How to choose a heated towel rail in an apartment for bathroom

The idea of ​​a heated towel rail as a separate device was born not at all from scratch. More recently, in order to end to dry clothes after washing, people have used heating radiators – very often they were the only a warm place in the home. Such a decision was quite logical, given the rather humid climate in our country, and therefore the appearance of a device that would be used to such goals were only a matter of time.

The principle of operation and device towel warmers

heated towel rail device

The principle of operation of the heated towel rail is based on constant heat, which is used for drying. In most heat sources are either water or electric energy, and therefore the whole variety of models presented on market, can be divided into two conditional groups:

  • Water heated towel rails are integrated into the hot water system. water supply and are the most economical devices. Besides their main function, they very well heat the room, performing, in fact, the functions of a heating radiator. Circuit made of thick-walled steel, cast iron or copper pipes capable of withstanding significant pressure in the system. IN disadvantages are the counterweight to the many advantages: quite time-consuming installation (if the heated towel rail was not provided initially), as well as the dependence on the hot system water supply – when hot water is turned off, heated towel rail also becomes cold;
  • Electric heated towel rails are used as a source electricity and are much simpler devices. Most modern models are equipped with controllable thermostats that allow flexible adjustment of the heating intensity, duration of work, as well as a timer on and off. The disadvantage of electronic models is a fairly high consumption electrical energy;

Types of heated towel rails

Types of heated towel rails

Towel dryers differ in their appearance and method installation of a specific model. In this regard, in catalogs manufacturers can meet three types of such devices:

  1. Wall heated towel rails – classic models that received most common. Mounted using special fasteners directly to the wall of the home and are available as in electric and water version. The benefits are compactness and portability, disadvantages – laboriousness installation;

  2. Floor towel warmers – devices that are attached to floor and provide convenient operation. Installed in places hot water supply, and therefore almost always include water principle of work;

  3. Portable towel rails are gaining all very popular. Their main advantage is the ability moving around the apartment to where he belongs. In view of mobile structure, such models are available exclusively in electrical performance;

Parameters for choosing a heated towel rail

how to choose a heated towel rail

Criteria to consider when choosing heated towel rails, quite a lot, and most of them directly depends on the initial parameters of the room in which it is planned setting:

  1. The principle of operation of the selected heated towel rail does not depend not only from the personal preferences of the buyer, but also from the physical features of the bathroom. So, the water heated towel rail is not will be able to install in a place where there are no pipes central heating or there is no way to connect to them. Conversely, electric heated towel rails require moisture protected power source – but present he is far from every bathroom;
  2. Material of which the circuit is made heated towel rails also play an important role. Given the constant high humidity in the bathroom, it should not be oxidized and corrosion, and also withstand constant temperature changes. Most models are made of alloy steel, cast iron, copper or brass, and when properly processed, each of these materials able to provide proper functionality in such, aggressive conditions. Steel towel rails are the cheapest, since it is they that are most susceptible to corrosion. Brass and copper models have maximum heat dissipation, however the price tag on such models is quite high. Optimal ratio “price-quality” are models of black steel machined electroplating – such heated towel rails are durable and differ very good heat transfer;
  3. When it comes to water towel warmers, pay attention follows the wall thickness, as well as the peak pressure, which able to withstand. These numbers are usually indicated in instructions. To arrange a flood to neighbors from below – so-so perspective!
  4. The shape of the heated towel rail plays mainly secondary role and has a greater importance on aesthetics than on functionality. You can meet the U-shaped, M-shaped, E-shaped towel rails and each of these designs perfectly copes with its functions;
  5. The method of installing a specific model, as well as functionality, which the user wishes to receive. Everything is quite simple here: if the room does not allow to establish a full heated towel rail, portable should be preferred models.
  6. Device control algorithm. In the case of water heated towel rails the choice is small: the device heats when the apartment is served warmly. Electric models give much more of opportunities. The most advanced models suggest not only intelligent control and do not require constant “pulling” plugs from the outlet, but also equipped with temperature regulators, allowing set temperature, on and off time and many other equally useful functions.

The best manufacturers of heated towel rails. Which company choose

Among the variety of devices on the market, there are several companies whose products are used most popular:

  1. Margaroli
  2. Terminus
  3. Zehnder

If you prefer products of domestic manufacturers, we advise you to pay attention to products manufactured under brands “TermoSmart” and “Sunerge”. With a sufficiently high quality manufacturing, these towel warmers are very democratic price and are affordable to almost everyone.

How much is a heated towel rail?

How much is a heated towel rail

Everything will depend on the level of customer expectations, on specific his preferences, as well as how much he is willing to spend to a similar device. Available for sale as towel warmers with basic functionality, the cost of which does not exceed 1.5-2 thousand rubles, and elite-level models that are distinguished by elegant a design that will surely emphasize the taste of the owner and become A great complement to the style of the bathroom. Aesthetes and lovers all the beautiful have to fork out – the cost of such devices often exceeds 40-50 thousand rubles. If we talk about “folk” models, to which include all heated towel rails worth about 5-10 thousand rubles – it is on them that they note Steadily high demand sellers of sanitary equipment.

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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