How to choose a mouse for a computer

When choosing a computer mouse, you need to pay attention first turn on its ergonomics – i.e. determine how comfortable this The accessory lies in the hand. And the rest of the parameters have minor importance. content

  1. How to choose a mouse: parameters that need to be addressed Attention
  2. Wired or Wireless Mouse
  3. Connection standard
  4. The presence of a scroll wheel
  5. Mouse sensitivity
  6. The presence of additional functional elements
  7. The surfaces on which the mouse works
  8. sA little bit about ergonomics

How to choose a mouse: parameters to pay attention to

How to choose a mouse for the computer

In addition to ergonomics, when choosing a mouse, you need to pay attention to following parameters:

  1. Type of connection (wired or wireless);

  2. Connection standard (USB, PS / 2 or Bluetooth);

  3. The presence of a scroll wheel;

  4. Sensitivity (in DPI);

  5. The presence of additional functional elements (buttons and etc.);

  6. The surfaces on which the mouse works.

It’s worth mentioning right away that the article will focus on optical and “laser” mice. “Ball” due to availability only on flea markets and museums do not count.

Wired or Wireless Mouse

wired or wireless mouse

In addition to ease of use, the type of mouse connection depends on some of its other operational qualities, and the most important of them is the response speed.

Response speed is the speed at which the computer responds. on certain mouse actions: moving the cursor, clicking, entering those or other teams. And with wireless controllers it’s not too great.

Therefore, a wireless mouse is more suitable for a laptop. It also suits undemanding users who don’t need high speed response. But for games it is better to take a wired mouse.

Connection standard

The vast majority of modern mice imply USB connection. However, for a computer released back in the last century or in the early 00s, it is better to take a controller with PS / 2 connector. On the motherboards of such USB slot devices often very small, and give one of them under the mouse when there is still a bunch of eager devices connecting, pointless.

The same is true for laptops (as well as hybrids). If in the mobile computer has a Bluetooth module, it’s worth buying a wireless mouse that supports connection through him.

The presence of a scroll wheel

It just has to be. This functional element is very convenient. And so buy a mouse without a wheel or with a wheel, replaced by a touch panel, not worth it.

Mouse sensitivity

A parameter such as sensitivity is very important if required. buy a gaming mouse. It also determines the convenience of this controller. for designers, photo editors and other creative professionals professions.

Sensitivity means how accurate and accurate it will be. Respond to mouse movements. With a low value of this parameter, you need to make a wide “swing” the controller to the arrow on the screen traveled a long distance. At high – on the contrary, the cursor responds to every mouse movement.

For gamers and creative professionals recommended mice with high sensitivity – from 400 DPI. For simple users have enough and less value.

The ideal solution would be to buy a mouse with several speeds from 300 to 3400 DPI, for example. Then user will be able to adjust the sensitivity “for yourself.”

The presence of additional functional elements

Mouse sensitivity for the computer

Additional buttons on the mouse significantly increase its convenience. Especially if you can customize them. But here it is important not to overdo it.

The optimal value for most users is 2-6 additional mouse buttons. Gamers may need a little more. But mice with an entire keyboard with 10 or more buttons (such also exist and are positioned as “gaming”, although nothing but inconvenience, even in games do not bring) are not too comfortable and practical.

It is desirable that the mouse driver allows you to configure these additional buttons. Then the convenience of using the device will be maximum.

The surfaces on which the mouse works

mice that work on glass

This is a pretty important parameter, especially when it comes to buying mouse for laptop. For the vast majority of budget controllers require a smooth, but not glossy, opaque surface. However, some mouse models can work on glass, wool, clothing and similar textures.

If the user travels a lot, then the ideal solution for he will be buying a mouse that can work on a variety of surfaces.

A bit about ergonomics

Ergonomics of the mouse consists of three parameters:

  1. Shape and size;

  2. Weight;

  3. Material.

Small, ultra-compact mice are convenient for traveling, because they do not require much space in the pocket of a laptop bag. However they are completely not practical. Due to too compact size using such mice can be uncomfortable even for a child or a person with miniature palms.

Funny mouse shape (like a race car or female body) improves mood, but makes the controller extremely uncomfortable. Your hands get tired even after a few minutes use of such a device. Therefore, even wanting to purchase funny souvenir, you should abandon the idea to buy a mouse in the form something unusual.

If weight is important, it is advisable to purchase a mouse with a customizable mass. Such devices are equipped with additional weights, allowing to weight or lighten the controller. The weight of the mouse is very important for gamers or people who constantly work with this the mouse itself.

Well, the material finally determines how comfortable the mouse will be to the touch. Soft touch is most comfortable – but not in wet hands. Plastic is a universal material that suits everyone. But It is not as convenient as a soft touch.

Thus, when choosing a mouse, you should first determine by whom and how often it will be used. But at first the place goes ergonomics and usability of the device.


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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