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Before you seriously get involved in diving and begin to study the underwater world, you should get the appropriate equipment, the key elements of which are flippers. Their purpose is necessary dynamics during swimming, as well as an increase maneuverability when diving. Of course, this can only be achieved in the case when the flippers are selected correctly and are fully consistent operating conditions.

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Which flippers to choose? Top manufacturers

According to reviews by experienced divers, the fair is considered to be the best. Products manufactured under the following brands:

  1. Cressi;

  2. Mares;

  3. Omer;

  4. Leaderfins

  5. Sporasub;

The preference for the products of these brands is given as freedivers, underwater exploration enthusiasts as well as professional underwater hunters, as well as rescue personnel. Opinions on they vary, and it’s easier to get to know them on the Internet – on thematic forums, a huge number of various reviews, both positive and negative. Similar experience operation should also be considered when choosing one or another models.

Types of Fins

All existing methods of diving and spearfishing have their own specificity, which is reflected in the design of certain flipper.

Diving Fins

Diving Fins

This category includes various models designed for amateur diving, as well as for professional operation. They have medium or large length and medium degree. stiffness. Often equipped with corrective blades, as well as laminators to change the direction of the water flow and improve maneuvering.


  • High functionality;

  • Ergonomic and comfortable heel;

  • Equipped with blades and flow laminators by default;

  • High length, enhancing maneuverability;

  • The presence of many models for certain conditions operation;


  • Expensive;

  • Narrow specialization;

Spearfishing Fins

Fins for spearfishing

Long fins models based on a combination of different materials, which provides a variable degree of rigidity and the ability to quickly accelerate if necessary. Fins design – broken, the blade deviates 10-15 degrees from the horizontal, which also enhances maneuverability. Not gone anywhere and reliable adjustable back providing reliable landing on leg. All flippers for spearfishing are issued in dark, camouflage colors.


  • High length;

  • Dark, camouflage colors;

  • “Broken” blade deviating at an angle of up to 15 degrees relative to the horizontal;

  • Variable stiffness resulting from application combinations of various materials;

  • Ergonomic fit on the foot;


  • Not suitable for diving and amateur use;

  • High price;

Snorkeling Fins

Fins for snorkeling

By this overseas term we mean diving with a mask and Shallow handset – a popular activity during a beach holiday. The fins used for this purpose, differ in the minimum dimensions and small weight, they are convenient in operation and do not cause discomfort while swimming.


  • Compact size;

  • Do not require special skills;

  • Inexpensive

  • Comfortable fixation on the leg;


  • Are exclusively a “tourist” option, do not fit to perform highly specialized tasks;

Baby flippers

Baby flippers

Most models in this category are structurally similar to snorkeling flippers, differing from them exclusively in size. These compact models are perfect for outdoor activities like in open sea and in the pool, and are also great for learning toddler swimming.


  • Inexpensive

  • Suitable even for those who can not swim;

  • Comfortably sit on the foot;

  • Universal;


  • It is impossible to get “for growth”, along with growing up a child need to buy new fins;

The main criteria for choosing fins

Criterias of choice

Having decided on a specific type of fins, suitable for use in a specific situation, pay close attention attention to their specifications. They provide proper degree of comfort during operation and directly affect functionality.

Footprint Design – Galoshes

  1. Closed heel provides the most reliable and tight landing of the flippers on the foot, with this design of the flipper does not play and does not dangles with intense swimming. A similar design requires careful selection of fins, taking into account the thickness of the used thermal socks (if applicable), to grow such flippers do not will work out. Considered the best option for spearfishing and diving

  2. Open heel, adjustable with special rubber screed – the best option for amateur operation and snorkeling. The design is universal, with its help You can fit flippers to any foot size. For versatility have to pay with not enough rigid fixation and the ability to lose flippers when hooking underwater objects;

  3. The third type of construction is monofin. it highly specialized tool used exclusively in acrobatic and athletic purposes, it provides an opportunity to develop significant speed. Monofins are one wide a blade driven by both legs. Monofins are fixed on the feet with soft rubber stockings.

The material from which the fins blade is made

The seat, the so-called galosh, is always made from high-strength rubber. The blade can have different design and be made of the following materials:

  1. Rubber. Fins with a rubber blade can be monolithic, and may vary in their physical parameters. Most budget option great for amateur operation;

  2. Plastic. More advanced material used to create the fins of the middle price range;

  3. Carbon fiber, or carbon, is today considered the most lightweight, functional and comfortable material, made from it the most advanced in technical terms and, accordingly, expensive flippers.

Rigidity flippers

Directly affects the speed of movement under water, as well as weight and physical dimensions of the swimmer. The more prepared and stronger the latter – the more rigidity fins should have. AND on the contrary, soft flippers are perfect for beginners, only mastering swimming with equipment.

How to choose the size of the fins?

Depending on the size of the working blade last, their physical properties and applicability are determined in those other conditions.

  1. Long flippers (100 or more centimeters) are used for diving, spearfishing and deep sea diving with scuba gear;

  2. Fins of medium length (70-90 centimeters) are considered universal, they are suitable for both classic diving and for spearfishing;

  3. Short flippers (no more than 60-70 centimeters) – a great option for snorkeling and active summer recreation on the water;

Choose fins for the sea

Sea vacations almost always involve deep sea diving – even at a depth of 5-7 meters, sea water strikes crystal clear. Best suited for these purposes. quite long, about 70-90 centimeters, flippers, blades which are made of plastic. The design should include blades and laminators for quick immersion and ascent. Heel design – open to fit to size legs of the diver.

We choose fins for spearfishing

Spearfishing requires the use of special hunting fins, having a length of 90-110 centimeters. Their design involves the presence of a closed heel and a special, composite design of the flippers, made of several materials of different stiffness. Vane they are deviated from a horizontal position at an angle of about 15 degrees to ensure the fastest and most productive deepening.

Choosing fins for the pool

For the pool, compact flippers for snorkeling, having an open heel and small, about 50-70 centimeters, dimensions. The blade material is rubber or plastic. However, the above example is not suitable for those who go to the pool purposefully practice swimming and diving techniques. IN In this case, you should use your main flippers, which diver uses when diving or spearfishing.

How to choose flippers for a child

Baby flippers are selected individually for each baby. The size of the flippers is compact, about 50-60 centimeters, design heels – open. After the child learns to deal with them, you can look towards more specialized models.

How to choose flippers for diving and snorkeling

Despite the similarity, diving and snorkeling fins have different features. If you need to give for diving preference for long and powerful models made of plastic or carbon fiber, snorkelers will do without problems compact flippers with a blade 60-80 centimeters long and open heel. Of course, no one forbids using short diving flippers and vice versa, but hardly in such case provided functionality.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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