How to choose a disk for a grinder

The grinder, or in other words, the angle grinder is a special tool widely used in both industrial and and domestic purposes. As an active element here special diamond wheels are used – hard round wheels, fixed on the shaft and acting as a cutting edge. For, so that work with the grinder is as productive as possible Tool discs should be given close attention.

How to choose a drive for the grinder

The best manufacturers of discs for grinders

Masters working with angle grinders recommend use branded discs manufactured by those companies which the grinders themselves produce:

  1. Bosch

  2. Makita

  3. Dewatt

  4. Hitachi

  5. Shtill

  6. Aez

Characteristics and operational parameters of one or another drive can be found in the manufacturer’s catalogs, as well as relying on user reviews on the Internet. You can familiarize yourself with them at thematic building forums, as well as in public social networks dedicated to construction in general and metal processing in particular.

Types of discs for grinders

Abrasive disc for cutting and grinding metal

disc for metal grinder

Thin enough, from 3 to 6 millimeters, discs. Made from special abrasive material that allows cutting and grinding high-strength stainless steel with minimal wear drive. On sale are disks of different diameters for working with grinders of various designs and power.


  • Compact size;

  • Designed to work with any kind of metal;

  • Small thickness;


  • Not suitable for working with natural materials and artificial a stone;

Grinding discs

Abrasive discs for grinding

It differs primarily in thickness – these discs range from 4 to 8 millimeters. Has a lower rotation speed and is intended exclusively for grinding and polishing stones, granite, marble and other similar textures.


  • Thick enough;

  • Inexpensive

  • Variety of models;

  • Special abrasive compound designed to work with a stone;


  • Not suitable for working with metal;

Diamond blades for cutting natural and artificial stone

Diamond wheels

Thick, about 6-7 millimeters, discs, the edge of which has special gear structure. Due to the design features, such discs do an excellent job with stone processing and practically do not wear out. Special cuts and highlighting of individual segments designed to improve cutting performance as well as temperature removal from the cutting edge during operation.


  • Suitable for working with all types of stone;

  • The presence of special incisions and segments designed for temperature abductions;

  • High wear resistance;


  • Qualitative models of the road;

  • Smooth diamond blades are prone to overheating;

Stone grinding cups

Cups for grinding stone

Special wheels made of durable polymer materials, on the side the side of which contains special inserts of abrasive. Used for fine grinding of stone surfaces, as well as marble, granite and other materials.


  • Allow to finish the surface of the stone;

  • Suitable for use with a variety of types of grinders;

  • High wear resistance;


  • Expensive cost;

  • During operation, a large amount of dust is released;

  • Narrow specialization;

Petal disks for wood processing

Petal discs

They are special polymer disks on the surface which fixed sandpaper inserts used for finishing and grinding of wooden, as well as metal and many other surfaces.


  • Suitable for finishing;

  • Emery paper of various grain sizes allows you to processing of various degrees of depth;

  • They allow grinding a wide variety of materials;


  • Low wear resistance;

  • Narrow specialization;



Special nozzles with rigidly fixed metal nap designed for finishing metal and other surfaces. They are used to clean surfaces from rust, paint and varnish layers, oxides and other defects.


  • High wear resistance;

  • A variety of sizes and types of materials used;

  • Pile of various degrees of rigidity for processing various surfaces;


  • Expensive;

  • They are used exclusively for stripping material;

The main criteria for choosing a disc for a grinder

  1. The diameter of the disk. The main criterion on which to rely when choosing a drive. Choose the model that matches characteristics of the grinder used. Most used are disks with a diameter of 115, 125, 150, 180 and 230 millimeters;

  2. The diameter of the mounting hole on which the disc is worn is not less important factor, which is also selected depending on type of grinder used. The installed drive must be hard fixed, do not play or vibrate while working with a device;

  3. Type of disk. It is selected depending on what operations need to execute. Cutting, grinding, cleaning, polishing – for everyone manufacturers provide these and many other manipulations single discs and nozzles;

  4. Disc thickness. To work with metal, thinner wheels, stone processing requires circles a little larger thickness;

Features of choosing a diamond blade

Characteristics of diamond blades to be turned on attention, very specific. To the above criteria are supplemented also the following:

  1. The amount of diamonds. Preference should be given to averaged disks, the cutting edges of which have an average number cutting crystals. Excessive use leads to increase in cost of a disk without improvement of the cutting properties, reduction leads to an early disk failure;

  2. The number of cutting segments. The more elements, the higher material cutting speed. Conversely, the smaller the slower cutting, but the more efficient is the removal of dust from the cutting edges. The optimum value is from 18 to 22, regardless of length disk circumference;

  3. The strength of the metal and its resistance to overheating. Friction, occurring during the cutting process contributes to critical growth temperature. You should choose exclusively high-quality discs from well-known manufacturers, otherwise the risk is high deformed disc after one cutting procedure.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a grinder and the secrets of choosing a punch.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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