How to choose inline skates – tips of experts

Inline skating is currently enjoying very popular. This dynamic and extremely spectacular look outdoor activities gives everyone something different: for adults it a great way to relieve stress after a working day and give body exercise, stretch and tone the muscles, for children and adolescents it is, above all, fun and gambling pokatushki and friendly company. Of course, maximum pleasure achieved only when the rollers are selected correctly and completely correspond to operating conditions.


  1. Best roller manufacturers – which company to choose?
  2. Roller device
  3. Types of Roller Skates
  4. What could be a roller skate boot?
  5. Wheels and bearings in roller skates
  6. What should be the frame in the rollers
  7. What else to look for when choosing inline skates
  8. How to try on inline skates?
  9. Roller Skate Video

how to choose roller skates

Best roller manufacturers – which company to choose?

Today you can meet a huge the number of different models of videos. Starting anonymous Chinese models and ending with advanced roller skates from world famous manufacturers – all of them will surely find your buyer. However, to be sure of quality a specific model and not face unexpected breakdowns, preference should be given exclusively to proven products from famous manufacturers:

  1. Rollerblade

  2. Salomon

  3. K2

  4. Powerslide

Roller device

Roller skates in their design resemble classic skates, however, instead of a metal blade at the bottom have metal frame with wheels fixed on it. Principle skating, the main movements when rollerblading are similar to those when ice skating, the only difference is that everything The action takes place on the pavement in the summer. Roller design turn on the TV itself three main nodes:

  1. Plastic shoes with a frame fixed on it;

  2. Wheels (as a rule, their number is from 3 to 6 pieces);

  3. Brake mechanism in the back of the boot;

  4. Additional elements of roller skates are shoelaces and fasteners designed to fix the shoe on the foot, as well as removable inner element made of felt or other similar materials if the boot itself is made of hard plastic.

Types of Roller Skates

When considering inline skates, a few words need to be said and their varieties.

Classic Fitness Rollers

Classic fitness videos

This category includes the largest number of models, it is these videos that can be recommended for purchase in 80% of cases. Their main features are a durable boot of a classic shape, reinforced frame made of durable plastic or metal, 3-4 wheels with a diameter of about 80 millimeters, as well as a removable brake system. Great for both active riding and sports, and for leisurely walks around the city.


  • A variety of models, shapes and designs;

  • Strong and reliable design;

  • Removable brake system complete with most models;

  • Affordable price;


  • Cheap models are not durable;

  • Suitable for a relatively quiet ride and not suitable for extreme and tricks;

Speed ​​Skate Runners and Models

for speed skate

The design of such rollers differs significantly from the classic models. Firstly, the boot has a low shape and only fixes lower part of the ankle. Secondly, the frame is significant height and durability. Thirdly, such videos are almost always equipped with four powerful wheels with a diameter of 90-100 millimeters. Their main task is high-speed maneuvering and all kinds of races Thanks to their special design they have the opportunity to develop speed up to 50 kilometers per hour.


  • Robust construction;

  • Large diameter wheels for maximum speed;

  • Reliable metal frame;

  • Comfortable anatomically shaped boot;


  • Designed exclusively for experienced riders;

  • Quite expensive;

  • Do not differ in high maneuverability;

Rollers for performing various tricks – for rollerblading

for rollerblading

Highly specialized models designed for constant dynamic loads resulting from the execution all kinds of tricks in urban conditions, as well as on special sites. The boot of such rollers is as hard and durable as possible, it reliably fixes the leg in any position and does not give it move. Another feature is the powerful and rigid frame. with semi-closed wheels of small size, not afraid mechanical loads.


  • Strong and reliable design;

  • Perfectly protect against injuries;

  • Able to withstand significant loads;

  • Anatomical cut of a boot;


  • Expensive;

  • They require some experience to operate;

  • Heavy;

Off-road videos (models designed for free-skating)

for free-skating

Their appearance is similar to classic roller skates, the difference lies in the design of the frame and wheels. Main them mission – riding on an uneven surface and playing hockey on commercials.


  • Strong and reliable design;

  • A variety of models for every taste;

  • High speed and maneuverability;

  • Ability to ride on any type of surface;


  • Roads

  • Not suitable for beginners;

What could be a roller skate boot?

inline skate shoes

  1. Hard shoes made of plastic or polyurethane. The main purpose of such shoes is maximum reliability and fixation of the lower leg during active skating. Fixing is carried out at using special screeds that give the boot an anatomical shape. For maximum comfort, the inside of the boot equipped with a special soft liner that provides a sufficient degree of comfort in any mode of operation;

  2. Soft shoes made of genuine leather either synthetic materials. Lightweight, comfortable and manoeuvrable shoes, providing maximum comfort in any situation. The disadvantage is less than plastic boots protection of legs from injuries;

Wheels and bearings in roller skates

When choosing rollers, attention should be paid to the wheels:

  1. Wheel diameter has a direct effect on speed and controllability. The smaller the diameter, the more maneuverable and less speedy are roller skates. And vice versa, high-speed rollers developing up to 40-50 kilometers per hour are completed wheels with a diameter of about 100 millimeters. Separate category occupy “off-road” rollers – wheels with a diameter are not uncommon 140-150 millimeters with a powerful tread;

  2. The rigidity of the material of the wheels is also an integral part that must be considered when choosing one another model. This parameter is measured with units of stiffness A – than the smaller the parameter, the more rigid the wheels are and the more high-speed operation, they are suitable. And vice versa – wheels having a large indicator A (about 100 units), are characterized by high softness and good grip, and therefore excellent suitable for urban use and for various tricks;

  3. Bearing quality has the most direct bearing on rolling, driving characteristics and wear resistance of the mechanism. Quality bearings measured according to ABEC classification and graded from 1 to 7. The higher the indicator, the better bearings and the more expensive they are. Most popular among experienced skaters received models with an ABEC index of 5 to 7;

What should be the frame in the rollers

  1. The frame made of plastic or its analogues is different high vibration absorbing abilities. When driving on a bumpy it absorbs bumps quite well, allowing reduce the feeling of discomfort. The disadvantage of plastic frames is relatively low strength and wear resistance – even inadvertent contact with a hard surface may cause it damage;

  2. The metal frame, in contrast, is beautiful wear resistance. It easily withstands tough exploitation, however, its softness is very mediocre – even when riding on on a relatively flat surface, each pothole will be felt in leg

What else to look for when choosing inline skates

the nuances of choosing roller skates

  1. The method of fixing the shoe on the foot. The use of plastic fasteners – convenient and comfortable way, allowing fast enough shoe and take off shoes, however its fixing abilities very mediocre. Conversely, lacing is slow, but very reliable way to ensure the natural position of the boot on leg in any situation;

  2. Pay attention to the presence of a brake mechanism, located on the heel of the shoe. The brake itself is removable element and is very necessary for a beginner, just mastering this type of outdoor activity. Experienced skaters, confidently standing ice skating almost always get rid of this mechanism;

How to try on inline skates?

When choosing inline skates, remember that over time the shoe has the ability to wear and grow in size, and therefore, too loose fixation on the leg should not be allowed. Putting on your chosen option, you should tightly fix it and try to perform routine actions. IN ideally, roller skates should feel like casual shoes and Do not cause discomfort during operation.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose scooter and the secrets of choosing a skateboard.

Roller Skate Video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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