How to choose a yogurt maker – what is important to know before by purchase

When choosing a yogurt maker, it is worth considering several parameters that determine its performance.

How to choose a yogurt maker


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How to choose a yogurt maker: options to consider

When choosing a yogurt maker, you should first of all pay attention to following parameters:

  1. Bowl volume (for yogurt makers without cups);

  2. The number of containers inside the yogurt maker;

  3. Type of cups for making yogurt;

  4. Possibility to mark the date of preparation of yogurt on the lid a cup;

  5. Additional functions.

  6. The device manufacturer is also important.

Types of Yogurt Makers

Yogurt makers are divided into two types – with a common capacity for preparation of fermented milk products and with separate cups, in which the starter is made.

Large capacity yogurt makers

Whole-Capacity Yogurt Makers

Yogurt makers in which there is one common bowl for preparation of fermented milk products, there are enough seldom. However, they are very practical if planned. ferment also cottage cheese or ryazhenka.

When choosing such a yogurt maker, you should consider the material of the bowl, because it greatly affects the taste of certain foods (e.g. fermented baked milk in ceramic containers is obtained especially tender).


  • They can cook not only yogurt, but also cottage cheese, fermented baked milk, kefir and other dairy products;

  • Have a fairly low price (compared to models in which separate complete cups are used);

  • Easy to wash and maintain;


  • Products prepared in them are not intended for long-term storage;

  • The inability to use yogurt makers for cooking several varieties of products at the same time;

  • In the process of preparing food, you may need human intervention (e.g., for mixing);

Yogurt makers with separate portioned cups

Yogurt makers with separate portioned cups

Yogurt makers that are complemented by individual portioned glasses, are distinguished by narrow specialization. But with them you can prepare delicious dairy products, taking into account the desires every member of the family.

When choosing a device of this type, it is worth considering that it only yogurt can be cooked. Therefore, this technique is suitable exclusively for lovers of similar products.


  • Excellent taste of the finished yogurt;

  • Sealed cooking containers can be stored for relatively long time (1-2 days or even more in depending on the temperature in the refrigerator);

  • The ability to cook several varieties of dairy products at the request of each family member;


  • Suitable for the preparation of only certain types of sour milk products (yogurt and the like);

  • The taste of the finished product depends on cup material;

  • A little more difficult to care for (you will need to wash more dishes);

Which yogurt maker to choose

When choosing a yogurt maker, it is worth considering its planned use. So, if you want to cook various dairy products like cottage cheese and kefir, it is worth taking a model with a single bowl. And here exclusively for yogurt, if its taste is very important, fit model equipped with separate cups for each servings of the dish.

In both cases, the material from which made bowl or cups.

Main selection criteria

Options for choosing a yogurt maker

On the functional and operational characteristics of a yogurt maker The following parameters affect:

  1. Bowl material and capacity;

  2. Material and number of cups;

  3. Features of cups;

  4. Additional functionality.

Important additional features include options that determine the practicality and usability of the device.

Bowl material and capacity

Yogurt makers with a single (common) bowl – a good solution for preparation of a large number of dairy products. True, these dishes must be consumed immediately after completion fermentation.

Bowl capacity determines the amount of food that can be cook during one cycle of using the yogurt maker, and processing speed. Devices equipped with a 1 liter tank most practical. In them you can cook exactly the amount products that can be consumed in one sitting by a family of 1-2 person. In addition, the fermentation rate in such yogurt makers most optimal.

If the family has more than 2 people, you should buy a yogurt maker for 2 liter. But it is worth considering that in such devices some dairy products may not be as tasty as I would like to.

The material of the bowl determines the taste of sour milk products and cost of yogurt makers. Capacity can be made from plastic, ceramic or glass.

Plastic bowls


  • Low price;

  • Resistance to abrasive action of detergents;

  • High mechanical and thermal strength;


  • Taste qualities of products prepared in such bowls inferior to those prepared in ceramic or glass containers;

  • The shelf life of products from such bowls is very short.

