How to choose a hob – tips of experts

When choosing a hob, you should pay attention to its type, functionality and specifications.


  1. How to choose a hob: basic criteria
  2. Types of hobs by type
  3. Types and functions of electric hobs
  4. Types of hobs by design
  5. Types and functions of gas hobs
  6. Features of electric hobs
  7. Top manufacturers of cooktops
  8. Hob selection video

How to choose a hob

How to choose a hob: basic criteria

The most important criteria for choosing a hob are:

  1. Type (gas or electric);

  2. Construction (dependent or independent type);

  3. Material;

  4. Performance characteristics (separate for electrical and gas surfaces);

  5. Types of burners (for gas surfaces);

  6. Additional characteristics.

  7. The manufacturer is also important.

Types of hobs by type

There are two types of hob type engineering communications to which they are connected – gas and electric (which, in turn, are divided into traditional electric and induction). You can also sometimes find combined.

Gas hob

Gas hobs

Such hobs are nothing more than evolutionary development of “classic stoves. They are connected to the line gas supply and heat food over an open burner (horns).


  • Profitability

  • Simple, familiar adjustment of the type and intensity of work;

  • Durability;

  • The lowest price in its segment;

  • Slightly faster heating;

  • Compatible with all types of dishes;

  • Low, and in some cases zero power consumption;


  • Fire hazard, including due to the risk of gas leakage;

  • Risk of burns on contact with the panel;

  • The need for maintenance, including ongoing specialists of a natural gas supplier company.

An important disadvantage of gas hobs are safety requirements for the placement of such devices. The distance to the nearest wall should be more than 10 cm, therefore, on narrow kitchen sets such devices can simply not fit – and you have to choose a model with less burners.

When choosing a gas hob is primarily pay attention to the material of the lattice, since it is largely determines the practicality and durability of the device.

So, the best performance is shown by cast iron. is he strong, steady against mechanical influences and durable. The only drawback of this material is burnt foods, especially greasy, very difficult to wash.

An alternative for cast iron is stainless steel. This the material has a large thermal conductivity, so part of the heat from the burner will disperse in space. But the steel grill it’s easier to wash, and it can be quite thin – and at the same time retain strength.

Types and functions of electric hobs

According to the type of heating, such hobs are divided into traditional electric and modern induction.

Traditional electric hobs

electric hobs

In such devices as a heating element a spiral is used (in general), which is heated when passing through it an electric current. It is located under a flat panel that can be made of glass or the like materials.

The method of heat transfer in such surfaces is natural. Then there is first a spiral is heated, then a glass, under which it there is, after this utensil, and finally the food in it.

Fire safety – a major advantage – makes electric burners are the main competitor for gas.


  • Increased (compared with gas) fire safety;

  • A variety of models and design solutions.

  • Easy to clean;

  • The presence of residual thermal effect – maintaining high the temperature of the hotplate after it is turned off. It allows longer keep the finished product hot;

  • Compatibility with dishes from any heat-resistant materials;

  • Fast and smooth heating with adjustable temperature in some models;


  • Do not spill liquids containing sugar.

  • The diameter of the dishes should correspond to the diameter of the “burner”;

  • Spilled liquid instantly spreads throughout the panel;

  • May be damaged when installing any particularly large or heavy pot;

  • Create a high load on the network, which requires summing up a separate “branch” of wires from the shield;

Low cost electric surfaces

Budget electric surfaces

In the budget version (cost up to 20 thousand rubles) electric hobs equipped with open a heating element that looks similar to a gas stove burner. It can be spiral or flat. The dishes are set right on him.

Most often, such hobs are made in cast iron housing and mean independent or minimally built-in installation.


  • Relatively low price;

  • Maximum ease of installation.

  • The presence of residual thermal effect;

  • Lack of a lattice;

  • Fast and smooth heating;


  • Unattractive design;

  • High network load (however, not so high, like conventional electric hobs, so in in some cases, you can do without summing up additional lines).

