How to choose a sleeping bag for a trip – expert advice

Everyone who at least once went to a multi-day trip involving several nights knows how important is the right tourist equipment. A comfortable and sound sleep will only be when the right tent to protect the traveler from insects, rainfall and wind, fully consistent with quality sleeping bag. However, to buy the first “sleeping bag” not enough – his choice should be given the most careful Attention.

How to choose a sleeping bag for hiking

The best manufacturers of sleeping bags – which company to choose

A large number of products are currently on the market. models of sleeping bags from various manufacturers. All of them differ from each other quite strongly, however, even the most inexpensive models are quite suitable for spending the night on a warm summer night. Things are much more complicated when it comes to operating in cold autumn or even winter weather. In this case preference should be given only to trusted brands, whose real characteristics are fully consistent declared:

  1. Tramp

  2. Trimm

  3. Touristika

  4. Novatour

  5. Trimm

As in the case of tourist tents, when choosing a sleeping bag under certain operating conditions must be familiarized with its characteristics, as well as reviews of those who managed test a specific model in action and identify not only advantages, but also disadvantages.

The structure and technological aspects of sleeping bags

The sleeping bag is a quilted stocking, at the base which are modern synthetic materials. He applied for relaxing in hiking conditions and is able to replace itself as a blanket and a full bed under appropriate conditions operation.

The structure of any sleeping bag consists of three different layers, each of which is designed to perform strictly defined features:

  1. The outer layer, which is constantly in contact with solid surface must have sufficient mechanical strength, not to be blown away by the wind, and also to protect the vacationer from precipitation and moisture of a different kind (condensate, dew). Almost always in the role the outer layer is applied nylon fabric or polyester;

  2. The intermediate layer is nothing more than a heater, designed for thermoregulation during rest and sleep. Long Downy sleeping bags were popular, however, when a huge number of advantages fluff has a significant disadvantage – it is highly hygroscopic, and therefore issues of care and drying of such a sleeping bag are more relevant than ever. IN Otherwise, a downy sleeping bag may become a season later unsuitable for use. It is for this reason that at present the most widely used models with synthetic insulation. With similar performance characteristics, synthetics does not absorb water, and therefore is perfectly suitable for use in any time of the year;

  3. The inner layer in contact with the body must be different excellent tactile sensitivity, do not cause allergies and irritation, and also remove sweat from the body during sleep;

Types of Sleeping Bags

Performance Characteristics of a Specific Sleeping Bag depend not only on the characteristics of a particular model, but also on its designs. Depending on this feature, two basic type of sleeping bags.



The classic design of the sleeping bag, which is the so-called cocoon for sleep. For ease of use, such a cocoon equipped with a longitudinal zipper, unfastened both outside and from the inside. Thanks to the anatomical cut of similar sleeping bags maximum comfort is provided, and time to ensure that keep warm is minimized.


  • Ease of use;

  • Minimal heat loss and excellent thermal insulation;

  • Compact dimensions, minimum weight;


  • It is difficult to find a suitable model for a non-standard person complexion;

  • Possibility of exploitation by only one person;

  • Limited movement, tightness during sleep;

Blanket (both with a hood and without it)

sleeping bag blanket

Unlike a cocoon, such a sleeping bag has the same width along the entire length, and therefore allows you to fit inside to a person of any complexion. The long side of the bag is also equipped lightning, thanks to which the sleeping bag turns if necessary in a full blanket. In addition, through this very lightning you can combine several sleeping bags together and make one a large blanket or one sleeping bag.


  • Ease of use;

  • The ability to transform into a full blanket with the need;

  • Comfortable and comfortable sleep;

  • Excellent thermal insulation performance;

  • Universality;


  • Suitable for use in positive temperature;

  • Significant dimensions and weight;

The main criteria for choosing sleeping bags

The main selection criteria

Having decided on a specific type of sleeping bag, it’s time deal with the characteristics that should be given careful attention when choosing

Season of operation

In the classical sense, this parameter does not display the time years, it displays the temperature range at which it is allowed operation of a specific sleeping bag model. This parameter consists from two digits – upper and lower comfort temperature. The first responsible for the threshold above which you will feel discomfort due to heat, the second, on the contrary, means minimally permissible temperature for operation. There is also a third parameter – extreme comfort temperature indicating lower the limit at which a person can be in a sleeping bag and not get hypothermia for up to 6 hours.

Material used as insulation

  1. Natural goose down. Beautiful material thermal insulation indicators. It is fluff that is used in the most expensive models, as well as sleeping bags designed for operation in extreme conditions. Significant disadvantage fluff is hygroscopic – 1-2 times is not enough dry the bag properly – and it may become unusable. It is for this reason that such a sleeping bag is recommended. use only in conditions of minimal humidity and dry air;

  2. Synthetic materials (thermolight, holofiber) similar They are not famous for their shortcomings and perfectly protect from the cold, but do not suitable for those who are allergic to synthetics;

Bag cut

The most suitable sleeping bag should have quality cut, the contours of the seam should be clear and even, and the inner layers must not appear in any place.


Pay special attention to hardware – rubber hood ties, buttons, zippers. Preference should be given. quality models from reputable manufacturers (YKK), only they able to provide maximum quality.

The presence of a compression cover

Compression cover is a special stocking, inside of which A folded sleeping bag is placed during transport. Thanks to him, it’s possible to significantly reduce the volume, occupied by a sleeping bag in baggage. Not all models are equipped compression bag, however, by its presence, one can judge the quality and prestige of a particular model;

Which sleeping bag to choose

choose a sleeping bag

  1. For mountain expeditions and harsh environments, best choose the most expensive and high-quality downy sleeping bag;

  2. Short-term attacks on nature and all kinds of cycling trips require the use of a compact sleeping bag-cocoon, inside of which a synthetic filler is hidden;

  3. Multi-day fishing or hunting expeditions associated with living in nature and arranging a full-fledged camp, require the use of a quality sleeping bag – blankets that you can hide not only to one, but also with his soulmate;

  4. For a comfortable sleep on a warm summer night, it’s best to stock up on compact and light sleeping bag – a blanket, the temperature regime of which fully complies with the operating conditions;

How much is a sleeping bag

When choosing a sleeping bag, you should remember that the smaller the temperature range is designed for one or another model – the more expensive She is standing.

  1. Professional sleeping bags designed for polar expeditions and harsh operating conditions are the most expensive. Them the cost can reach 50-70 thousand rubles for the best models from well-known manufacturers;

  2. Sleeping bags – blankets are much cheaper – a good model can be bought for 15-17 thousand rubles;

  3. Sleeping bags – cocoons filled with synthetic material is also very affordable: their cost does not exceed 20-22 thousand rubles.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose tent for tourism and the secrets of choosing binoculars.

Sleeping Bag Selection Video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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