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In order for welding to take place without harming the cornea eye, you can use many different devices. The best way to maintain your own vision and not to expose its harmful effects of bright flashes and ultraviolet radiation is the use of special masks for welding. These devices have been known since time immemorial, however modern models are several orders of magnitude superior to their predecessors, used 10-15 years ago. It is for this reason that for in order to have at its disposal a suitable model and not overpay for unnecessary characteristics, to the choice of a mask for welding must be approached consciously.

The best manufacturers of welding masks – which company to choose

The best manufacturers of welding masks

At the moment, a huge quantity is presented on the market models of welding masks from a variety of manufacturers. When choosing such a tool should give preference to products well-known, well-known manufacturers of construction equipment, as well as those companies that purposefully engaged in the production of professional welding equipment. In general, You can recommend the following products for purchase manufacturers:

  1. Patriot

  2. Force

  3. Fubag

  4. Bison

Understand and choose the best option is not no labor. All you need is to carefully study the characteristics specific model and determine whether it suits your conditions operation or not.

The principle of operation and the device of the welding mask

welding mask device

The welding mask is a special protective device, designed to perform a number of protective functions:

  1. Protecting the cornea from flashes of bright light and ultraviolet rays, which, with constant exposure, can lead to deterioration and even loss of vision;

  2. Eye protection from scale formed during metal welding in the form of small particles of slag;

  3. Protection of the eyes and respiratory system from caustic and toxic gases, stand out during the welding process;

  4. Thanks to fixation on the head, a correctly selected mask frees up the second hand of the welder, which makes the welding process much more convenient and handy;

The design of any, even the simplest, mask for welding includes there are two main elements:

  1. Special casing covering the face, head and neck portion of the welder during work;

  2. A special viewing window with an installed filter, protective against ultraviolet radiation, bright flashes and bouncing scale. Its construction is such that the welder has the opportunity to observe the process – he sees the seam itself, as well as contours of surfaces to be welded;

  3. Depending on the design of a particular model, manufacturer can install many advanced features, most significant of which are:

  4. Dimming control light filter;

  5. Anatomical locking element for mounting on the head;

  6. Special panel designed to charge the built-in batteries from the flash during welding;

Types of masks for welding

Classic masks for welding

Classic masks for welding

Devices known since Soviet times. Despite simple, and even primitive design, with its basic functions are doing pretty well. The casing of such masks made of plastic or pressed cardboard (second option is easier and better to use), but as a filter ordinary black glass is used, inserted into special grooves.


  • Simplicity in operation;

  • The ability to replace the filter with an analog with a larger or smaller indicator;

  • Good protection from the main sources of danger;

  • Low cost;


  • Low durability – cardboard models swell under exposure to moisture;

  • Not enough convenient head clamp;

  • Plastic models – heavy and hard;

Chameleon Masks

Chameleon Masks

Advanced analogues of the above models, as light filter which uses a special liquid crystal light sensitive panel. During welding she becomes as dark as possible, protecting the welder’s eyes from flashes bright light and ultraviolet exposure. As soon as the process stops, the mask automatically brightens, and the welder can to personally observe the results of the work done. Whole circuit works from an electrical element – a battery or a battery, and allows brightness adjustment directly during welding seam. For this purpose a special regulator is used, adjust which is comfortable even with welder gloves.


  • It is convenient in operation;

  • Convenient head clip that does not cause discomfort even when long operation;

  • Availability of a guarantee for many popular models;

  • Possibility of automatic and manual brightness control;

  • Strong and practical case;


  • The high cost of good models;

  • Low efficiency of the LCD panel in negative conditions temperature

Masks equipped with forced ventilation

Masks equipped with forced ventilation

Professional models designed to work especially difficult, harmful or life-threatening conditions. Can say that these devices combine a chameleon mask and classic respirator which is fixed on a special belt belt. It has a compact electric motor that draws in air, as well as a filter element that separates harmful particles. Data devices are highly specialized and are far from needed each welder, however, to work in hazardous conditions without them is not get along;


  • Convenient in operation, tight;

  • Excellent filter options and wide viewing angle viewing window;

  • High quality air filtration;


  • High price;

  • Bulky construction;

  • The need to carefully monitor the condition of the filter, as well as the power source from which the electric motor works;

Welding mask selection options

Welding mask selection options

Dimensions that the viewing window has

Everything is quite simple here: the larger the viewing window – the better overview and visibility of the objects with which the welder works. In addition to the classic models, with 90 millimeters in length and 30-40 millimeters in height, on sale you can find masks with a larger window size, up to 130×60.