  • Danger of burns on hot, unprotected hotplates;

  • Strict restriction on the maximum weight of installed dishes with products (often up to several kg);

Induction hob


In induction hobs as a “heating element “uses a coil that generates an electromagnetic field. By acting on metal atoms, it raises the temperature of the capacitance, in which is preparing food. Thus, no hotplate is heated or surface, but directly a pan or pan.

The directivity of the electromagnetic field in induction surfaces makes it safe enough for humans. Even in ordinary hair dryer the intensity of a given physical parameter is approximately 100 times higher.


  • Minimum fire hazard;

  • Built-in security systems that automatically turn off “rings” on which dishes are not installed.

  • Dishes on such a surface practically do not burn;

  • Low power consumption

  • It is impossible to burn yourself on the surface;


  • Only compatible with cookware made of ferromagnetic materials (steel, cast iron, etc.);

  • Do not spill liquids containing sugar.

  • Many panels cannot be installed above ovens or other kitchen appliances;

  • They require special cleaning products;

  • Often require dishes to match the diameter “burners”;

Combined Cooktops

Combined cooking surfaces

Combined hobs are used as gas burners and electric heating elements. Therefore they combine the advantages of both of these ways of processing food.

Most often, the design includes four burners, of which one electric and three gas. But there are larger models. The number of burners in them is increased to 4-5 gas and 1-2 electrical.

Combination hobs not only combine advantages, but also the disadvantages of gas and electric. therefore it is worth buying them only if the houses are often observed interruptions with one or another source of energy.


  • Work even with the gas or electricity turned off;

  • Compatible with all types and materials of utensils.

  • Durability;

  • Suitable for processing all types of products – for example, for fast frying wok;


  • The optimal location of the burners (behind dishes on an electric often have to reach through the gas);

  • The need for a separate power supply for electrical elements.

  • The need for maintenance of gas elements;

  • Difficulty in maintenance (various types of surfaces are washed differently);

Types of hobs by design

Both gas and electric hobs can run in one of two design options – dependent and independent.

The cooking surfaces of the dependent type consist of several built-in structural elements. Except directly burner module, it can include a separate control panel and oven. Such devices are good for creating a complete from scratch and should be selected for primary or overhaul.

Cooktops of an independent type are structurally a separate module with hobs and a control panel. They can Install or embed anywhere. They are suitable for replacement. old stove or surface and ideal if the oven is not required.

Hob material

Housing hobs can be made of the following materials – various metal alloys with enamel coating, aluminum, tempered glass, stainless steel or glass ceramic.

Gas surfaces are usually made in a metal case. It can be aluminum, just steel or enamel coated.

Aluminum surface

Aluminum is the simplest and cheapest material. Usually them him budget hobs are made.

Surfaces with aluminum housing should only be purchased with very limited budget.


  • Low weight (providing ease of installation);

  • Good mechanical stability.


  • Easy to scratch (even anodized aluminum);

  • Badly laundered.

  • May bend;

Steel surface

steel surfaces

Enamelled stainless steel is found quite rarely. This material is characterized by good heat capacity and attractive appearance.


  • Attractive appearance;

  • High heat capacity due to which the dish continues heat up after turning off the burner.

  • High mechanical strength and resistance to appearance damage;

  • Relatively small mass of the device;


  • Heats up very much, so touching it is dangerous;

  • Poorly laundered from dirt, so quickly losing attractive “appearance”.

Enameled surface

Enameled surface


  • High heat capacity.

  • Easy to care and wash;

  • High mechanical strength;


  • Enamel may crack or degrade over time, especially due to scratches;

  • Caution is required when washing – do not use heavily abrasive products.

Glass ceramic


Glass-ceramic (as well as made of tempered glass) gas surfaces are also found. They have the most attractive appearance.


  • Attractive design

  • Maximum ease of care.


