How to choose football boots training

Despite the fact that when playing ordinary amateur football the most common item of equipment are traditional sneakers, they are not able to provide the proper level of grip Coated and reliable contact with the ball. It is for this reason that in Currently, more and more football players prefer boots –– special football shoes with a number of structural elements for a successful game. It is on them that one should pay attention when choosing equipment for the next football match.


  1. What are soccer shoes
  2. How to choose studded cleats
  3. How to choose shoes for playing in the hall
  4. What material are soccer shoes made of?
  5. How to try on soccer shoes?
  6. Boots Selection Video

How to choose the boots

What are soccer shoes

Depending on the type of game, all football boots are divided into two conditional categories:

  1. Classic studded boots designed for playing in “big” football on the field or a special lawn. As much as possible comfortable fixation on the foot, rigid grip with the ground through spikes, high maneuverability and low weight – these are the main characteristics of the best models;

  2. Football boots designed for futsal or futsal. Used on hard surfaces, and therefore the need for spikes disappears, they are successfully replaced by a durable rubber tread, providing maximum traction;

How to choose studded cleats

How to choose cleats with spikes

Depending on the specific performance, studded boots are divided into the following types:

  1. TURF. Boots designed to play on a natural lawn. Them the design provides for 24 rigid rubber spikes, providing uniform foot load and traction maximum;

  2. Multi Stud Rubber. Cleats equipped with soft rounded spikes form, which ensures maximum comfort operation. Suitable for playing on both natural and artificial turf;

  3. Hard Ground and Very Hard Ground – shoes designed to play in difficult conditions. These boots are equipped with spikes of a flat shape, allowing excellent acceleration, as well as maintaining maximum grip with asphalt, gravel, and compressed snow;

  4. Soft Ground (SG) – boots designed for use on soft lawn. Most popular among goalkeepers and midfielders;

How to choose shoes for playing in the hall

How to choose shoes for playing in the hall

Being a separate type of sports shoes, boots for playing in the hall is also divided into two conditional categories:

  1. Indoor – classic models designed for active play in the hall. The appearance is similar to the classic “street” boots, only the tread differs – instead of spikes, a flat one is used here polyurethane sole;

  2. FS (Futsal) – lightweight, soft and practical boots used for futsal or futsal. Their main virtue is beautiful. grip with coating, as well as minimum weight;

What material are soccer shoes made of?

Due to the narrow specialization, without exception, all the boots for playing in football is made of either natural or artificial skin.

  1. Genuine leather shoes are highly plastic, wear resistance and perfectly retains its properties when extreme loads. These shoes take moisture very well, not letting your feet sweat. However, not all skin grades are suitable. for the manufacture of quality boots – in order to maximize the effect and achieve the necessary characteristics, the best option is kangaroo leather or young skin calf;

  2. Artificial leather is inferior to the skin in all its parameters natural, and yet such boots are quite high popularity. Mainly, the merit lies in obviously more low price – artificial leather boots are chosen by those players who play football several times a year and are simply devoid of the need for expensive models;

How to try on soccer shoes?

If it’s about buying faux leather boots, try on you need models that are 1 \ 2 sizes larger than everyday shoes. This fact is explained quite simply – because of the dynamic muscle loads are saturated with oxygen and are filled with blood, as a result, the foot significantly increases in size. Choosing obviously larger shoes, the footballer levels out such an increase and eliminates discomfort during the game;

Genuine leather, due to its characteristics and high ductility, does not require the presence of such a compensation gap. Boots selected by size are not able to cause discomfort in game time, because the skin stretches perfectly. Of course, this fact concerns exclusively high-quality models of kangaroo leather or young calf.

Boots Selection Video

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