How to choose a rear view camera for a car

Life in the modern metropolis, despite all the numerous pluses, fraught with a series of challenges and difficulties. To catch up with the frantic urban rhythm, without a car at present time is not enough. And it is universal motorization that is essential complicates the movement in courtyards full of cars. In this situations come to the rescue rear-view cameras simplifying maneuvering in tight urban environments. Modern rear view cameras are easy to install and extremely unpretentious in operation, they allow you to park where to do it by mirrors there is no way. Of course, only when the camera is selected and installed in compliance with all rules and technology.

choose a camera for a car

The best manufacturers. Which rear view camera to choose?

Currently, a huge number of rear view cameras – starting with budget models from nameless Chinese manufacturers and ending with professional cameras, produced by famous European concerns. Variety them so large that the price tag between similar, at first glance, models may vary 3-5 times. However, experienced auto electricians unanimously say that saving on devices of this class not worth it, but preference should be given to devices from enough famous manufacturers:

  1. Avis

  2. Bigson

  3. Rolsen

  4. Hitachi

  5. Zeiss

  6. Rolsen

Before giving preference to the products of a particular brand, you should familiarize yourself with the assortment of products presented in catalogs, explore specifications, and read reviews those who managed to test the device in practice. To accept should not only positive, but also negative reviews, paying attention to their criticality in specific conditions operation.

Types of cameras for the machine and the principle of their action

Modern rear view cameras are compact and portable devices designed to facilitate parking, turning and performing other maneuvers in cramped conditions. These devices are integrated into the standard multimedia system the car and automatically turn on when you turn on the back transmission. Information that is supplied from the camera is processed when help of the control unit and can either be displayed on the standard screen car multimedia system gps navigator. Depending on the performance and functionality currently The following types of rear view cameras are distinguished.

Universal Rear View Cameras

universal rear view cameras

Compact and miniature devices that can be installed almost anywhere in the car. Besides the camera module itself, Includes wiring required for installation and integration devices in the system, as well as a special digital unit, designed to process information from the camera. Depending on the type of camera, a monitor for output can also be included pictures, or it may not be, if the camera is designed to connections to the car’s original multimedia system.


  • Compact size;

  • Give a quality picture with distance marks obstacles;

  • Low cost;


  • High complexity of installation. Sometimes to pave wiring, you need to disassemble half the cabin;

  • Not every boot lid makes it possible to neatly install the device and not disturb the appearance of the car;

  • The camera lens often gets dirty in wet weather, stopping perform their functions;

Rear view camera mounted in license plate frame sign

Rear view camera in the license plate

Universal device popular among buyers. Extremely easy to install – all you need to install is to install a frame to regular places of license plate mounting. Provides decent functionality at a very affordable cost of the device.


  • Low cost;

  • Compact size;

  • Easy to install and convenient to operate;


  • Budget models give low quality images;

Rearview Cameras

Rearview Cameras

Devices Developed Directly by Manufacturers cars and intended for installation in regular places fastenings. In fact, such models can go as in the base picking and installing directly at the dealer, so go as an option and sold separately. By buying a similar product, you get maximum functionality, developed by engineers of a car manufacturing plant.


  • Compact size;

  • Full compatibility with the standard multimedia system;

  • Easy installation and wiring;

  • Possibility of installation in regular places of fastening;


  • High price;

  • Not all types of cars provide for the installation of such options;

Rearview Camera Selection Options

camera selection criteria

Having decided on the type of specific device, as well as with key features of its installation, it’s time to consider characteristics that have the most direct effect on rear view camera functionality.

  1. Connection method. Allocate wired and wireless cameras. The first ones require partial dismantling of the cabin during installation, however, they are characterized by lower price and stability of the transmitted Pictures. The second ones are extremely simple and easy to install, but they cost significantly more expensive. They also have one more drawback – such cameras very often steal;

  2. The angle of view of the lens. The dependency here is simple: than higher viewing angle, the wider and more complete picture is displayed on the monitor in the passenger compartment. Almost all on sale rear view cameras have a viewing angle of 100, 120 or 170 degrees (the so-called fish-eye). The higher the viewing angle, the more usually more expensive camera;

  3. The resolution of the matrix. Like in cameras mobile phone, resolution is crucial in quality issued pictures. However, the situation here is somewhat different – the quality of the output image is almost always limited the capabilities of an auto monitor installed in the passenger compartment. For example, no no point in the FullHD matrix of the camera when the monitor is physically not Capable of displaying an image above VGA. Exactly because of this reason most devices give VGA or QVGA picture, and only a few branded models can shoot HD-video;

  4. The photosensitivity of the matrix plays a crucial role. when operating at night. The higher the photosensitivity – the better and more detailed the picture displayed on the monitor in the dark. Somewhat low photosensitivity of a matrix allow to level back lights the vehicle’s travel, which light up when reverse gear is engaged, however, in complete darkness they are not always enough. Well, of course the higher the sensitivity of the lens – the more expensive it is camera;

  5. The presence of backlight. As noted above, aperture the camera lens isn’t always enough, and the reverse lights also don’t able to correct the situation. In order not to install in camera expensive lens with maximum aperture, many manufacturers equip the camera module with a backlight system. It works when reverse gear is engaged and provides a clear and a clear picture in any situation. Most commonly applied ordinary LED backlight, however, the most expensive models equipped with infrared light, capable of providing perfect image quality regardless of environmental conditions.

  6. Display parking grid. Most modern models of rear view cameras can display parking lines and grid indicating the distance to the nearest obstacle. At these lines change direction and indicate which direction side will move the car. Lines are indicated by different colors, each of which indicates a certain distance to obstacles, which greatly simplifies maneuvering and allows parking close to the obstacle.


In the next article, we will reveal all the secrets of the right choice. acoustics for the car.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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