How to choose a unicycle

Monowheel is a modern eco-friendly look of an individual transport that can give odds to a scooter and even a bicycle. Compact size, high functionality, decent speed and battery life – these are its main advantages available only if the device is selected correctly, and its the characteristics are fully consistent with the operating conditions.

How to choose a unicycle

Top monowheel manufacturers

Currently, about ten different manufacturers, the most iconic and memorable of which are:

  1. IPS

  2. Rockwheell;

  3. Gotway;

  4. Immotion

All that a buyer needs when choosing such a device is to study catalog characteristics and compare them with those of competing models, and familiarize yourself with the positive and negative reviews that can be found on thematic forums or social networks on the Internet.

What to look for when choosing a monowheel? Parameters of choice

The key functional elements of the unicycle are following nodes:

  1. Compact housing equipped with a carrying handle at the top parts;

  2. Wheel integrated into the body and providing movement;

  3. Pedals serving as a fulcrum for the legs when moving;

  4. The electric motor driving the monowheel, as well as a battery that supplies it with energy;

  5. Gyroscope – a device that tracks the position of the body during movements and serving to control the unicycle;

  6. The presence of special warning lights indicating a unicycle travel time in the dark;

  7. USB port for synchronization, software updates and connections peripheral equipment;

  8. A multimedia system for playing music (present not on all devices);

When considering a particular monowheel for purchase, you should pay attention to the following characteristics.

Monowheel Speed

This parameter can be implied in two main types – cruising and peak speed. The first means that quantity the speed that the device can develop over a long time. The second is the speed that occurs when short-term pulse acceleration.

Depending on speed characteristics, all monowheels share into three conditional groups:

  1. Low-speed monowheels – devices capable of developing up to 15 kilometers per hour. The peak speed of such devices may reach 18-20 kilometers per hour;

  2. Medium Speed ​​Devices – Monowheels, Speed which can reach 20-22 kilometers per hour, peak speed can reach 24-26 km \ h;

  3. Fast monowheels allow you to develop up to 25-27 kilometers per hour and 30-32 kilometers per hour in peak load mode;

There are also so-called super-fast monowheels, capable of developing up to 50 kilometers per hour, however similar not everyone needs devices, but they buy them purposefully and consciously.

Carrying device


Actual when operating a monowheel in urban conditions, with frequent public transport connections and regular descents in the subway.

  1. Compact handle at the top of the unicycle – standard the solution for carrying the device. Thanks in the off state, the unicycle turns into a small and compact suitcase. A very convenient and ergonomic solution, which is used by many modern manufacturers;

  2. Retractable handle designed for rolling a monowheel, not present on all devices. Thanks to him, you can transport a unicycle like a suitcase on wheels;

Battery capacity

A parameter, measured in ampere-hours and indicating the distance, by which is able to drive the device from one charge. More than battery capacity – the higher its resource, but also the higher the total weight of such a device. It is very important for urban operation involving frequent transport of the unicycle in hands.

  1. For typical urban use and those users who minimum weight of the device is important, pay attention to models whose battery has a capacity of 250-350 ampere-hours. Such a “battery” is enough to overcome 30-40 kilometers of track;

  2. Those who are looking for the most capacious and resource battery are suitable models with a capacity of 750-850 ampere hours that can overcome 80-100 kilometers per charge;

It should be noted that such an important option as recovery inhibitory energy. Thanks to her kinetic energy, which formed during braking up to a complete stop, used to recharge the battery, thereby contributing increase the time of her work.

Moisture and dust resistance

A very important option that allows you to operate the device in wet and inclement weather. It is preferable to choose monowheels conforming to the international protection standard IP68, capable of operating in the rain, in dusty conditions, and allowing to withstand significant shock loads. Last the parameter is especially important when the monowheel purchased to perform tricks.

Engine power

Parameter measured in watts and directly affecting the overclocking dynamics, as well as how quickly the charge will be spent battery. The power of any electric motor has three interconnected quantities, each of which characterizes it technical features:

  1. Rated power – the value that a unicycle develops in monotonous driving mode;

  2. Maximum power is a parameter that reflects the power that the engine is capable of delivering in the most productive mode;

  3. Peak power is the pulsed short-time power that able to generate an engine when extreme situation. Typically 10-15% higher than maximum power;

When choosing a monowheel for this parameter, remember that the more powerful the device – the easier it will be given all kinds of obstacles and rises, as well as the smaller distance will be able to run the unicycle on one charge.

Monowheel weight

monowheel diameter

As noted above, the more powerful and resourceful the unicycle is, the it has great weight.

  1. Standard devices, the most popular among buyers, have a weight of about 12-15 kilograms.

  2. Lighter models, about 8-10 kilograms, best choose for children and adolescents who want to join in such type of transport.

  3. 20-25 – kilogram monowheels – the lot of those who wish to receive maximum speed and range of travel at your disposal.

Based on the diameter of the monowheel, you must adhere to the following рекомендаций:

  1. 12 дюймов подойдет для пользователей массой до 60 кг.
  2. 14 inches are designed for loads up to 85 kg.
  3. 16 inches are suitable for users weighing up to 100 kg.
  4. Over 16 inches for users weighing more than 100 kg.

The presence of a multimedia system and built-in acoustics

Monowheel is a modern gadget, and like all similar devices, it is easily synchronized with smartphones or tablets. For A USB port is provided for this purpose, which can also be used to recharging your mobile phone, as well as a Bluetooth connection, allows you to play music tracks from the device through the built-in speakers. Also for many devices manufacturers provide special software installed on smartphone and allowing you to track the status of the device and its main characteristics in real time. You can add here and the presence of all kinds of bulbs and lights activated when night time traffic and intended for lighting roads, as well as for use as marker lights, for indication of the location of the rider on the road.

Optional accessories

A power cord must be supplied with the monowheel for charging the device, as well as a compact compressor that serves to paging. It works, as a rule, from the USB port of the device, and therefore allows the use directly in the road.

In the next article, our experts tell you how to Choose a hoverboard for adults and children.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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