How to choose a hair clipper – tips and recommendations

Hair has to be monitored regularly, but monthly visits to hairdressers take a lot of time and energy. 90% of men prefer to wear simple short haircuts. In this case, on help come functional hair clippers. Them the purchase will be justified if several men in the family are a husband, sons, grandfathers. They will help to make a well-groomed hairstyle without tiring and expensive trips to the salon.

What to consider before buying?

What to consider before buying?

For hair care, various types of machines are selected. Manufacturers offer a wide range of different models. functional features.

When choosing, pay attention to the main aspects:

  1. the principle of operation of the device;

  2. power supply;

  3. blade manufacturing materials;

  4. number of nozzles available;

  5. additional functions.

The choice depends primarily on the purpose of use. To someone there is a simple model for short haircuts, and someone uses machines for leveling hairstyles and beards.

All such devices look similar to each other, therefore it is difficult for an uninitiated person to understand the differences. Inside The case hides a motor or an electromagnetic coil. They special blades mounted on the nozzle set in motion. The movement is carried out along a fixed row of similar blades. Thanks to this, they cut hair accurately and quickly.

The power source for many models is a 220V outlet, but manufacturers now offer a range of battery machines for haircuts. It’s convenient because you can use it in any location.

What are hair clippers?

What are hair clippers?

The principle of operation of each device is the same, but there is distinctive features. This is primarily due to movement blades. Manufacturers offer three types of cars:

  1. rotary;

  2. vibrating;

  3. rechargeable.

These types of units do the job, although the differences consist in power and overall weight.

Rotary clippers

Rotary machines are equipped with a small electric motor, which causes the rotor to rotate with an eccentric installed inside. Due to this, the rows of knives begin to move quickly, cutting hair. Power is supplied from a 220V network or from a battery batteries. These models are for professional devices, because many hairdressers in salons use exactly rotary typewriters. Their power is from 20 to 40 watts, so they cope with heavy loads and do not overheat.


  • strength and reliability;

  • collapsible design;

  • a large number of additional nozzles;

  • high power and performance.


  • high price;

  • a lot of weight.

Such devices can easily cope with thick and stiff hair, they are used for several hours. Modern models can be washed freely under running water, and if necessary, disassemble and grease. But due to the high cost, size and weight of such option is not suitable for everyone.

Vibrating clippers

Vibrating machines are equipped with a coil with a metal winding. When power is applied, it creates an electromagnetic field, acting on a special lever. Due to this, he begins vibrate quickly, driving the knives. These devices belong to the budget category. Their power does not exceed 10-15 watts. This is enough to quickly cut or trim your hair. On the something more they hardly fit.


  • compact size and light weight;

  • interchangeable knives (not for all models);

  • ease of use.


  • low power;

  • high noise, strong vibrations.

  • not suitable for thick and coarse hair;

These machines are suitable for home use, for those who do not requires something substantial. They can only work for minutes. 10-15, and after that they start to get very hot and clog hair. The configuration of the vibrating machines is minimal, although this enough to complete the tasks.

Cordless Clippers

Manufacturers pay more attention to battery cars. The difference is in the power source. Own non-removable The battery provides uninterrupted battery life. At If necessary, they are connected to the network for power or charging.


  • battery life (30-60 minutes);

  • low noise level;

  • compact size and light weight (no more than 300 g).


  • small power (no more than 12 W).

The functionality of such devices is slightly more than that of an electric shaver. Them used to straighten hair, shave hair on the neck or haircuts soft hair. Some professional rotary machines with 3-4 hours are able to work with the battery, but on average does not exceed 1 hour.

Even household machines are different versatility, so many use them to care for the mustache and a beard. Thanks to special nozzles, they easily turn into trimmer for cutting in hard-to-reach places – on the neck, in the ears, nose. But the functionality depends on the configuration of a particular models, so you need to consider goals and objectives when choosing.