Overall dimensions and weight of the mask

In this case, more does not mean better: a heavy mask delivers a lot of inconvenience and does not contribute to fruitful work. If welding is single and irregular, this parameter can be neglected. In the case of constant need for this device, the less weight – the better.

Type of filter and degree of darkness

Budget models of masks are used as a filter special tinted glass, the degree of which is tinted varies quite a lot. It is measured in rooms and varies from No. 1 to No. 5. The higher the number, the darker the concrete glass. For example, a filter number 5 is used when working on the street, while No. 1-2 are widely used for welding in dark the premises.

Things are a little different when it comes to masked chameleons. Adjusting the LCD panel in such devices carried out using a special slider, and the degree dimming is measured in DIN and can vary from 5 to 15 units. Here the situation is different – the higher the value, the smaller the panel has dimming.

Power supply

If the buyer preferred the chameleon mask, you need to pay attention to the type of power source, used to operate the panel. In the classic case in his role ordinary batteries appear, more advanced models may be equipped with batteries. Often and special solar panels that can convert light flashes during operation devices into electrical energy.

Body material

Classic masks were made of cardboard or hard plastic, and therefore about any resistance to mechanical exposure or moisture could not be considered. Modern masks made of heat resistant plastic, soft and comfortable to operation of material that does not cause discomfort even when prolonged use.

Filter response speed

This parameter is critical only for the LCD panel of chameleon masks, since for ordinary tinted glasses this value is constant. The lower the response speed – the less chance of “catching” flash. Checking this parameter is very simple: the mask is put on on his head and abruptly turns to the bright sun. If the eye has time notice the light – this mask is bad and for work it unsuitable.

Convenience of settings and adjustments

Given that adjusting specific mask parameters almost always carried out directly during operation with a welding machine, it should not only be intuitive understandable, but also affordable, allow for customization even while wearing gloves.

The convenience of planting a mask on your head

Standard budget models of welding are equipped with plastic clamps, which cause a lot of inconvenience during operation. Advanced models have angle-adjustable latches with special gaskets made of soft material – foam rubber, felt or their analogues. In operation, such masks are much more pleasant and comfortable.

Lens Distortion

Displays the optical distortion that a particular model of the installed light filter. It is indicated in numbers and by what the smaller is this – the more suitable for more delicate work specific mask. For example, a model with a value of 1 is fine Suitable for forming a delicate, delicate seam. Model with index 2 – an excellent solution for welding water pipes and others, similar in nature items.

Light scattering

A parameter that reflects how transparent the screen is and how well, the welder will see the details of the surfaces during operation. It has a significant impact on the final quality of the seam. how As a rule, parameter “1” is used exclusively when working with thin metal, the thickness of which does not exceed a centimeter. “2” is the value which is suitable for all other operating conditions.

What mask to choose for welding – expert advice

What mask to choose for welding

  1. To perform one-time welding work in the country or in the garage no need to buy an expensive mask. Classic model made of cardboard or plastic and having the usual glass a light filter with a viewing window of the order of 90×40 mm – fine option. If it comes to working with plumbing or sewer pipes, preference should be given to similar model, but with a viewing window, the length of which will be 100-110 mm, and the height is 45-50 mm;

  2. For work with stainless steel, preference should be given “chameleon”, the parameter “distortion” of which will be “1”, and “light scattering” – “2”. In the case when you have to work with thin metal, the light scattering parameter should be at “1”;

  3. If the work ahead is difficult or life-threatening conditions, the best option would be a mask equipped additional ventilation. Its parameters should be selected based on from specific working conditions and type of metal;

How much does a welding mask cost?

  1. The simplest models made of plastic are either pressed cardboard, cost about 300-500 rubles;

  2. More advanced chameleon masks are more expensive: the price tag for them starts from 1000 rubles for basic devices and ends on around 4000-5000 per model, allowing you to work with thin metals;

  3. The most expensive – masks for welding with forced ventilation – their value can reach 100 or more thousand rubles.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose saw blade, secrets of choosing a welding machine and features laser level selection.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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