How to choose a powder? Emphasize the dignity of the face and hide the flaws

In the woman’s makeup bag there are plenty of funds for all occasions. They create an image with minimal effort – evening or casual make-up, classic or elegant. Among variety of cosmetics is worth highlighting the powder. This is the basis to create make-up, on which the success of the procedure depends. To choose offers a huge assortment in the segment of the beauty industry from global manufacturers, therefore, it remains only to correctly assess features and specifications.

How to choose face powder for summer, winter, autumn and spring?

How to choose face powder for summer, winter, autumn and spring?

Makeup artists call make-up art. Makeup emphasizes virtues and helps to consider the natural beauty. In addition, it is part of the created image for the event or just for a walk. Experienced makeup artists call for attention for powder, because it must correspond to the time of year.

Face powder for the summer

In the summer, the skin is exposed to UV rays and temperature. It’s hard to walk in the heat with a thick layer of makeup on your face, therefore, the powder must comply with the conditions and guarantee protection. For these purposes, manufacturers offer special funds with SPF. For summer powder, this figure is 12-15.

A few tips for choosing:

  1. pay attention to UV protection rays;

  2. take into account the individual characteristics of the skin;

  3. Choose a powder that is applied in a small layer.

The texture and texture of the powder depends on the specific skin type. With increased fat content, select compact matting agents. Cream powder with a mild emollient effect is suitable for dry skin. The best option, according to the forecasts of makeup artists, is mineral powder. But products consisting of natural ingredients are worth expensive.

Face powder for spring and autumn

Spring and autumn are transitional periods, so this time equally have to face both cold temperature, and with the scorching sun. Beauty brands regularly they produce powder for autumn or spring. But more often it’s more An advertising campaign designed to promote new collections. Themselves means provide protection against changes in temperature and provide skin vitamins.

A few tips for choosing:

  1. Do not trust advertising slogans too much;

  2. choose the product according to individual characteristics skin

  3. pay attention to the composition, the content of vitamins and minerals.

Good powder does not tighten, does not dry and does not spoil the skin. it The main requirement for powder for spring and autumn. No time at this extreme cold or heat, so the restrictions for choosing are not so lot.

Winter face powder

Winter is a harsh time of the year. The skin is tested in the form of frost and wind. Also, do not forget that the action UV rays in winter are no less intense than in summer. Can just choose a universal powder that will protect against problems. But you can choose a special tool for a certain type of skin.

A few tips for choosing:

  1. consider the intensity of use and environmental conditions environment;

  2. do not forget about the minerals and vitamins that are so necessary skin in the winter;

  3. pick up a product containing SPF to protect against ultraviolet light.

The powder for the winter lies in a neat even layer, otherwise it will be only emphasize peeling. In the cold season, girls suffer from this problem. Matte powder is better suited combination and oily skin. In addition, makeup artists recall additional products – masks, moisturizers, tonals. They used comprehensively.

What is face powder?

What is face powder?

Girls understand that there are many types of powder, and each inherent individual characteristics. Consider this when choosing funds for your own cosmetic bags. But sometimes it’s hard to evaluate positive and negative qualities of a particular powder.

Makeup artists distinguish the following types of powder for different occasions:

  1. compact

  2. friable;

  3. mineral;

  4. antiseptic;

  5. ballpoint;

  6. flickering

  7. cream powder.

The differences are invisible, but consider some qualities in mandatory.

Compact powder

Compact powder

This type is popular among ordinary women and among professionals. In 70% of cases, if there is powder in the makeup bag, then it belongs to this type. It is sold in small box, along with a sponge and puff. It can be worn constantly with by yourself, so this is a great option for everyday makeup.


  • ease of application;

  • fast application;

  • dense structure.


  • not recommended for oily skin;

  • high price.

This powder is taken with them to correct makeup during the day, although this is not the best option for problematic skin.

Loose powder

Loose powder

This powder, unlike the previous one, most of the time stored on the dressing table at home. In most cases, she It is presented in large packaging, and it must be applied with a brush. Yet one difference from the previous type is friable and soft texture, therefore, it easily lays on the skin and mixes with tonal cream.


