How to choose a spray gun for home and painting a car

Any repair work, regardless of their nature, is very often end with paint work, the quality of which in the appearance and perception of the work done depends a lot. Ways applying paintwork – a great many: you can apply paint in the old fashioned manner with a brush or roller; use a compressor and a special nozzle for this purpose, used by auto And you can resort to using a spray gun – a compact device that provides uniform application paint and allowing to achieve maximum quality of paint works.

how to choose a spray gun

The best manufacturers of spray guns – which company to choose

It’s no secret that the best equipment for painters works are professional, often highly specialized models that have received many positive reviews from the masters in this area. You can recommend the following products for purchase manufacturers:

  1. Makita

  2. Wagner

  3. Bosch

  4. Devibiss

Before giving preference to a particular model spray gun, you should carefully read the assortment presented in the catalogs of models, as well as study the reviews of people, who managed to test a specific model in business and formed about it own opinion.

The device and principle of operation of the spray gun

Device and principle of operation of the spray gun

The principle of operation of any spray gun is based on uniform spraying paints in the form of a continuous fountain of spray. For this purpose, the design provides two independent channel: the first is responsible for supplying air under pressure, the second, overlapping by a needle, gives paint. When pulling the trigger first air is supplied, and only then – paint. Resulting paint mixes up with air mass and in the form of the so-called torch moves outward, laying down in a uniform layer devoid of subsidence, flows and smudges.

  1. The design includes the following main components and assemblies:

  2. Spray;

  3. Reservoir for paintwork;

  4. The unit that controls the initial pressure;

  5. Filter element for paint and a special nozzle for its uniform supply;

In addition to the above nodes, for a full the spray gun may need to be connected external compressor or electric pump.

Types of spray guns

Mechanical spray guns

Mechanical spray guns

The simplest devices, not very complex designs and unable to deliver excessively high quality painting, however, for domestic needs and general construction work over and above. The use of such models does not require any special devices – air pressure is pumped into tank using a simple hand pump, and upon reaching pressure of the order of 1 \ 2 MPa, the check valve is activated, which feeds paint.


  • Simple and unpretentious design;

  • Low cost;

  • Great for general construction work;

  • Do not require special skills during operation;


  • Very mediocre paint quality – not suitable for automobile works;

  • The need to constantly blow air manually;

Pneumatic spray guns

Pneumatic spray guns

The devices that are most prevalent in our time. Simple and easy to use. Performs all mechanical work a compressor that pumps air into the tank. Able to give high quality of painting, and also very economical – degree transferring the emulsion to the surface to be painted reaches 75-80%. As a rule, they are almost always made of lightweight metals that are not subject to corrosion, and therefore are very convenient, functional and durable.


  • Easy to operate;

  • High degree of emulsion transfer to painted parts;

  • Provide high quality painting;

  • Convenient and durable;


  • High price;

  • The need to connect a compressor for operation;

Electric Air Spray Guns

Electric air spray guns

Unlike the above models, air injection is here carried out by an electric pump, which makes electric spray guns are quite compact and comfortable in operation. These devices work from a conventional 220 sockets Volts, unpretentious in care and maintenance, which makes them extremely popular devices in the home.


  • Compact dimensions and light weight;

  • Low cost;

  • High performance device;

  • Convenient, reliable design;


  • The quality of painting is lower than that of pneumatic devices;

  • “Binding” to the electric network;

  • Noisy operation of the electric pump;

Airless electric spray guns

Airless electric spray guns

The specifics of this type of device are in many ways similar to the above models, but there is a significant difference in them. These models do not have high boost pressure, but for the feed air mixture meets a separate device – a plunger. Thanks paint consumption is significantly reduced. It is compact, miniature devices convenient for everyday use as in apartment, and in the suburban area. Another undoubted the advantage is the fact that the plunger suction system eliminates the need for a tank and draws in paint directly from the bucket.


  • Compact size, light weight;

  • Affordable price tag;

  • Very low paint consumption during operation;

  • Unpretentious in care and cleaning;


  • Very mediocre quality of painting;

  • Not suitable for use with all types paints and varnishes, many manufacturers recommend use exclusively with synthetic and acrylic paints;

Cordless Spray Guns

Cordless Spray Guns

The smallest and most convenient devices in operation, the appearance of which resembles a classic screwdriver. In your own way the principle of operation of these devices are not much different from ordinary electric spray guns, another source only power supply – in these devices its role is played by a compact battery. This feature makes it very compact and mobile – you can work with the device even where there is no outlet. Add here a small consumption of paint and its very high-quality styling – and you will probably see one of the best devices in its class.


  • The smallest sizes and light weight;

  • Extremely comfortable and do not require special skills when operation;

  • Independence from external power sources;


  • Low battery life;

  • Relatively mediocre painting quality (when compared with pneumatic models);

Parameters for choosing spray guns

spray gun selection options

In addition to the design and principle of operation, there are a number of criteria, which you need to pay attention to when choosing spray gun.

Device power

  1. Devices with power up to 450-500 W are classified as low-power and Recommended for domestic use. Such devices demanding on the composition of the paintwork and poorly “friendly” with thick, poorly diluted compounds.

  2. Airbrushes with a power exceeding 500 W can be classified as to the class of professional equipment. They with ease cope with any type of paintwork and give high-quality output, uniform coverage. The minus of such devices is one – high price;

  3. Separately, mention should be made of pneumatic spray guns, power for which is a secondary parameter, entirely dependent from which compressor a device is connected to. IN In general, it can be noted that the pneumatic power range spray guns varies between 0.5 – 2 kW.

Peak Pressure

  1. Low power devices (up to 1.5-2 atmospheres). Appliances, giving the quality of painting a low level;

  2. Medium power devices (2-4 atmospheres). Are considered among painters the golden mean – the ratio “painting quality \ consumption paints and varnishes “in these models can be considered optimal;

  3. High power spray guns (over 4 atmospheres). Professional devices used by auto makers. Allow ensure maximum quality of painting. The price for it is high consumption of paints and varnishes.

Which airbrush to choose?

Which airbrush to choose

  1. For home use and one-time painting works that do not require a perfectly uniform and high-quality layer paints, simple mechanical spray guns are perfect;

  2. If you are faced with the need for paint work regularly, and the quality of the paint application is critical for you, draw attention should be given to electric spray guns. These devices compact and mobile, they are powered by a normal home outlet and do not require the purchase of additional equipment;

  3. When painting is your main source earnings, and the quality of the coating for you is the dominant criterion should choose pneumatic spray guns.

The cost of spray guns

Cost – the value is extremely variable, directly dependent on of what type a device belongs to:

  1. The cheapest are mechanical spray guns. Their price tag starts from 600-700 rubles;

  2. The cost of classic electric spray guns and their plunger counterparts are at a comparable level – from 2000 to 6000 rubles;

  3. Cordless spray guns, in view of the possibilities that they give a painter, much more expensive – their price tag varies in the region 10 thousand rubles;

  4. The most expensive are professional pneumatic spray guns. From what functionality this or that has device varies and its price. Cost can reach marks of 40-50 thousand rubles.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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