How to choose a jacket for a snowboard

The right snowboarding jacket is playing no less role in providing comfort than suitable shoes or the right board. She must protect against changes in temperature and wind, level drops, remove sweat, formed by movement, outward, and also do not pass moisture from the outside.

choose a jacket for a snowboard

Top Snowboard Equipment Manufacturers

High-quality equipment for snowboarding and skiing currently produces many firms, but preference should be give to trusted companies specializing in the release clothes from various membrane fabrics:

  1. Burton

  2. D.C.

  3. Quicksilver

  4. Ice pick

  5. The north face

  6. Bogner

  7. Bask

Models of the above manufacturers are great for both active skiing, and for everyday use. This is evidenced by numerous reviews on the Internet – both on forums and social networks.

Types of Snowboard Jackets

All, without exception, jackets for snowboarding represent a modern equipment, which are based on membrane tissue. It is thanks to them that the very notorious vapor permeability and moisture resistance characteristics, which are key when choosing a good snowboard outfit.

Depending on the types of membranes, all jackets are divided into three kind of

  1. Jackets based on a non-pore membrane. how follows from the name, this material is devoid of holes, designed to allow moisture to pass through. Challenge here carried out according to the osmotic principle – hitting the surface membranes, a droplet seeps out, and a special top layer excludes its penetration back. The disadvantages of such jackets include slow drainage, as well as high cost;

  2. Porous membrane jackets. The design of such models is simpler – humid air is vented out through a special porous structure, due to which the “breathing” characteristics of these models are at a fairly high level. The disadvantages of such models carry a fast membrane failure if improper operation, as well as whimsical care and washing;

  3. Jackets made from combination membrane fabrics are something in common of the two types described above, thanks to which it was possible to put together the virtues and exclude this is all the flaws. There is only one thing left – such jackets are very expensive.

The main criteria for choosing a jacket for snowboarding

snowboard jacket selection criteria

Jacket size

Equipment should be selected based on exact match size own anatomical features. Too small the jacket will deliver a lot of discomfort and constrain movement, too big is not able to carry out the correct thermoregulation, why a rider can sweat and freeze. Without trying on a jacket Before buying, you can’t do it, but it must be executed on that equipment that will be used when riding.

Joint sizing

An important point that affects comfort and dryness during your stay Outdoors. As a rule, jackets start to flow at the seam, and therefore, without exception, all seams must be glued. About it attests to the inscription “all seams are sealed” on the jacket tag. This information should be double-checked – many, especially budget, manufacturers, only those seams that are glued located in sight, leaving untreated hidden from human eye patches.

Cuffs and zippers, pockets

Little things that have a significant impact on comfort during riding:

  1. Cuffs should be made of soft rubber material. and have a two-layer structure, thereby eliminating transmission moisture inside during active driving. Inner layer material should be soft and pleasant to the touch – the only way to avoid it discomfort

  2. Jacket zipper is treated with a special compound that excludes moisture transmission inside. Her design must have significant dimensions in order to conveniently unfasten and fasten without removing gloves;

  3. Pockets also play an important role. Deep and dense they should be equipped with special tight linings, and also reliably fastens with a zipper, eliminating the ingress of moisture inside;

Moisture resistance of the membrane

Indicates the amount of rain that a jacket can withstand. for a certain period of time and at the same time do not leak

  1. The minimum acceptable value is 5000 millimeters. Such a jacket withstands a long light rain;

  2. Most mid-range models have moisture resistance at the level of 10-20 thousand millimeters. Her quite enough for most operating conditions;

  3. The most advanced and, accordingly, expensive models of jackets have moisture resistance at the level of 30-40 thousand millimeters. Such a membrane can easily withstand severe rainfall and at the same time won’t get wet.

Membrane vapor permeability

The indicator designating discharged by one square meter the amount of moisture in 24 hours. The higher this parameter – the it’s better.

  1. A basic value that can provide acceptable comfort, It is considered 5000 m g \ sq.m .;

  2. The average value that is typical for most models is 10,000 r \ sq.m;

  3. The best models from famous manufacturers can boast membrane diverting from 20 to 30 thousand grams per square meter tissue in one day time;


Do not forget that membrane jackets are extremely whimsical care, and therefore wash them in the washing machine together regular clothing is strictly prohibited. Cleaning such equipment is carried out exclusively in manual mode with the addition of various membrane conditioners and products, recommended by the manufacturer of the material.

How to choose the right size for a snowboard jacket?

choose jacket size

The choice of a jacket for a snowboard occurs in two main stages:

  1. First of all, it is necessary to study the specified size and match it with wearable clothing. This information is printed on label and presented in the form of a classic numbering, as well as nearest foreign analogues;

  2. Having picked up the suitable size, fitting of a jacket is carried out. For for this purpose it is necessary to resort to those clothes or thermal underwear, which will be used when riding. The jacket should sit convenient, do not constrain movements and do not cause discomfort when performing active exercises.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose snowboard mounts and the secrets of choosing snowboard boots.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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