How to choose a gas column

As an independent source of heating the home gas The column has been known since time immemorial. “Grandfather” devices can be found in Khrushchev to this day, however, when choosing a modern heating source, such a device is practically always overlooked. And quite undeservedly: for the past time these devices have advanced quite a lot in their development, becoming modern, easy to use and economical heat sources.

How to choose a gas column

The best manufacturers. Which burner to choose?

Due to the design features, gas equipment is a source of increased danger. Even the most reliable column equipped with the latest security systems, with misuse can cause a lot of trouble, but because Preferred devices should be preferred. from reliable manufacturers with a worldwide reputation whose products earned a lot of flattering reviews from users:

  1. Indesit

  2. Ariston

  3. Electrolux

  4. Bosch

  5. Will meet

It is possible to have decent models from domestic manufacturers. TO For example, Neva produces quality, time-tested models designed exclusively for domestic conditions operation and certified by all interested services.

What to look for when choosing a gas column?

Criterias of choice

Suitable device for specific conditions sets of criteria that have the most direct impact on its functionality. Choosing a gas column, they need pay close attention.

Ignition Method

“Grandfather” columns that needed to be lit manually with the help of matches, sunk into the summer. Modern models in this the plan has moved far ahead: in our time, a gas water heater – fully automated device, and its ignition is carried out in one of three main ways:

  1. Piezoelectric element. The classic way of ignition, known for a long time. The principle of operation is based on the interaction of a small gas wick and a piezoelectric item. Such a device boasts autonomy, however it’s impossible to call it economical;

  2. 220V electric ignition. Ignition carried out using an electric spark which is autonomous. The disadvantage of this method is the dependence on networks in 220V – in the absence of electricity the column is not will start;

  3. Electric ignition from the built-in accumulator or batteries. It is used where there is no voltage in the network. Is an autonomous and unpretentious in operation, and the only thing for which will have to follow – this is the state and degree of battery charge either batteries

Type and principle of operation of the gas column

Three main types are distinguished depending on this parameter. geysers:

  1. Constant power devices. The temperature regime of such devices is manually configured and is stationary. This feature delivers a lot of trouble: water is heated with the same intensity regardless of the flow strength, and therefore the temperature has to be adjusted manually;

  2. Variable power devices. Advanced equivalent the above models, much more economical and convenient to operation. Special sensor integrated in the trunk pipeline, analyzes the flow rate and the amount supplied water, depending on what the device regulates the degree heating intensity. Device management is simplified to commonplace water temperature control panel;

  3. Modulation columns are considered the most advanced in terms of operational characteristics. There are two sensors for such devices: one tracks the water flow rate and system pressure, the second is the temperature of the water entering the device. Analyzing readings, the device doses the amount used gas necessary to maintain the temperature at the proper level;

Device power

A parameter that directly affects performance and reflecting device performance at a particular moment time. Measured in kilowatts, the average value for the set household models varies at around 15-30 kW. In addition to power, you can pay attention to the throughput of a particular devices, as well as temperature indicators at the inlet and at device output. The higher these numbers are, the more efficient it is. column.

Types of Water Heater

Depending on this parameter, all devices can divided into three main classes:

  1. Instantaneous water heaters – devices that heat water in real time. Thanks to the principle of work, they are able to serve heated water almost instantly, however high power can’t boast;

  2. Storage water heaters are a reservoir in which is constantly heated water. Thanks to this Features Hot water is available here and now, but its volume limited by tank volume;

  3. Bulk water heaters are similar to flowing, however in this situations, a special tank is initially filled in which water heats up. Due to this feature, water heating It takes some time. The operation of the device is carried out cyclically.

Additional functions

gas column functionality

Options that affect usability and functionality features:

  1. Management method. Distinguish models with hydraulic control when device operation is configured manually, using various valves or gate valves, or electronically controlled models in which all manipulations carried out using a special console or remote control management;

  2. The presence of an indication display. Useful feature when help which displays comprehensive status information devices

  3. The presence of all kinds of protective systems making impossible operation under critical conditions. Includes a whole range of algorithms designed to protect against gas leakage, from overheating of the device, from a power outage, from a lack water or excess pressure in the system;

Which geyser to choose?

  1. Choosing a geyser for giving, preference should be given models with power up to 20 kW, equipped with many protective systems, as well as an electrical start system Networks

  2. In the absence of electricity at the gas installation site The preference should be given to the device, the launch of which It is carried out from the built-in accumulator or batteries. Availability all kinds of protective systems required, power – 15-20 kW;

  3. If it is impossible to constantly monitor the batteries, either built-in batteries, as well as in the absence of a constant source of electricity, preference should be given to devices, equipped with a piezoelectric trigger.

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