How to choose a hairbrush and hair brush. Tips and recommendations

Hair care has to be given a lot of time. It concerns women and men. Everyday tools – comb and brush render effect on the condition and health of hair. Their choice should be approached with responsibility, then it will be possible to cope with naughty ringlets and prevent negative consequences.

Comb Selection

Experienced hairdressers advise wearing different brushes and combs for proper care. They are chosen according to the type of hair and their features. There are many varieties on the market, among which stand out:

  1. classic brushes;

  2. massage brushes;

  3. brushing;

  4. flat ridges.

They differ from each other in shape, size, rigidity bristles. They are used to achieve their goals.

Classic hairbrush

A classic comb is suitable for different purposes, it is found flat and in the form of brushes. There are many for sale, although quality is sometimes not at a high level. Combs of this type are created from special materials and have rare teeth. They can use both for easy styling and during haircuts.


  • simple appearance;

  • affordable cost;

  • Convenient and quick styling.


  • sometimes low-quality;

  • not suitable for long or split ends.

Use classic flat combs or brushes to look after short or medium hair. But much depends on quality execution of combs and materials of manufacture. Plastic often has defects that can damage the hair structure. Better give preference for wood or hard rubber thanks to which they remain healthy.

Massage comb

This type of combs is popular, although not all guess about their purpose. They have an oval or rectangular in shape, and the cloves are planted on a soft pillow. IN the quality of the manufacturing materials for cloves is plastic, metal or natural bristles. Important to remember that cheap plastic or metal can harm the scalp.


  • unravels strands well;

  • reduces installation time;

  • stimulates blood circulation and strengthens the roots.


  • low-quality materials harm the scalp.

These combs are recommended because they have a positive effect on hair condition. It is only important to select products from natural materials that improve blood circulation and normalize work sebaceous glands. In addition, the massage comb unravels well locks and helps make styling.

Brushing (round brush)

Brushing is a popular type of combs that use professional hairdressers and girls. They differ round or semicircular shape, and the cloves are placed on the surface. IN otherwise, no differences from classic combs are observed. The purpose of such products is to heat treat and hair styling with hairdryers and other devices. Girls deft brushing movements create a basal volume and lift curls.


  • ease of use;

  • quick styling with volume;

  • gentle handling of hair during heat treatment.


  • sharp and thin cloves;

  • difficulty combing.

If you have long hair and you use a hairdryer, then the brush-brush will be convenient. For other situations, she hardly suitable, because combing it is difficult.

Flat combs

Flat combs are common. They are different from each other. according to the size of the cloves, the width of the gaps and the shape. Simple models intended for combing wet hair, others help put your hair in order quickly. Thin combs use hairdressers during a haircut. Customers are presented with a choice A wide range of models from different materials.


  • compact in size, so they are easy to carry in your bag or pocket;

  • ease of use;

  • universality of application.


  • not suitable for thick and long hair;

  • not suitable for complex styling.

Flat combs are good to have on hand to quickly bring hair in order and straighten the hairstyle. But for something more not worth counting because combing thick hair with a comb difficult.

What are combs for hair?

What are combs for hair?

A large assortment of combs for sale due individual characteristics of each hair type. Take this into account when choosing a tool for care of curls.

Differences relate to the following aspects:

  1. shape of ridges;

  2. manufacturing materials;

  3. sizes.

The girls at home there are several combs and brushes that Suitable for various situations.

Combs Shape

Combs act on the hair itself and on the scalp, therefore it is worth choosing a form taking into account individual characteristics. Models may have a rounded or rectangular shape. Depending on the the shape of the ridges and the features of the cloves are different effects on hair and scalp.

Cloth Materials

An important aspect is the material of manufacture. Cheap products have plastic or metal teeth with small rounded tips. But over time, they disappear or disappear, in As a result, the sharp ends begin to scratch the skin painfully. If you care about hair, it is better to choose professional combs.

As the main materials for the manufacture of cloves are used:

  1. wood;

  2. metal;

  3. silicone or carbon;

  4. natural or artificial bristles.

The differences between them are significant. Over time, people get used to certain combs, so it’s more difficult for them to switch to something another.

Wooden cloves

Wood is a classic material from which did combs hundreds of years ago. Wooden cloves render soft effect on the scalp and suitable for all types of hair no limits. Depending on the type of wood, other effects. Birch comb combs recommended use for applying masks, and remove the oak and juniper stresses and give a pleasant aroma.


  • universality of application;

  • soft effect on hair and scalp.


  • afraid of high humidity;

  • Natural wood is not always offered.

Wooden combs are a win-win for those who care about hair and wants to achieve quality.

Metal combs

Metal is an unpretentious and durable material, therefore combs without problems will last for many years. Strong combs are often made of metal for styling wet hair or haircuts, because they are not afraid high humidity.


  • strength and durability;

  • Separate strands well and untangle hair.


  • metal reacts when applied masks.

Strong and unpretentious metal combs should be under by hand, but this is not a material safe for hair.

Plastic combs

Common products include plastic combs. They are presented in a variety, and you can buy them inexpensively in any the store. Carbon and silicone combs eliminate static electricity, therefore suitable for quick installation.


  • universality of application;

  • variety of forms.


  • low quality workmanship.

Cheap plastic combs electrify hair, so to achieve the perfect fleece is unlikely to succeed. Besides, plastic teeth often break, and this already threatens damage hair or skin.

Natural or artificial bristles

Combs with natural or artificial bristles belong to premium segment in its class. Soft bristles practically do not damages the scalp and produces a pleasant massage effect. Such material absorbs greasy fat, therefore it is recommended for hair that gets dirty quickly.


  • soft and safe effect;

  • pleasant sensations during combing.


  • stiffness is not enough for thick and long hair.

Combs with bristles are recommended for owners of oily hair. On the choice is offered several varieties, so you need to choose model taking into account individual features.

In addition, bone combs are on sale. They have a mild effect, but the material itself is expensive and fragile.

Sizes of combs

An important factor is the size of the combs, although it does not play key role. The length of the cloves is selected taking into account the density of the hair, otherwise it will be difficult to unravel them. The combs themselves are compact (road) or household. Large brushings are sometimes found, but they are more likely to target professional hairdressers or those who often does complicated styling at home.

Useful tips for choosing

Useful Tips for Choosing

A good comb is the key to healthy hair. If right behind them look after, then no serious and expensive procedures simply required. In this regard, it is better to select several combs for all occasions.

Before buying, it will be useful to familiarize yourself with several tips:

  1. evaluate the sharpness and rigidity of the cloves, make sure that they are not cause pain;

  2. check surface quality, make sure defects;

  3. smell the comb itself, make sure there are no strangers odors, otherwise they will be on the hair;

  4. test the comb, rubber pad and cloves on strength.

To do this, it’s enough to support the comb in your hands, touch it bristles and handle. Wooden products must be intact and without all kinds of chips. If you spend a few minutes to choose and draw attention to important points, then no problems combing there will be no more hair.

In the next article, our experts tell you how to choose a hair straightener.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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