Hair Clipper Blades

Blades in a hair clipper

Do not forget that the quality of the haircut depends not so much on power or nozzles, how many from the blades. This is a working tool, providing fast and accurate hair cutting. Over time they begin to blunt, so the quality of the haircut decreases. Better to choose models with self-sharpening knives.

Special attention is paid to manufacturing materials. From this directly depend on the specific performance of the device. Manufacturers make blades from the following materials:

  1. stainless steel;

  2. ceramics;

  3. titanium alloys.

Stainless steel knives

Pure stainless steel is no longer used. For increase its service life is covered with carbon fiber, diamond spraying or a small layer of titanium. But she is able to cope with the entrusted on her tasks.


  • high strength;

  • long service life.


  • the need for a protective coating;

  • Strong heat during operation.

Diamond or carbon-coated stainless steel blades do not afraid of water, so they are used even for wet haircuts.

Ceramic knives

Pottery is the best option because it doesn’t overheats, and the cutting edge is sharpened as it wears.


  • good sharpness;

  • self-sharpening edge.


  • fragility;

  • Ceramic knives break easily, so when the machine falls on gender they can crumble.

Ceramic knives break easily, so when the machine falls on gender they can crumble.

Titanium knives

Titanium is one of the most durable materials, so it damage or blows are not terrible. But such blades with time spoil.


  • high strength;

  • resistance to mechanical damage.


  • over time, the smoothness of the blades is disrupted.

Titanium is a hypoallergenic material, so cars with titanium blades do not cause irritation or allergic reactions. They can even be used to cut children.

What are hair cutting tips?

What are hair cutting tips?

The functionality of each machine depends on the varieties used nozzles. A good tool will help even an inexperienced master to achieve a positive result. Professional haircuts used in hairdressers and salons beauty, have a huge assortment. For budget models the choice is more modest, the kit includes from 3 to 8 nozzles of different type.

They differ from each other in the following features:

  1. hair length (3, 6, 9, 12 mm);

  2. nozzle width;

  3. trimmers.

A special nozzle is able to turn the clipper into electric shaver. With a length of 1 to 10 mm equals a beard and mustache. The absence of a nozzle completely turns the machine into a trimmer, with which you can “draw” clear lines.

Separately, it is worth noting that some nozzles are suitable specific models only, others are different universality. In the second case, you can purchase if necessary set of nozzles for cars.

Additional features and what else to consider before by purchase?

Additional features and what else you need to consider before buying?

Modern cars from world manufacturers are multifunction devices. They have a number of additional functions that expand the scope or do hair care and a beard pleasant.

Wet cleaning – the machine has a waterproof housing, therefore nozzles are washed without problems under running water, not taking off.

Hair collection – hair clippers collect hair in special container like a vacuum cleaner.

Auto Clean – Fast Auto Clean nozzles.

Some devices are equipped with a power indicator. This is useful for battery models, because you can understand how much more charge left. Advanced battery devices also have The kit has a stand for storage and convenient charging.

Most Popular Manufacturers

On sale is a huge assortment of machines for professionals and ordinary users. World brands offer reliable devices, time-tested, therefore they are given preference.


A company from the Netherlands promotes goods on the Russian market. She offers several lines of clippers – 3000 series, 5000 series, 9000 series. New models use patented technologies for increased accuracy and safety, such as PRO Precision


French company BaByliss holds a strong position in professional haircuts market. Experience in this the region is over 50 years old, therefore it is trusted by professionals. Many models are reliable and performance because they are designed for intensive using.


Polaris technology is traditionally distinguished by affordable cost and good quality. Most in assortment simple but functional and reliable cars are presented, powered by the network. As a cutting tool they have stainless steel with special coatings is used.


Moser products are represented in European and Russian market. The range includes both professional and and household models. A distinctive feature is the use of innovative knife blocks with good protection against pollution.

In the next article, our experts tell you how to choose an electric shaver for a man for a car.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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