How to choose a glue gun for needlework and domestic needs

As a standalone tool, the glue gun is good known now. With it, you can solve a huge the number of diverse domestic and industrial tasks, as well as its those who are engaged in needlework are very fond of – with the help of hot glue you can glue even those objects that are not taken by everyone cyanoacryl, it’s “superglue”. In order to get everything the advantages of such a device in everyday life, the choice should be approached with special care.

The best manufacturers of thermal guns. Which company to choose?

how to choose a thermal gun

Currently, a huge number of a variety of glue guns, from the Chinese “noun” to professional devices from well-known European manufacturers. In order to guarantee a functional and working device, preference should be given exclusively to those brands that are by ear.

  1. Steinel

  2. Makita

  3. Bosch

  4. Kolner

In the catalogs of these manufacturers can be found not only professional models designed to perform specific operations, but also household appliances designed for everyday use.

The device of the hot glue gun and the principle of its operation

The device of the hot glue gun

Any thermal gun consists of four main components, ensuring its functioning:

  1. Body. Made of plastic and insulated from mechanical and heating part. Its shape resembles a gun (hence name) for the most comfortable grip during operation;

  2. The heating unit. It is a metal insert cylindrical to which the heating element is connected – heating glue stick melting element;

  3. Feed unit A special mechanism that delivers molten hot glue through a nozzle;

  4. Metal nozzle. Node designed for dosed supply of hot glue to the glued surfaces. The best models equipped with a special shut-off valve eliminating the possibility of glue spreading when the trigger is released;

  5. Glue stick. The very glue that underlies any thermal gun. It is a soft “stick” cylindrical form, which, being molten, turns into an adhesive composition. Its color may be different – transparent, black, white, red;

Types of hot glue guns

All devices of this class on the market can divided into several main types depending on their functional purpose.

Professional-grade mounting glue guns

professional glue guns

Devices that are widely used construction works, especially where other methods surface fixation not available. Hotmelt is widely used instead traditional dowels and screws, it allows you to perform work as accurately and efficiently as possible.


  • High power. The best models are capable of delivering up to 500-600 watts and allow you to perform laborious work in a short interval time;

  • A large number of nozzles for nozzles included with key models;

  • High-quality performance and increased trouble-free operation Consequently;


  • High price;

Pneumatic Glue Guns

Pneumatic glue guns

Devices whose operating principle differs from all others models. The heating element in such models is fully insulated from the housing, as a result of which both the housing itself and the nozzle stay cold. The supply is carried out using pneumatics, which makes it possible to use such a gun with materials, who are afraid of exposure to high temperatures (polyurethane foam, Styrofoam).


  • Robust construction;

  • Ability to work with all types without exception materials;


  • High price;

  • The overall bulkiness of the structure;

Needlework glue guns

Glue guns designed for needlework

And also for performing various household operations and routine works. Compact size, stripped down functionality, low temperature conditions and low power – these are its main specifications.


  • Small dimensions, minimum weight;

  • Low cost;

  • Low temperature conditions for bonding heat-afraid materials;


  • Low power of the heating element;

  • Mediocre workmanship in cheap models;

  • Lack of nozzles on a nozzle;

Cordless Glue Gun

Cordless glue gun

A device whose source is a replaceable battery. You can find similar models both among household and among professional devices, but because the price tag on them is enough varies greatly. Convenient lack of cord, which allows Use it away from the wall outlet.


  • Compact size;

  • Wide functionality;

  • No need for a constant power supply;


  • High price;

  • Requires battery monitoring;

Glue Gun Selection Options

Glue gun selection options

Having decided on a specific type of glue gun, it’s time pay attention to specific features and technical specifications.


An indicator that directly affects the melting rate of the adhesive rod, as well as the overall performance of the gun. The most weak in this regard – household pistols: rated power of such devices rarely exceed 100-150 watts. Advanced semi-professional devices in this regard show themselves somewhat better: they are capable of delivering up to 250-300 watts, which is more than enough for most situations. The most powerful are professional building devices, rated power which can be 500-600 watts.

Feed efficiency

Reflects the amount of glue that the gun nozzle emits in a certain period of time. Professional models can boast high performance – up to 25-35 grams of glue per minute, the indicators of household models – more modest and rarely exceed 10-15 grams.

The melting temperature

Parameter showing the possibility of applying this or that gun in certain operating conditions. Standard glue rods melt at a temperature of about 180 degrees (at the exit it turns out glue with a temperature of about 145-150 degrees), but in sales are available and models designed to operate in lower range – about 95-100 degrees. To work with them appropriate glue sticks are used. Professional models are often equipped with an additional temperature controller, which allows you to change the melting temperature depending on assigned tasks.

Thickness of glue sticks used

As a rule, all glue thermo guns on sale have a uniform diameter of the used rods – either 7 or 11 mm This parameter may vary slightly. from the manufacturer of a particular glue stick;

Which adhesive thermal gun to choose?

Which adhesive thermal gun to choose

  1. A compact glue gun will be enough to complete a number of routine and household tasks, as well as for needlework;

  2. In the case when there is a long work away from the source food or there is a regular need for bonding certain parts “on the knee” should be preferred cordless glue gun;

  3. For those buyers who are looking for a universal model that allows work with various types of materials, best preferred thermoguns equipped with power control;

  4. Professional models are a great choice for builders, installers, as well as all those who regularly need such device on duty;

The cost of a hot glue gun

  1. Most household glue guns and models, intended for needlework, costs from 300 to 2000 rubles;

  2. Semi-professional devices whose power does not exceed 350 watts, have a price tag from 4000 to 7000 rubles;

  3. Professional models with many features and rich delivery set – the most expensive devices. Their price may vary from 4,500 to 9,000 rubles.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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