How to choose a treadmill tips of experts

Running is a great way to keep your body in good shape, muscles are tightened, and the amount of fat is at a minimum mark. It is for this reason that on warm summer evenings stadiums and open sites literally dotted with trainees – a healthy lifestyle fashion life makes itself felt. However, it is far from always possible to carry out full training – rain and wind, snow and severe frost – these and many other anomalies do not allow you to run, but even leave the house without getting wet and not frozen. Perfect the solution to this problem is the treadmill – with this compact simulator gives you the opportunity to run in any pace and at any time of the day, regardless of the weather and rainfall!


In order to choose the right treadmill, you must determine its key features, as well as other parameters that you need to pay close attention to Attention.

How to choose a treadmill

Which treadmill to choose: mechanical or electric

Mechanical treadmill

It is the simplest mechanism, which is web fixed between two rotating rollers. No a power source is not required in this situation – rotation of the rollers and the movement of the canvas is carried out using your legs. It does running on a mechanical track as close to real as possible: while you are running – the track is turning, you should stop – the canvas stops moving.


  • Compact dimensions;

  • Relatively inexpensive;

  • Plausibly emulates a normal run in a stadium;

  • It does not require a power source;

  • Simple construction;


  • There is no way to maintain a certain pace of running and adjust the intensity of the workout;

  • Additional load on the knee joints while running;

Electric treadmill

The modern version of the treadmill, as the main driving force in which an electric motor is used. It is he sets the canvas in motion, and all that remains for the athlete is adapt to the speed of his movement and choose the right one training intensity. The latter is regulated by special control panel on which you can configure the intensity of the load, as well as emulate all kinds of descents and climbs, as well as perform interval training.


  • Functional and convenient device;

  • They allow you to control your well-being, measure your heart rate and arterial pressure;

  • Huge ability to adjust loads and intensity performing an exercise;

  • Wide functionality;

  • Simplicity in management;


  • High price;

  • Large dimensions and weight;

  • Requires a constant power supply;

After weighing the pros and cons, as well as reading reviews experienced fitness trainers on the Internet, give preference follows the classic electric treadmill. Despite higher cost, this option gives truly limitless opportunities for the trainee and allows you to sensitively adjust the intensity and pace of the exercise. And not at all be sure to immediately buy the most expensive top-class model, it’s quite a mid-range model is enough, the cost of which is not exceeds 30 thousand rubles. The mechanical treadmill follows buy only with a significant deficit of free cash funds.

What should be an electric motor in an electric treadmill track?

Choosing a Treadmill Electric Motor

So, the buyer was convinced that the electric treadmill the track is what you need for productive workouts. What on pay your attention? First of all, on an electric motor, mounted “under the hood” and its key features in particulars:

  1. The rated power of the electric motor fully characterizes the ability to rotate the canvas at a certain speed throughout a long time. It depends on the rated power track performance under load, as well as maximum weight runner. The most powerful treadmill models are capable of working with an athlete whose weight is 130-140 kilograms;

  2. Peak motor power displays maximum possible values ​​that an electric motor can develop in for a short period of time. This parameter should be pay attention, first of all, to those who like high-intensity interval training;


If we speak the language of numbers, then the electric motor with a power of 2-2.5 horsepower is enough for long-term training a person weighing up to 100-110 kilograms.

Determine the size of the running belt

The second important feature is the overall dimensions of the treadmill. canvas – the very track on which the run will be carried out. At the moment, on sale you can find a variety of models, the width of the canvas which can vary from 30 to 60 centimeters. Here, everything is selected based on weight and size runner parameters – the more people, the wider the treadmill he will need. The selection criterion here is very simple – back in the store needs to stand on the track and try to emulate the run – the width should be sufficient for natural movements, and the handrails should not must interfere.

However, the purchase of a treadmill with a canvas of maximum width, what beginner athletes practice, can’t be called a logical step not allowed. It should be remembered that the wider the canvas – the more effort need to crank it up. This, in turn, will lead to the need to install an electric motor of obviously greater power, which is likely to affect the overall price of the treadmill.

Control Panel

control Panel

The control panel is a kind of central remote control of any treadmill. Even budget models and devices are equipped with it. economy class, but their functionality can not be called exhaustive. Running pace, time and calories burned are the three main parameters that reflects the inexpensive treadmill control panel tracks.

  1. The more expensive the device – the more functional it is, and therefore on all kinds of heart indicators appear on the dashboard rhythm, smart algorithms to measure the percentage of content adipose tissue in the body, blood pressure and depending on obtained values ​​to adjust the training program.

  2. In order to measure the state of your body – the pulse, heart rate, oxygen level in the blood and other parameters, in with the most advanced tracks are special sensors. They are located on the handrails or have the form of special clips attached to the earlobe or wrist. Received from their with the help of information displayed on the screen and already relying on it, athlete gets the opportunity to adjust his own program training sessions.

  3. Another extremely interesting node is the so-called key safety used to prevent personal injury exercise time. It is inserted into a special niche and fixed on the wrist. In case of a fall, the key is automatically pulled out of the castle, and the track immediately stops, which Avoid personal injury.

  4. It should be noted and various training modes, which integrated by default into the memory of the most advanced tracks. Classical running and interval training, ascent and descent, as well as many parameters that can be adjusted manually and customize the track for yourself – this is not a complete list features that the most advanced treadmills have. There really is plenty to choose from!

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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