How to choose gloves size

One of the most functional accessories in every wardrobe a person regardless of gender are gloves. In the cold years is a great way to prevent your skin from freezing and bursting from unnaturally low temperatures in the summer – it is universal accessory that fits perfectly in a strict men’s suit for an evening trip to the theater, or to a light women’s dress air cut.

Unfortunately, many people neglect this accessory in the most extreme form, most often the reason lies in the fact that they do not know of their size, which means they can’t choose a suitable pair in the store. Most gloves have this feature: even if they are 2-3 sizes larger / smaller than yours, then they will fit you, therefore, it is always difficult for people ignorant in this matter to find suitable option. Now we will understand this not tricky question. with all possible care and scrupulousness, so that you guaranteed to learn how to choose the right glove model for any situation.

Glove Size Algorithm

Glove sizing algorithm

The sequence of actions is very simple, its main goal is determine the size of your palm in inches, because it is from them the size of a particular item is calculated. So let’s get started.

  1. The first thing we do is measure the girth of the palm. For this we need a sewing centimeter and, preferably, one of our relatives for more accurate results. Find a hollow in the base of the thumb and from it we determine the girth of the palm – as You see, everything is very simple.

  2. Now you have a measured girth of the palm, but received figure in centimeters, but we need inches. To translate the figure is from centimeters to inches, just divide it by 2.54 – that’s it all.

  3. It was the turn to round the number, also nothing complicated: by school rules learned in mathematics, round the girth our palm in inches up to 0.5.

  4. Last action – look at the table and find out your letter size, which varies depending on the female it’s gloves or men’s. Let’s look at an example: measuring your palm, you got 20.5 centimeters, divide this number by 2.54, we get 8.0708 inches, which after rounding turn into 8 inches – this female size “L” or male “XS”.

Now you know exactly how to determine the size gloves that fit perfectly on your hand, but at this point the study of the accessory does not end – some more are waiting for us useful information.

How to choose winter gloves

How to choose winter gloves

Because the cold season is a huge part of life Russians, consider the features of the choice of winter, or how else called “warm” gloves needed separately. Regular wear gloves will protect your hands from frostbite, skin from peeling and cracking, and you – from discomfort. Simply put, if on the street it’s cold, gloves are very, very necessary – it’s stylish, comfortable and guarantees safety.

When choosing a particular model, you should first look at such parameters:

  1. The size. We already talked about this – only correctly matched size guarantees your hands warmth and comfort. Too small gloves disrupt the movement of blood flow in the palms, which in itself make your hands freeze, too big gloves will simply not retain heat – so the right size is the main Total.

  2. Lining. It’s simple: the lining should be an exception make up decorative gloves worn for beauty “, in all other cases a lining is necessary – it will extend the period of use of things and additionally protect your hands from frost.

  3. Stitches. Cheap gloves and fakes for expensive gloves are very easy to recognize by the abundance of seams, especially if they are outside products. Consider an example: quality gloves are sewn from large pieces of leather / suede / fleece, so the seams on such products will be small, and if gloves are sewn from shreds (even quality sewn), then there will be a lot of seams, sometimes even so much that it’s impossible to hide them inside. therefore remember: the seams should be inside the glove, their number is reduced to a minimum.

  4. Paint. Before buying, take a piece of white cloth, wet it with warm water and spend it energetically on the glove – if there are traces If you stayed, it’s better to refuse to buy this pair. You don’t want to leave paint on your skin, clothes and furniture, right? AND low-quality coloring matter is only capable of this, therefore do not be lazy to check the quality of the painting material especially carefully.

Now it’s worth separately mentioning the material for gloves – There are a lot of options, this is a very broad topic, therefore, we will not dive into it with our heads, but a few words still have to say.

  1. Fleece gloves are warm and comfortable, very comfortable to touch and are inexpensive, but they get wet incredibly quickly.

  2. Woolen gloves are ideal for dry winter days, moisture for them – certain death, when saturated, the wool completely ceases to warm hands.

  3. Suede gloves are not recommended for daily wear. have a couple for special occasions – for example, going to the theater, guests and so on – but no more. Suede comes in very quickly unsuitability.

  4. Leather gloves are considered the most comfortable and effective. however, real skin is expensive, and besides, not everyone Such an accessory will be to your liking.

After reading these points, you can go quite calmly to your favorite haberdashery store and choose your favorite pair gloves no longer thoughtlessly, but with a good sense of knowledge and business.

Glove manufacturers overview


Initially, each company positions itself as a “brand of leather gloves “, although they are also engaged in the manufacture of products and from other materials.

  1. Henderson. The company produces a lot of gloves, but all exclusively in the classical style – only leather and no decorative elements. Another feature of the brand is that it creates only male models, so a female couple will have to apply to another manufacturer. Particularly popular models with one hundred percent woolen lining.

  2. Berg & Berg. Scandinavian brand known for elegant models gloves, almost all collections are made of leather or suede. The disadvantage of the product is that it is not very suitable for wearing in winter but for late autumn and early spring gloves are perfect.

  3. Merola Italian company making gloves at a price above average range: impeccable quality and incredible convenience is what awaits you after your purchase. Lining most cashmere or silk models are comfortable but not suitable for wearing in winter – in this case, choose gloves with woolen lining.

Enjoy the convenience and stylish look of your loved ones gloves and remember that the ability to pick accessories well says about subtle taste and self-confidence. Be always in warm and cozy!

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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