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Interior doors are an integral attribute of any dwellings. They organically fit into the interior of the room and help correctly distinguish the area of ​​your house by separating one room from other. Currently, a large number of a variety of door models that differ in appearance, functionality and the presence of all kinds of additional elements – both decorative and utilitarian. About how to pick up interior doors, and talk in this article.

How to choose interior doors

The best manufacturers – which company to choose

Classic interior doors do not currently produce only large industrial enterprises for which this type production is just one part of the portfolio. Exist many small firms producing natural wood products and doors in particular for which – the main activity. The most popular at present are the following manufacturers:

  1. “Volkhovets”;

  2. Alvero

  3. “Onyx”;

  4. Dariano

Before giving preference to a particular model, it should become familiar not only with manufacturers’ catalogs, but also with user reviews and take into account both positive and negative points.

Types of interior doors

Classic doors for a private house or apartment

interior doors in the apartment

They are distinguished by a stylish design and a predominance of warm, pastel shades. Match the design of a specific interior and harmoniously fit into it. Appearance can be quite strong vary: such doors can be made as a whole door array, and have all kinds of glass inserts. IN for the most part, all models of such doors have standard dimensions, which allows you to easily select a specific model, not worrying about whether it fits in size or not.


  • Standard sizes for easy selection and installation;

  • Possibility of installing decorative glass inserts either synthetic materials;

  • A wide variety of colors, decor and style;

  • A wide variety of colors, colors and patterns;


  • Not suitable for individual doorway sizes;

  • The high cost of exclusive models;

Office doors

office doors

In many respects similar in functionality to their counterparts, intended for installation in residential premises, differ only functional purpose. Their main task is to differentiate workspace, and therefore design is given secondary value. To be aesthetic, discreet and fully emphasize the general the style and concept of a particular office space – such requirements are made by most buyers.


  • Strict design;

  • The use of natural wood as the main material;

  • Good sound insulation;

  • High quality workmanship;

  • Simple and unpretentious materials in operation;


  • High price;

Options for choosing interior doors

Options for choosing interior doors

Door type

Time-tested, the classic option are swing the door. Depending on the installation location and method of opening, there are both left and right doors.

  1. Swing doors are the most common type. They may have both right-handed and left-handed opening. On sale one, one and a half and two-winged variants are presented. Fit practically to any type of room and provide acceptable noise- and thermal insulation. The disadvantages include the need careful measurement of the doorway before installation, as well as high cost;

  2. Sliding doors are now very popular. As such, the hinges of this design are absent, and the opening and closing takes place with the help of special slides, like a cabinet coupe. As a result of this design, significant space saving – you can install such doors even in close indoors. Among the shortcomings, we can distinguish the presence of gaps and low sound insulation as a result, as well as the noise of the mechanism at operation;

  3. Folding doors are a cross between two the above types. During operation, they fold accordion and allow you to significantly save space. Similar solution provides ease of use, but does not contribute maximum sound insulation. Another drawback is the price- doors of a similar design are quite expensive;

Type of materials used

Here the buyer is waiting for the real variety, allowing satisfy the most original desires.

  1. The most popular are wooden doors, made both from a solid array and from its products processing (fiberboard, chipboard, MDF).

  2. Plastic doors are in stable high demand, and also models of glass – the latter are a kind of status item and are most often installed in offices, as well as various commercial and industrial premises.

  3. There is a demand for doors made of metal – are installed they are usually at the entrance to those premises that are necessary protect against unauthorized access.

Coating Materials

Door coating material

Of great importance, first of all, for the aesthetic perception, also has material that is used as facing the interior door.

  1. Veneer is currently found most often. These are thin sheets. made of natural wood used for cladding. Veneered doors are almost indistinguishable from doors from natural wood. Of the shortcomings can be identified whimsical care and fear of damp rooms and significant differences temperature

  2. PVC film is an artificial option, inexpensive and popular in present. Thanks to manufacturing technology, this material can have absolutely any structure and appearance. He is not afraid direct sunlight, moisture and temperature changes, may be applied to any surface. The disadvantages include low environmental friendliness, as well as fear of mechanical influences and open fire;

  3. Laminate is the material that is most often used in the manufacture of interior doors of a budget class. At its core lies paper laminated with special resins. May also have different colors and shades, but the texture is exclusively matte. Of the shortcomings, the whimsical care and fear of mechanical stress;

Door construction

  1. All-glass doors – an aesthetic and stylish option, widely used in the design of shops and office premises. Made of high-strength tempered glass, may have absolutely any color and shade. Of the shortcomings, it should be noted whimsical care and high fragility – the smallest blow hard subject may lead to irreversible consequences;

  2. Paneled doors are a wooden frame or plastic slats filled with special inserts – panels. They can have a very different appearance, texture and color, which provides the ability to manufacture extremely diverse models doors. The disadvantages of such models include high cost and quite a lot of weight;

  3. Panel doors are a frame of wooden bars sheathed outside with sheets of MDF, fiberboard, veneer or plastic. Can have different texture and appearance, and due to the simplicity of design do not differ in high price. The disadvantage of such doors is low sound insulation and sensitivity to mechanical stress.


Currently, almost all interior doors are equipped one of the three types of hardware listed above:

  1. Classic handle designed to open or close doors, as well as fixing it in the closed position. Most universal option for the kitchen, living room or hall;

  2. Accessories equipped with a latch on the inside and the larva of the castle with the opposite. Lets lock in the room if necessary, installed outside in the bathroom, bathroom or bedroom. Locked door if necessary you can always open with a key – a kind of insurance against unforeseen situations;

  3. Standard mortise lock, which allows you to lock the door from the outside, and from the inside. Widely used in office models and where it is necessary to limit the access of strangers to the room;


Interior doors are not just a door frame and a sash. IN depending on the specific model, the package may go platbands designed to decorate the door frame joint and mounting aperture, a threshold designed to mask a gap bottom and create a single stylistic picture, extras and many other functional elements. Many of them are sold separately, and because the buyer always has the opportunity to choose the most suitable, from his point of view, components.

Interior door dimensions

Typically the typical mounting size for most residential and public buildings is 900×2000 with a small compensation clearance in height and width. In addition, you can meet non-standard models requiring custom-made doors. At installation of doors of one size or another should be considered functional use of a particular room. For example, in case with office space and standard size doors – installation of furniture, desk and other interior elements can cause a lot of trouble – they simply will not go through the narrow doorway.

Which interior doors are better to choose?

which doors to choose

  1. For installation in the hall, living room and kitchen, the best option are standard interior doors made of wood or plastic and equipped with a conventional handle for opening. Fit models, both from solid wood and products woodworking, as well as models equipped with glass;

  2. Doors to the bedroom, bathroom or bathroom should be equipped threshold, as well as a locking device on the inside and the lock cylinder outside;

  3. When choosing a door to the nursery, attention should be paid not only to design, but also soundproof. The locking element must allow you to close the door to the lock both outside and inside;

  4. Choosing interior doors to the office premises, it is necessary take care of maximum security. Solid Doors solid wood or metal options equipped mortise lock – the best choice for this situation;

How much do interior doors cost?

  1. The most budgetary are the doors for the kitchen, bathroom and bathroom. Their cost varies at around 1,500 rubles;

  2. More functional doors for living room, hall or nursery rooms can cost from 2500 to 7500 rubles;

  3. The price tag for durable office doors starts at 6,000-6500 rubles and can reach 15-20 thousand rubles;

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose the front door and the secrets of choosing a door closer.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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