Glass bowls


  • Do not change the taste of the product;

  • Warm well;

  • Easy to clean;


  • Low mechanical stability;

  • High price;

  • Low thermal stability (pour cold milk in them) not recommended in any way);

Glass bowls


  • Do not change the taste of the product;

  • Warm well;

  • Easy to clean;


  • Low mechanical stability;

  • Low thermal stability (pour cold milk in them) not recommended in any way);

  • High price;

Ceramic bowls

Ceramic bowls are perhaps the best solution to use. in yogurt makers. such bowls allow you to cook the most delicious yogurt, fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, kefir and similar products.


  • The best tastes of fermented milk products (especially melted, such as fermented baked milk);

  • Products in such bowls when heating is on they only become tastier;

  • Warm well;

  • Easy to clean;


  • Mechanical fragility;

  • High price;

  • Not suitable for making fruit yoghurts additives;

Material and number of cups

The number of cups, as the name implies, determines the number of servings that can be prepared in a yogurt maker in one cycle.

Most yogurt makers are designed for 4-7 cups. Of this quite enough for 1-3 people. More cups additionally leads to the fact that the cooking process becomes long enough.

Choosing the number of glasses is based on your preferences and number of users.

Cups can be made of plastic, glass or ceramics – and they have the same advantages and disadvantages as plastic, glass or ceramic bowls for yogurt makers with one capacity.

Cup Features

Among the functional features of the cups, which are determine the convenience of using a yogurt maker, you can highlight:

  1. The presence of a cover;

  2. Type of cover fastening;

  3. Possibility to write on the cover the date of manufacture of yogurt.

Having a lid is a very useful item to enjoy. people who are not used to consuming yogurt immediately after it cooking. Closed cups can be stored in the refrigerator several days.

The type of cover fastening determines the density of its fixation on cups. The usual plastic rim does not allow hermetically close the container, so the finished yogurt can be stored no more 1-2 days. Screw thread for higher density fixation, but it is found mainly in glass cups. Yogurt in such a container can be stored for up to several days with compliance with temperature conditions.

The ability to write the date of manufacture of yogurt on the lid is very useful function for people who are used to storing dairy products for a long time (from 2-3 days). it avoids the use of expired dishes.

Additional functions

Additional functions

Among the most practical additional functions of yogurt makers, you can highlight:

  1. Built-in niche for the cord;

  2. Digital display;

  3. The presence of a circuit breaker;

  4. Sound signal on readiness;

  5. Delayed start timer;

  6. Heating mode;

  7. Thermostat.

The built-in niche for the cord is a useful feature for people who plan to use the yogurt maker periodically. The only drawback is that most models equipped with a short power cable.

The digital display is a great feature for a yogurt maker, which can be used for cooking a wide variety dairy products. The screen displays time and temperature processing.

The presence of a circuit breaker makes use the yogurt maker is safer and also prevents “digestion” products, due to which the taste of the finished dish spoils.

A ready beep is a useful feature for lovers of the freshest, just cooked yogurt.

Delayed start timer is another useful feature. for lovers of the freshest yogurt. With it you can pour milk and add leaven in the evening, and just get in the morning cooked product. But it’s worth remembering that long the presence of lactic acid bacteria in milk greatly changes the taste yogurt.

The heating mode is not suitable for cooking. directly yogurt, but significantly improves palatability fermented baked milk, and also makes cottage cheese more fat.

The temperature regulator is necessary for yogurt makers in which it is planned to cook not only yogurt, but also other dairy products. For example, fermented baked milk, yogurt, cottage cheese or sour cream. They all require special thermal conditions for cooking.

How much is a yogurt maker

Prices for yogurt makers depend on the material and capacity of the bowl, as well as device functionality. So, models with a small plastic capacities cost from several hundred rubles, but the top technology with many individual jars, timers and other features sold for several thousand rubles.

The vast majority of models are in the price range 2-3 thousand rubles.

The best yogurt makers – which company to choose

Among the manufacturers of yogurt makers can be identified:

  1. Oursson – specializes in the production of yogurt makers. Models belong to the middle price segment, but offer functionality that provides the best in taste finished product – rubberized seals, protection against overheating, ceramic containers;

  2. Tefal, Kitfort – well-known manufacturers of small kitchen technicians. Yogurt makers belong to the middle price range, differ in durability and high quality;

  3. Galaxy – produces budget, but high-quality yogurt makers.

You can also highlight the companies Redmond and Great Rivers, which produce budget models of yogurt makers.


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