  • Scratches greatly damage the look of the device;

  • The panel can set a limited weight of products and utensils.

Electric hobs are usually made of glass. This material provides a good transfer of both heat and electromagnetic field (depending on the type of device). Besides Facebook, just wash it.

The disadvantages and advantages of the glass panel electric surfaces are similar to those of gas devices.

Types and functions of gas hobs

In fully gas (not combined) hob burners are structurally gas horns, therefore wide a variety of types do not differ. The only difference is sizes. The larger the hotplate, the faster it can heat up set dishes on it.

An important requirement is that the diameter of the base of the cookware must be significantly larger than the size of the gas burner. This will provide fire safety.

However, gas hob burners may vary in functionality. So, they can be equipped with:

  1. The gas control mode determines the temperature in the burner and shuts off methane supply if there is no flame. Useful feature which significantly improves surface safety.

  2. Automatic electric ignition generates an arc discharge (spark) when turning the burner, and the flame breaks out. Saves on matches and increases the safety of the device. True, such the hob will need to be connected to a household network.

  3. The mechanical system of ignition of a flame is similar to electric, only for a spark to appear, you need to press a special button on control panels.

  4. Piezo generator creates a spark that ignites a flame, without connecting hob to the mains. Being partially mechanical device, it will require a button click.

Any of the functions of automatic or automated ignition quite practical.

Features of electric hobs

features of electric hobs

Both types of electric hob The following functions and features are implemented:

  1. Burners of a special shape and purpose have a non-circular shape. It can be extended to an oval, truncated or elongated. Such burners are designed for dishes of an unusual shape.

  2. Induction hobs on a classic electric surface are infrequent and are designed for accurate heating metal utensils.

  3. Halogen burners installed in electric hobs surface. Their main advantage is heating to the required temperature. in 2-3 seconds.

  4. Hi-Light burners heat up even faster than halogen – less than in 1 second.

  5. Both halogen and Hi-Light burners are ideal for fast and short-term heat treatment of products – for example, when frying as part of oriental cuisine.

  6. Auto power off makes an electric hob as safe as possible. It can be implemented as in the form timer, and through the temperature sensor. Anyway Auto power off increases device security.

  7. A timer is one of the auto-off implementations. Greatly simplifies the cooking process, the recipe of which says something like “Cook for 1 hour.”

  8. Recipe memory – function to remember the set temperature conditions and operating time. Comfortable enough if often have to cook the same dishes.

  9. Childproof locks the hob and temperature settings until a specific button is pressed (or a few buttons).

  10. Bridge mode combines two nearby hotplates for heating large dishes.

  11. The mode of maintaining heat is designed to heat ready meals. It burner heats up to a certain temperature, often about 40-60 degrees, so that the dish remains tasty for a long time time.

The above functions increase the cost of the hob, therefore, it is worth choosing the models equipped with them based on the budget or needs.

Top manufacturers of cooktops

Because gas and electric hobs significantly differ from each other, recommended manufacturers have they are different.


The best manufacturers of gas hobs are:

  1. Gefest, Gorenje – manufacturers of medium or budget price segment. Known for their high quality gas equipment, since they specialize in the production of such a technique;

  2. Hansa, Hotpoin-Ariston – home appliance manufacturers. They produce hobs of the middle price segment;

  3. MBS, Kuppersberg, Fornelli – manufacturers of embedded household appliances technicians. Their products belong to the upper price segment.

  4. You can also highlight the company Electrolux, but worthy of attention only the top models for its production.


The best manufacturers of electric hobs are:

  1. Hansa, Bosch, Electrolux – medium and budget price models segment;

  2. Hotpoint-Ariston, Gorenje – middle and upper price models segment.

  3. Smeg is the leader in the top price segment, as well as interesting solutions are offered by NEFF.

Hob selection video


In the following articles we tell you how to choose the right gas stove and the secrets of choosing a cooker hood.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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