How to choose a window sill

Installation of windows in any situation is inextricably linked with the installation window sills. These products serve as the logical conclusion to the overall concepts that hide the bottom of the window opening and are a beautiful decorative element that makes the interior logical, finished. However, they perform not only a decorative function: window sills protect the lower part of the window opening from occurrence drafts and moisture, allowing for maximum comfort in any situation.
Currently, a huge quantity is on sale. different models of armrests, each of which has both positive and negative points. It is them that follows consider when choosing.

How to choose a window sill

How to choose the right window sill

  1. Before giving preference to a particular model, make sure that she has all the necessary documents and certificates, confirming the quality. Only in this way can you be guaranteed to avoid problems and troubles arising during everyday operation. Mandatory is a quality certificate issued by sanitary services, it guarantees the environmental friendliness of models.

  2. Selecting a specific model, it is necessary to assess the state premises and its initial parameters – constant temperature and its differences, as well as humidity. The windowsill should not be afraid direct sunlight and heating as a result, as well as high humidity;

  3. Pay attention to the quality of the outer coating. surface: window sill should not be afraid of aggressive household chemistry with which cleaning and cleaning are carried out;

  4. Mechanical strength is also important – heavy flowerpots with flowers and other, similar items are an integral part of the operation, and therefore, they should not cause harm and leave marks.

  5. Choosing the most suitable window sill model, do not be lazy to study modern materials used in their manufacture, and also production methods and combinations thereof. Currently in you can find a variety of window sills for sale – choose really there is something!

What are window sills?

Wooden window sills

wooden window sills in the interior

The most famous and common models made from natural wood massif. They are beautiful operational characteristics and low price. Can have both the original, wooden appearance, and be painted and even laminated with appropriate materials. Simple in installation, are unpretentious in leaving and rather durable.


  • A huge variety of models, textures and colors;

  • Unpretentiousness in leaving;

  • Durability;

  • Ease of installation;


  • They are afraid of exposure to liquids and high humidity;

  • Window sills from exclusive varieties of wood are enough roads;

  • Due to carelessness, they tend to deformation;

  • Burn out in direct sunlight;

Plastic window sills

Plastic window sills

Direct competitors of natural wood, gaining more and more popularity every day. Inexpensive, easy to install and unpretentious in operation – advantages at plastic there are a great many window sills. And yet, thanks to the application modern manufacturing methods, they can be not only different colors, but also have a texture resembling wood, stone, marble and other similar natural materials.


  • Low cost;

  • High mechanical strength;

  • Not afraid of moisture and temperature extremes;

  • Unpretentiousness in operation;

  • Ease of installation;


  • They tend to burn out under direct sunlight rays;

  • Inexpensive models tend to emit unpleasant odors under exposure to direct sunlight;

  • Combustible, afraid of exposure to open flames;

Stone window sills

Stone window sills in the interior

Stone models – both natural and artificial – are needed not everyone. First of all, they are deliberately chosen in rooms with an appropriate, charismatic interior, for stone An indoor high-tech window sill will look ridiculous. Durable, beautiful, they are not afraid of mechanical influences, household chemistry and temperature extremes.


  • High mechanical strength;

  • Durability and reliability;

  • Unpretentiousness in leaving and service;

  • A variety of textures, materials and colors;


  • Complexity of installation;

  • High price;

  • Heavy weight;

Particleboard and MDF window sills

Window Sills from Particleboard and MDF

A kind of budget version of window sills made of natural tree. They are based on chipboard or MDF, processed accordingly. The outer surface is laminated. special material for aesthetic appearance and protects from exposure to the sun, moisture and negative factors the environment. Application of special application technology drawing allows you to get on the surface the most diverse texture – floor wood, stone, as well as apply any texture and Images.


  • Widespread and popular;

  • Unpretentiousness of operation;

  • Ease of installation;

  • A huge variety of textures, colors and shades;

  • Low price;


  • They are afraid of mechanical damage;

  • Easy to scratch;

  • Unstable to moisture and tend to dry out;

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose plastic windows, the secrets of choosing blinds and features profile selection of plastic windows.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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