  • soft texture;

  • mixes easily with tone and other means.


  • requires more time for application;

  • if applied incorrectly, the cream is spotty.

Such a powder will be required for girls who pay attention to makeup. Not forget to buy a suitable brush and additional funds for care.

Mineral powder

Mineral powder

This powder is a novelty in the beauty industry, it is relatively recent appeared on the market. As the name implies, its feature is high content of minerals. They nourish the skin and allow it breathe. It lacks alcohol, talc, dyes and preservatives.


  • nutrient content;

  • safe skin exposure.


  • high price.

This powder does not damage the skin and has extremely beneficial effects. action, but not everyone is willing to pay a high price.

Antiseptic powder

Antiseptic powder

This type of powder is needed primarily for problematic skin. It has a restorative effect, thanks to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial additives.


  • healing effect on the skin;

  • getting rid of oily sheen and inflammation.


  • not recommended for normal use.

This powder should be used if there are skin problems – fat content, acne.

Ball powder

Ball powder

Manufacturers recommend using ball powder for daytime makeup. It easily rests on the skin with a thin layer, giving freshness to the face.


  • light and thin layer;

  • simple application of everyday makeup.


  • does not remove greasy shine;

  • poorly camouflages flaws.

This powder will help maintain natural beauty and will be invisible, but drawing requires a certain skill.

Shimmering powder


Unlike the previous type, the flickering powder is just bigger Suitable for evening makeup. Distinctive feature – content of golden or silver sparkles.


  • original appearance;

  • emphasizing the benefits of evening makeup.


  • not suitable for regular use;

  • requires a certain skill.

Shimmering powder will help create an image for going to a party or triumph, but in sparkles is unlikely to go anywhere else.

Cream powder


This product is recommended for normal to dry skin. It moisturizes, but at the same time is able to absorb excess fat. When applying the powder merges with the tone of the face and remains invisible.


  • easily lays on the skin;

  • mask small wrinkles or redness.


  • sometimes the cream is too much heavy.

Girls with dry skin hide minor imperfections with cream powder, but it will not be convenient for everyone to use.

What should be face powder?

What should be face powder?

The initial requirement for powder is uniformity. She must consist of small particles, because in this case, do not apply it make up no labor. If you select compact powders, then it’s worth look for the presence of a brush, fleece, sponge.

The powder should fully correspond to the type of skin – remove oily, moisturize, hide minor imperfections. If the structure will be excessively rough, then she will simply clog the pores and will accumulate in certain places. Because of this, it’s difficult to create make-up, both for everyday affairs and for parties.

To assess the quality of the proposed product, you need to First of all, examine the surface of the powder. Its particles are noticeable immediately, so it becomes apparent if they accumulate or roll down together. Quality cosmetics do not have any flaws.

What tone of powder to choose?

Improperly selected powder can spoil makeup. Her selected according to the type of skin and its tone. For this also it is desirable to determine the color type and preferences when applying makeup. Classic technique – applying a small amount of powder on the wrist. This allows you to evaluate how it looks, and whether much noticeable border. In addition, a small amount is worth a try. apply to cheekbones and chin.

Do not forget that powder is rarely used on its own. It is applied on top of the tonalka, which makes adjustments to color perception. Accordingly, it should not differ from tonal cream, and that one is already selected individually under the skin.

What should be the composition?

What should be the composition?

The composition of a particular powder affects the final result. and skin condition. Poor product will lead to clogging pores and uneven makeup. Manufacturers of modern cosmetics pay attention to the composition, so in powder harmful substances are less common.

A few tips regarding composition:

  1. give up funds with starch and lanolin;

  2. pay attention to vitamins and minerals;

  3. try to choose natural remedies.

The components are talc, white clay, calcium hydroxide and zinc oxide, which protects against UV radiation. Preferably pick up products containing more natural ingredients, minerals and vitamins. Wide color gamut is achieved due to dyes, but their number should not be too large.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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