How to choose a faucet for bathroom, kitchen, shower and sinks

Not only cold, but also hot water supply – undoubted the advantage of living in an urban setting. However, quality standards such that in its pure form hot water has a very high temperature, and in order to cool it and mix with a portion of water cold, use a mixer – a special device, allowing precise dosing of water and regulating the pressure and temperature. Modern faucets are multifunctional devices that are of high quality and aesthetic appearance, and all that a buyer needs is to choose the best model.

choose a mixer

The best manufacturers of mixers. Which company to choose?

Like any other type of sanitary equipment, faucets produces a great many manufacturers, starting inexpensive Chinese models and ending with quality products of famous European manufacturers. Choosing a bathroom faucet either cuisine, preference should be given to products of those manufacturers whose name is by ear:

  1. Jacob delafon

  2. Lemark

  3. Hans grohe

  4. WasserKRAFT

Types of Mixers

Single grip mixers

Single grip mixer

The most easy-to-use devices that allow you to clearly dose the pressure of water and its temperature. Control element is a handle, the rotation of which is left-right adjustable the temperature of the water supplied, and pressing up or down increases or vice versa, reduces the power of the jet.


  • Ease of use and installation;

  • A huge variety of models and design solutions;

  • You can change the pressure head without changing temperature

  • Sensitive adjustment of the temperature of the supplied water;


  • Demanding on water quality – may require installation cleaning systems;

Valve mixers


Classic models, temperature and pressure control in which is carried out using two valves, for hot and cold water, respectively. The simplest valve mixers have traditional design with silicone or rubber washer, more advanced equipped with special ceramic plates with slots through which water is supplied. The latter are good because to install in extreme positions does not require a large number valve revolutions.


  • Convenient, reliable and durable;

  • Unpretentious in operation and work without problems even with water dubious quality;

  • A wide variety of styles and aesthetic appearance view;


  • The need for regular maintenance, replacement rubber gaskets and ceramic washers;

  • Modern models are quite expensive;

Thermostatic Mixers

thermostatic mixer1

Devices whose key feature is maintaining set water temperature in any conditions. When it changes water flow rates such devices automatically adjust the pressure of the second stream in order to compensate temperature change. Due to its design features, there are two different types: classic, mechanical and more advanced, electronically controlled. Another chip of this kind class of devices is the ability to set minimum and maximum water temperature – regardless of specific settings, burn yourself or get under an ice stream will not work.


  • Constant water temperature;

  • Spectacular appearance;

  • Reliable and unpretentious;

  • Safe to operate;

  • Very economical;


  • The ability to work only when there is both hot and cold water;

  • High price;

Touch Control Faucets

Thermostatic Mixers

The most modern and advanced devices. As such there are no controls in them – water is supplied at holding your hand to a special infrared sensor powered from batteries. Compact water temperature adjustment a mechanism mounted on the side of the device.


  • Compact, stylish and easy to use;

  • High water saving;

  • Do not have mechanical elements that can fail;


  • High price;

  • Not entirely suitable for conditions in which constant water temperature adjustment;

Mixer selection options

mixer selection parameters

In order to find the right mixer, which will provide maximum functionality and will serve faithfully for more than one year, you need to pay attention to many different characteristics.

The method of mounting the mixer for the sink

A parameter that has a huge impact on the ability operation in a particular room. So, for the kitchen is best a mixer is suitable, which is mounted directly in the sink, and water supply is carried out using flexible corrugated hoses. Conversely, when it comes to the bathroom faucet, many prefer wall mounted faucets and equipped with a watering can;

Eyeliner method

As noted above, all mixers can be divided into two conditional categories. The first is a hard eyeliner: it is used for wall mounted mixer. The second type is flexible eyeliner with the use of flexible metal hoses or corrugated pipes. Apply it in hard to reach places and where to bend a thick a metal water pipe is not possible.

Type of shutoff valve

Regardless of mixer design, installed shut-off valves can be classified into several types. Classic rubber and leather valves are used in dual-valve mixers, in the same place you can find multi-disk ceramic check valves. The mechanism, presented in the form cartridge, used in single-locking mixers, as well as in modern touch and thermostatic devices. At its core can be both traditional ball and innovative ceramic locking element, which is much smaller noise level.

Type of coating

Currently on sale you can find faucets, made both of stainless steel and non-ferrous metals – copper, brass, chromium. Powder devices are also widely used. metal – silumin. As a decorative coating widely apply chrome or gilding, and recently natural stone coatings gain popularity marble and other similar materials.

Which mixer to choose

which mixer to choose

  1. For a kitchen sink, the best option will probably be classic single grip mixer. It’s easier to manage simple, you can even turn on the water with your elbow. Height and stem extension entirely depend on the size and depth of the installed sink – with small sinks are more convenient to operate low, up to 15 centimeters in height, models, while with more capacious 30 cm faucets work better with sinks;

  2. Fans of innovative technology will surely like thermostatic mixers as well as touch devices management. They are best placed above the sink in the bathroom, it is there that they fully reveal their functionality;

  3. When choosing a bathroom faucet, it is best to give preference two-valve models equipped with a shower head. Removal the “nose” of such a mixer depends on the overall dimensions installed bath;

  4. If tap water will be used not only for household needs, but also for drinking, should be preferred mixer allowing filter installation.

How much does the mixer cost?

  1. The cost of modern single grip faucets with ceramic cartridge currently fluctuates at the level of 5-7 thousand rubles;

  2. High-quality double-lever mixers with a ceramic cartridge and a watering can for a shower costs a little more, about 10-15 thousand rubles;

  3. Advanced models equipped with aerator, integrated filter and many other useful functions, the main governing body of which the joystick acts, are of a rather high price – about 18-20 thousand rubles;

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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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