How to choose a scooter for adults and children for cities

Healthy lifestyle and all sorts of interesting gizmos related to him, recently began to find a truly huge popularity. And it was thanks to him that they got a second wind various devices for outdoor activities, including scooters are also present. This is not about miniature children’s models – scooters designed for urban exploitation it’s quite adult. Compact dimensions, ease of use, mobility and high speed movements are the key features of these devices, and for in order to get the most out of riding a scooter, the choice of a specific model must be approached from the whole responsibility!


  1. The best scooter manufacturers – which company to choose
  2. The device and principle of operation of the scooter
  3. Types of scooters
  4. The main criteria for choosing a scooter
  5. Which scooter to choose?
  6. Scooter cost
  7. Scooter selection video

how to choose a scooter

The best scooter manufacturers – which company to choose

Since almost always the buyer prefers not one-day toy, which will be given – a couple of three hours time, and quite a serious device for everyday operation, it is best to pay attention to the products of those firms who have been working in this field for a very long time and have managed to prove yourself in the best way:

  1. Kettler

  2. Micro

  3. Razor

  4. Explore

  5. Jd bug

Products of the above manufacturers use deservedly popular among lovers of extreme relaxation, and a variety of catalogs allows you to choose the right model for any operating conditions and customer needs. It’s for this reason before giving preference to a particular model, you should read the reviews of real customers who have tried model in action.

The device and principle of operation of the scooter

By the principle of its work, the scooter is a kind of symbiosis of a traditional bike and skateboard. His device assumes the presence of two wheels and a steering wheel, and moving carried out by pushing the legs off the surface. Any The scooter consists of the following components and assemblies:

  1. The frame is a supporting structural element to which all are attached other nodes. Made of lightweight metal alloys or polymeric materials;

  2. Steering wheel – an element through which control is carried out scooter;

  3. The deck is a special footboard on which the athlete stands during travel time on a scooter;

  4. Wheels equipped with a brake system. Their purpose is clear but the quantity may vary: the most popular use devices equipped with two wheels, but you can to meet and models with three or even four wheels.

Types of scooters

Despite the common design, all on sale scooters can be divided into several conditional groups. Vary They are based on the principle of work and design features.

Traditional two-wheeled scooters

Traditional two-wheeled scooters

The most common models, including those for children, toy scooters and models designed for movement around the city and allowing to develop a significant speed. Are different simple but functional design and allow you to navigate not only on asphalt, but also on rough terrain.


  • Compact models, convenient in transportation and storage;

  • Affordable prices;

  • Simplicity of construction;

  • Decent speed of movement;

  • Low dead weight


  • Fancy in maintenance and repair;

  • Designed exclusively for leisurely movement and not suitable for performing various tricks;



These models can be called a full hybrid scooter and the bike. The general design of such models is similar to the first, however in terms of wheel size, they are nevertheless closer to the second. Wheels mounted on T-shirts, have different sizes and can reach 25-27 inches, but because these devices allow you to develop decent speed of movement and maintain it throughout a long time.


  • Allow to develop significant speed;

  • The presence of shock absorbers;

  • Simple and reliable design;

  • Sensitive brakes to stop almost instantly;

  • Excellent reel – keep speed for a long time time without the need to maintain it;


  • Significant cost;

  • Not suitable for everyone;

  • They require special skills when moving;



Unlike t-shirts, these devices are in principle closer to classic skateboards, and therefore differ in maximum stability regardless of the experience of the rider. main feature of this device lies in the presence of three wheels, and two of them located in front, which has a very positive effect on sustainability. Management is also similar to a skateboard – turns are carried out not by turning the steering wheel, but by tilting the deck into either the other side.


  • Maneuverability;

  • Simple construction;

  • The ability to develop a decent speed of movement;

  • High stability;


  • High price;

  • Difficulty of development due to the specifics of taxiing;



By analogy with kickboards, trikes have a classic tricycle construction, two of which are located behind. However similarities to this ends, and in the list of main differences not one, but two cropped decks, one for each leg. Braking similar devices are carried out using foot brakes, however, the most advanced models can be equipped with manual brake.


  • Stylish appearance;

  • Allow tricks;

  • Great inertia;

  • Robust construction;


  • High price;

  • Able to reveal their potential exclusively on high-quality on the pavement;



Models designed primarily for execution all kinds of acrobatic exercises and tricks. Different frame high strength as well as high-quality wheels capable of withstand significant loads during jumps.


