How to choose an electric planer – tips of experts

The desire to automate all areas of construction work quite logical and justified – everyone wants to get the maximum performance with minimal effort work. It is for this reason that they are now so developed all kinds of mechanical analogues of traditional devices with “manual” driven. A striking representative of such devices is an electric planer invented by Makita in the middle of the past centuries. By most conservative estimates, an electric planer is the specific productivity of three heads exceeds its mechanical analogue, and the expended effort are minimal.

How to choose an electric planer

Varieties and design features of electric planers

A key element in the design of the electric planer is an all-metal drum on which blades are fixed. Exactly they also process wood, however, unlike mechanical model, in which only one knife, electric planers are equipped with two or four knives. In conjunction with sufficiently high drum rotation speed (about 10-15 thousand revolutions per minute), high-quality and fast processing is carried out tree.

In addition to the drum, a compact and durable electric housing The planer includes the following elements:

  1. Electric motor;

  2. The control console, including a quick and soft start button, as well as a depth control;

  3. Planer stroke limiter located on the outside housing;

  4. Chip removal nozzles and a bag for storing it;

  5. Belt drive system of the main mechanism;

Household and professional models – how they differ and which choose

Which electric planer is better to choose

Currently, all models available for sale can divided into two large groups – domestic and professional electric planers. The division is, in fact, very arbitrary, because how both types can be used in a variety of conditions, and the area processed surfaces in other domestic conditions may superior to those in any enterprise, however fact remains a fact. The differences lie mainly in functional features of a particular planer, as well as in its power characteristics:

  1. Home models – compact and miniature, their weight is almost never exceeds 1 kilogram, and the power installed the engine is at the level of 0.6-0.8 kW, while developing 8-10 thousand revolutions per minute during the peak cycle. Depth adjustment planing of such devices is at the level of 0-2.5 millimeters.

  2. Professional models in terms of technical characteristics differ in the big side. In almost all cases here a more powerful electric motor is installed, capable of developing up to 1.5-2 kilowatts of power at a speed of 15-17 thousand revolutions per minute. The depth of operation of such devices can reach 4 millimeters, which allows you to cope even with fairly deep scratches. Weight varies – most professional Models weighs 3-3.5 and more kilograms.

Because the difference in functional features the above types of electric planters significant, significant differences should be expected in cost. If compact household an electric planer can be purchased for 3-4 thousand rubles, then for a professional model will have to lay out 2-2.5 times more amount.

Which firm is best to buy an electric plane

which company is better to choose

Currently, an assortment of stores selling electrical products, includes a huge amount various devices of a similar class – there really is a choice Of what. However, before giving preference to one or another model, you should familiarize yourself with its characteristics and determine Is it suitable for use in your environment? Thereafter you need to determine the budget and analyze the models, which fall into it:

  1. If you have enough money to buy a good electric planer from well-known manufacturer, preference should be given to models production of Hitachi, Bosch, Makita and other companies with a worldwide reputation. IN in this case, the buyer can be sure that his the electric plane will last a long time and will not cause much trouble;

  2. In the case of the selection of an inexpensive model of the budget level and planning to use her a couple of times a year, it is quite possible give preference to a device of conditionally Russian production. Conditionally Russian because, in the presence of a Russian name, everything These devices are assembled in China and differ from each other only body color and the inscription on it. The rest are functional their features and schematic diagram are almost identical;

When choosing an electric planer, it is necessary to remember that even budget models from world famous manufacturers certainly will be more functional and durable than models positioned as high-quality and reliable, on which is the stigma of a little-known brand originally from the Middle Kingdom. This a feature, in general, applies to almost all types modern household and construction equipment.

The main criteria for choosing a planer?

criteria for choosing an electric planer

Exterior and Appearance

Before buying, you must carefully inspect the electric planer and evaluate the overall build quality, as well as technical solutions, applied by the manufacturer. The body should create a feeling solidity, gaps should have the same width and should create a general feeling of quality and solidity.

Pay attention to the overall balance of the device, as well as ergonomics of parts and main controls. Buttons and switches should be close at hand and not deliver discomfort when working with the device. The device should be convenient lie in your hand and not cause discomfort during prolonged operation.

Motor Specifications

The more powerful the engine installed in a particular electric plane, the more productive the device and the larger it is able to process the area without “rest”. Overwhelming most electric planers are equipped with engines up to 1 kW, but professional models are often equipped with more powerful engines – about 1.5-2 kW.

Another characteristic to pay attention to is peak speed. Many manufacturers deliberately overstate this parameter, indicating the idle speed, without load. These measurements are not entirely accurate – as a rule, with when applying a load, the engine speed drops by 15-20%. TO for example, if the device has a declared speed of 10 thousand revolutions per minute, it is very likely that under load it will give out 8-8.5 thousand.

Width and depth of woodworking

Planing width – a parameter that directly affects device performance. any specific recommendations impossible to give here: planing width is selected according to type individually processed boards. If speak about some universal formula, it is necessary to allocate electric planes with planing width 50-75 mm. It should also be remembered that the proportions are as follows: every 100W of electric motor power suitable for processing boards with a width of 10 mm. This means that for work with boards with a width of 100-120 millimeters must be selected an electric planer, the engine power of which will be 1-1.2 kW.

Similar words can be said about the depth of surface treatment. Almost all modern devices have the ability adjusting the working depth from zero to 4-5 millimeters. Upper numbers are rarely needed – as a rule, then, when it comes to very poor quality surface. It is for this reason that for household (and for professional, in general, too) use is quite enough device to allow adjustment in range from zero to 2.5-3 millimeters.

Device weight

There is also a very clear trend – the more powerful device, the more functional it is, the greater the weight possesses. The same feature is the other side of the coin – large and bulky devices are laborious and inconvenient to operate and maneuvering, especially when it comes to handling surfaces of complex shape. It is for this reason that preference should be given to those devices whose weight does not exceed 2.5-3 kilogram.

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