup. She protects her lips, but be prepared for how long her hardly enough.

Matt lipstick

Matt lipstick

Those girls who are prone to sensual and sexual images, prefer matte lipsticks. Saturated colors without the effect of radiance looks advantageous, but such a coating is selected with caution, taking into account the individual characteristics of the face.


  • saturated shades;

  • emphasizing lip volume.


  • not suitable for mouth without a clear outline;

  • Care must be taken in applying makeup.

Matte tones should be in harmony with other cosmetic means and fit individual characteristics. With their help puffy lips stand out. For thin lips without a distinguished contour, they will not do. It is also necessary to match the general colors of makeup.

A special category is made up of lipsticks for hygienic care. They are called balms that help protect skin from negative influences. Use such lipsticks in the winter a time when the lips begin to crack due to the cold. Lipstick such type does not give color, but has a healing effect.

Which lipstick to choose?

Which lipstick to choose?

For girls, the choice of lipstick is a special a process that many approach with caution. From purchase stop difficulties with the choice of color and composition. In this case factors such as skin color and condition individual features of the face and its features. Hair and eye tone plays an important role in the selection process.

The determining factor is the color of hair and skin. Makeup artists highlight general rules in this regard:

  1. blonde with fair skin is better to abandon too bright tones, and instead focus on light pink or light brown shades;

  2. girls with red hair are better off using rich tones, so that they do not get lost on the general background – brick, plum, dark pink or burgundy;

  3. light pink or coral suits brunettes with white skin tones, you can also dwell on scarlet or purple shades;

  4. dark-skinned brunettes will need rich lipstick tones any color scheme, and it’s better to refuse pale ones, because they just get lost on the general background.

These are simple rules that make-up artists are guided by. But remember that each face is unique in its own way, therefore it is worth search for the optimal gamut.

What properties can a lipstick have?

What properties can lipstick have?

In addition to color, lipstick has many other properties. Persistent cosmetics last up to 12 hours, so Suitable for long events. But some girls celebrate discomfort, so you should choose a quality lipstick. With frequent using it overdries lips.

Moisturizing and nourishing lipsticks provide essential humidity, give vitamins and oils. Due to this, the lips become soft and stop cracking. However, due to humidity, this lip coating does not hold well and for a long period does not will do.

Composition and expiration date

Nutritional lipsticks contain a large amount of vitamins A and E, as well as oils and special powder. They give the necessary protective properties. For the summer period, it is worth choosing lipstick with sufficient UV filters to help keep humidity.

The main ingredient for lipstick is wax. is he provides uniform application and gives the necessary softness. Another important component is the coloring pigment, due to which the necessary color scheme appears. Sometimes manufacturers add castor oil, which protects the lips from dryness.

Shelf life depends on the application. Traditional lipstick is recommended to be used no more than 1 year. Cosmetic up to 3 products applied to the lips with a brush years old. You can extend the life of your favorite lipstick if keep it in a cool place. Otherwise, its structure will become heterogeneous, and at the same time an unpleasant odor will appear.

What is characteristic of high-quality lipstick?

What is characteristic of high-quality lipstick?

Due to the large number of components, accurately determine the quality lipstick is available only in a special laboratory. Composed of The cosmetic product contains the following components:

  1. wax;

  2. vitamins

  3. oils;

  4. mineral pigments;

  5. additional means to moisturize and enhance persistence.

Harmful components are dyes made on the basis of coal tar. The presence of iron oxide is also undesirable. These substances cause allergic reactions and have a negative effect. impact on the body.

How to choose a lipstick color?

With lipstick color, every girl is experimenting to pick shade or even have some margin for choice. But color gamma should fully match the image. Need to push off on the color of hair and skin, and also consider other cosmetic facilities. If you approach this issue correctly, then you will achieve perfect result.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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