  • Simple, reliable design;

  • Excellent handling and extremely manoeuvrable;

  • Reinforced elements capable of withstanding significant load;


  • The wheel is not adjustable for departure;

  • Quite expensive;

  • Extremely specific and not suitable for everyone;

Mud scooters (dirt models)

Mud scooters

The exact opposite of trick devices in terms of operation. Designed for off-road use, for which hints the design, type and parameters of the wheels, as well as the rest elements. A great option for extreme “pokatushek”!


  • Stylish appearance;

  • Unpretentiousness to the quality of the road surface;

  • Ideal patency in the field;

  • Mud wheels;

  • Robust construction;


  • It is quite laborious to operate;

  • Some of the most expensive on the market;

The main criteria for choosing a scooter

scooter selection criteria

The key structural elements that should be addressed attention, quite a lot.

The material from which the scooter frame is made

  1. Aluminum is a great compromise between price and quality, strong and fairly lightweight material;

  2. Steel – characterized by excellent strength and reliability, however steel scooters are the heaviest;

  3. Various magnesium-based alloys – lightweight, durable and reliable, however, their main drawback is the extremely high cost;

Model Weight

This parameter is associated not only with the convenience of transportation, but also the overall reliability of the design. Usually the heavier scooter – the more durable it is and the more weight the rider he is able to withstand. Compact models weighing from 3 to 5 kilograms – The most suitable option for riders weighing up to 50 kilograms. Those whose weight is close to a hundred-kilogram mark and even exceeds it, you need to look at models weighing from 10 to 15 kilogram regardless of the material of which it is made frame.

Soundboard, its design features and size

It depends on what features a deck has, Depend on the convenience of moving on a particular scooter and the ability operational maneuvering while driving. Deck Width for Adults scooters can reach 25-30 centimeters with a length of 80-100 cm.

Steering wheel, features of its design and height

Given the fact that many models of scooters do not have adjustment steering wheel in height, when choosing, you should choose the model that most suitable for your height. Telescopic steering wheels adjustable in height; preferred only for children scooters, the load on which is not critical. Besides, as the child grows up, the height of the scooter wheel will also change. For adults, for obvious reasons, this feature design is not relevant.

Wheels, their construction and material from which they made

As noted above, on sale you can find not only traditional two-wheeled scooters, but also three – and even four-wheel models. The more wheels, the higher the stability a specific scooter and the easier it is for a similar model to master. IN the quality of the materials from which the scooter wheels are made, may apply:

  1. Plastic. Hard plastic wheels are easy design and unpretentiousness in operation, however, are quite noisy and tough;

  2. Polyurethane is a cross between plastic and rubber. With similar with plastic strength, polyurethane wheels are less noisy and, accordingly, they better absorb vibration and shock;

  3. Rubber used in the manufacture of wheels for scooters wide enough. You can meet as all-rubber wheels, so and all kinds of inflatable models equipped with a tire and a camera. Soft, virtually silent and easy to use, they Great for everyday use. Minus here lies in low strength and the need for constant pressure control.

The brakes

A quality scooter should not only accelerate quickly, but also stop, and therefore the brake system should be given Special attention. The simplest and most common model is the foot brake system when the scooter slows down by Clicking on the appropriate site on the deck. There are scooters with hand brakes similar to a bicycle. This design is more functional, but also more expensive.

Which scooter to choose?

which scooter to choose

  1. For everyday use it is best to prefer a compact urban model equipped with two wheels and foot brake system. For maximum convenience, the frame should be made from aluminum or magnesium alloy;

  2. If the goal is outdoor activities and doing all kinds of tricks, the best option is a sports stunt scooter;

  3. For participation in off-road driving, it is best to choose mud scooters;

  4. For those who are just learning to ride a scooter, and how for adults and children, three-wheeled models are best suited – both trikes and kickboards;

Scooter cost

  1. The simplest children’s scooters can be purchased for 1000-1500 rubles;

  2. Compact urban models for adults are slightly more expensive – from 2 to 4 thousand rubles;

  3. Three-wheeled scooters – both trikes and kickboards, are different quite high price. Their cost fluctuates at around 10-20 thousand rubles. The only exceptions are children’s models, their can be purchased cheaper;

  4. Professional stunt and mud models are different maximum cost – depending on the specific model of their the cost can reach 40-50 thousand rubles;

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose videos and secrets of choosing a skateboard.

Scooter selection video

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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