How to choose a protein

If you decide to put your body in order on the eve of a new beach season, without the use of specialized sports nutrition is unlikely whether it will work out. Fundamental Representative protein is a highly concentrated synthesized protein, enriched with vitamins and minerals. This supplement does not apply no harm to the body and suitable as a professional athletes and those who adhere to a healthy lifestyle, as well as those who do not have the opportunity to eat regularly – a protein shake where healthier and more satisfying than a hamburger or a package of chips.

Top Protein Manufacturers

the best protein for training

These brands are unlikely to say anything to beginners, but experienced bodybuilders know these names by heart:

  1. Optimum Nutrition

  2. Weider

  3. Universal

  4. Cuttler nutrition

  5. Dymatize

You can purchase these products in specialized sports nutrition stores. Before giving preference one or another brand, you should read the reviews using it athletes who find no difficulty in social networks and thematic forums.

Kinds of Protein

Protein is nothing but highly concentrated natural protein made by drawing from protein products. The best grades of protein contain 75-80% pure protein, the remaining 20-25% are all kinds of multivitamins, amino acids, creatine and others necessary for mass gain, elements. You can find it on sale as pure protein, and its flavored counterparts with different tastes – banana, chocolate, vanilla flavor.

Whey Protein

Whey Protein

The most common type of protein derived from dairy serum at high temperature and pressure. Whey Protein It is customary to divide into three conditional groups:

  1. Concentrate. protein content 75-80%, digestible throughout 1.5-2 hours;

  2. Isolate Purified protein, the mass fraction of protein reaches 90-95%. Such a protein is almost completely devoid of lactose, and therefore it is absorbed by the body much faster than concentrate;

  3. Hydroisolate. The most advanced type of protein in which protein molecules are broken down into essential amino acids. It is absorbed immediately, and therefore suitable for use during training.


  • Decent mass fraction of protein;

  • Inexpensive cost;

  • It is used both for weight gain and for “drying”;

  • Suitable for use at night;

  • It is quickly acquired;


  • Not suitable for people suffering from individual protein intolerance;



Casein is based on skim milk. Main him the advantage is long absorption – 6 – 8 hours, which makes it a great supplement for those involved in sports, but not has the ability to eat regularly. Use casein at night, to avoid muscle catabolism.


  • protein content up to 90-95%;

  • Suitable for suppressing catabolism at night;

  • It is acquired in 6-8 hours;

  • Minimum amount of fat;


  • Individual lactose intolerance;

  • Specific taste;

Egg protein


Among professional bodybuilders considered the best option with full digestibility. Source of protein in such the protein is chicken eggs, of which during the synthesis all moisture is removed. Egg protein is famous for its 100% protein content. and a complete lack of fats and carbohydrates.


  • 95-100% protein content;

  • Perfectly saturates;

  • Lack of fats and carbohydrates;

  • Full digestibility;


  • In its pure form is quite rare;

  • Not suitable for people who are allergic to egg white;

  • Very expensive;

Soy protein


By this name is meant a protein made from plant sources – soybeans, various legumes, wheat, rice. The quality of this protein is very average, but it is precisely its preferred by vegetarians and all those who do not eat animal products.


  • It is acquired in 3-5 hours;

  • Low cost;

  • protein content at the level of 60-65%;


  • Depleted composition in terms of amino acids;

  • Not completely absorbed by the body;

Protein Selection Options

main criteria for the selection of protein

Amount and percentage of amino acids in protein

Quality protein must include 18 different amino acids, and their prevailing amount should be so called BCAA – essential amino acids that include isoleucine, leucine and valine. The more they are in percentage terms – the better and the more expensive, respectively, the protein. Best at this whey and casein proteins are considered, in their composition includes all the necessary amino acids, and the percentage of BCAA here is also at the highest level.

The composition and percentage of protein components

First of all, pay attention to the quantity protein per 100 grams of product, as well as its origin. Matter in that many manufacturers trick and point to packaging “whey protein” or “isolate”, and in the composition on the reverse the first line is “soy protein”, which has vegetable origin. You should refrain from buying such a protein, unless, of course, the task is to acquire vegetable protein.

The amount of fat and carbohydrates is also important. contained in protein. It’s impossible to completely get rid of them, some of them are found even in pure egg protein. Care must be taken to ensure that the content fats and carbohydrates did not exceed 4-5% of the total protein, in otherwise, these substances will not contribute to only muscle, but also adipose tissue.

Flavored or “clean”?

Protein is a substance that does not have a pronounced smell, but on taste remotely resembling milk powder. This circumstance leads to the fact that many athletes prefer to buy flavored products – chocolate, vanilla, with any fruit flavor. In this regard, experienced bodybuilders do not have a single opinions, however it’s still considered that it’s better to buy “clean” protein. Its composition is free from flavors and sweeteners, and its price is much lower.

Choosing a protein for a specific situation

protein for girls

In fact, the only true answer to this question is not exist. It all depends on who gets the protein, for which goals, as well as the level of physical activity that gets him the body.

What protein to choose a girl

Girls who want to keep fit and regularly engaged in the gym, classic whey protein with up to 80-85% protein, and with a high percentage of BCAA. With individual lactose intolerance is best preferred isolate.

Choose a protein for weight loss

In order for the weight loss process to be effective, it is necessary minimize the amount of carbohydrates and fats entering the body. For this purpose, preference should be given to protein with their minimum content, as well as a high percentage squirrel. Casein is a great choice – thanks to the slow assimilation, it dulls the feeling of hunger for a long time. A useful supplement is L-carnitine – thanks to it in exercise time fat burning will occur as efficiently as possible.

Choosing Protein for Muscle Gain

Gaining muscle mass is a complex task in which it’s right matched protein plays an important role. One particular view it will not work out here. For everyday use, excellent an isolate is suitable, it will serve as the main source of protein, entering the body. During training and immediately after it, for in order to avoid catabolism, you must resort to help waterproofing absorbed by the body as quickly as possible. And for in order to prevent catabolism at night, resort to casein, which is absorbed for 6-8 hours. And not it should be forgotten that protein is not the main source of food, but just an additive.

Choosing Whey Protein

Varieties of whey protein have been described above completely in detail, and therefore, choosing which protein to buy, make a start necessary on whether your body tolerates lactose or not. IN in the first case, the concentrate will become an option, in the second, give preference is best to isolate. Do not forget about waterproof – this type of whey protein is the best Suitable for use during training and immediately after it.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose gainer, secrets of choosing dumbbells for sports, recommendations for choosing amino acids for sports and the features of choosing a bar for at home.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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