How to choose a depilation cream

Every girl is faced with the need for regular removal of unwanted vegetation on parts of the body. Process Depilation involves removing only the visible part of the hair, which is located above the surface of the skin. Many use for for these purposes a special cream instead of a traditional razor because it is more convenient, faster and more enjoyable. There are hundreds to choose from creams to achieve the desired result without any discomfort.

choose a cream for depilation

Types of depilation creams

Such a cream today is popular among girls, therefore, an impressive range is presented on the market. Among well-known brands stand out Veet, Oplica, Eveline, Velvet and some others. These manufacturers offer certified time-tested products. Creams are distinguished by features and exerted effect.

Creams are divided depending on the area of ​​application:

  1. armpits;

  2. arms and legs;

  3. face;

  4. bikini area.

These zones on the human body differ primarily skin sensitivity and abundance of vegetation, therefore it is important choose the right depilation cream to achieve the desired result without irritation and other troubles.

Depilatories are also divided into other criteria:

  1. concentration of chemicals;

  2. moisturizing oil content;

  3. the amount of vitamins and minerals.

Creams for each specific zone differ from each other the number of chemical components directly responsible for hair removal. Underarm requires maximum concentration components, as for the bikini zone. But the latter takes into account skin sensitivity. Thus, it is desirable to apply selected cream only for a specific area of ​​the body.

The depilation process is not pleasant and not safe for the skin, therefore moisturizing oil provides extra care. It nourishes the skin with vitamins and minerals, which makes it healthy. Creams often dry the surface, due to which they appear discomfort.

How to define a “work area”?


Manufacturers on the label indicate for which zones this or that cream intends. But it’s also important when choosing take into account the individual characteristics of the skin. There are various names and designations:

  1. universal depilatory creams;

  2. creams for sensitive skin;

  3. creams for the bikini zone.

The latter category is of interest and is often sold separately. Universal creams suitable for legs, arms, armpits and other parts body. But for the bikini area it is better to buy a special tool, with the presence of the corresponding designation.

Depilation creams contain a special substance – thioglycate calcium (calcium salt). Immediately after application, it becomes active and destroys the structure of hairs. Resulting rod hair weakens and easily comes off the skin. After that hairy the cover is washed off or removed with a special spatula. All substances safe for humans. This procedure is compared with shaving, because that the follicle remains intact.

Cream for intimate areas contains more moisturizing oils. is he less aggressive and acts carefully. For legs, arms and armpits low cost generic products often offered calcium salt. For the face, they also sell special creams that in action more like moisturizing masks. Based on these designations, you can choose the right cream.


  • simple removal of unwanted hair without pain;

  • The optimum ratio of price and quality;

  • ease of hair removal at home;

  • skin hydration, lack of dryness;


  • the procedure is carried out every 5-7 days;

  • the cream is selected for each type of skin and vegetation;

  • over time, addiction appears and efficiency decreases;

How to choose a cream for depilation of intimate areas?

Means for removing hair in intimate areas are selected Caution. To do this, first of all, you should carefully study cream label on which information is indicated. Manufacturers write whether a specific tool is used for depilation of intimate zones. If there is no such inscription, then, probably, the cream will cause itching and irritation in the bikini area.

When choosing, pay attention to the following aspects:

  1. active substance content;

  2. the presence of moisturizing components;

  3. the addition of anti-stress and analgesic components;

  4. shelf life.

Thanks to a combination of substances, hair removal is quick and safely. Thanks to the variety of products, you can easily pick up funds for the type of skin. In this case there will be no itching or irritation.

Consider side effects, including inflammation, allergic reactions, dermatitis and even serious diseases. Besides Moreover, with the wrong choice and application of funds appear chemical burns.

The composition of the cream for depilation

composition for depilation cream

When buying a cosmetic product for applying to the skin, it is important check its composition for hazardous substances. Operating principle based on keratin breakdown and hair weakening. For this chemical components are used.

The composition of modern depilation creams contains:

  1. potassium or calcium thioglycolate (the main hair destroyer);

  2. sodium or calcium hydroxide (alkali for preliminary hair softening);

  3. emulsifiers (moisten hair for better action);

  4. Ceteareth-20 (removes sebum).

In addition to the main components, the composition contains substances for increase shelf life, flavors to create a pleasant odor, moisturizing oils and healing agents to accelerate skin regeneration.

Leaf juice is often used as a healing agent. aloe vera and urea. Glycerin is added to moisturize, cetearyl alcohol, aliphatic alcohol. Alpha tocopherol is Vitamin E, acting as an antioxidant. For aromatization used – butylphenyl methylpropional, linalool, hexyl cinnamal and others.

Depilatory cream packaging

The quality of the means for depilation does not always depend on the cost. Only thioglycolate is directly responsible for hair removal calcium and sodium hydroside. Thus, expensive and cheap creams will cope with tasks equally. Play a big role additional components providing a pleasant smell, quick healing and anesthesia.

The packaging has the following requirements:

  1. strength and density;

  2. ease of application with a dispenser;

  3. the presence of the composition;

  4. indication of the area of ​​application and other features.

Universal cream for several areas is taken in large volume, because you’ll have to use it often – 1-2 times a week. Creams for the bikini zone are used less often, so in this case compact packaging is taken. Small tubes are convenient to take with you on a trip or just keep in your bag.

When using the tool, it is important to read the instructions and Follow manufacturer’s recommendations. Remember contraindications and the possible consequences of using depilation cream.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose a face cream, the secrets of choosing a cream after tanning and features of the choice of sunscreen.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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