How to choose a child’s ski

Children’s skis should be selected according to the height and weight of the young skier, as well as the material from which they were made, the brand and other nuances – which ones, we will tell in our article.

Top ski manufacturers for kids

The best ski manufacturers for children

Skis must be made in accordance with the requirements of GOST and international quality standards. Security depends on it and the life of a child. Therefore, choose products only proven brands.

The best manufacturers of children’s skis are:

  1. Fischer;

  2. Head

  3. Atomic

  4. Salomon;

  5. Nordway.

What material should skis be made of?

What material should be skiing

In the production of children’s models are used simpler materials and technology compared to adult models. Is not means that such products are bad. Just a child can not appreciate advantages of the latest technology. Moreover, the use of equipment and materials that do not match the skills of the young skier, increases the risk of injury.

Most often, skis for children are made of plastic or tree.

Plastic ski

These products are durable and reliable. They accelerate well and are excellent suitable for children who know how to ski. Plastic models do not need water-repellent impregnations, because, unlike wooden, they do not soak and do not deteriorate under the action liquids.


  • Light weight;

  • It can be used during frosts and at zero temperature

  • Good sliding properties;

  • Durability.


  • High price.

Wooden skis

Wooden models are characterized by good stability. With their help the child can move quickly and keep balance. Speed wooden skis are smaller than plastic ones, so they Great for young children and beginner skiers.

Such products must be treated with special means so that Protect them from moisture. If the tree gets wet, it is faster deteriorate, becomes rough and loose. Also on wooden models are heavily adhered to wet snow.


  • Low cost;

  • Good stability.


  • They have a small margin of safety;

  • Wooden skis are heavier than plastic models.

How to choose a child’s ski

Before buying, it is important to understand which models your child needs: cross-country or mountain. Cross-country skiing is suitable for skiing on a level and good surface, and mountain – for riding from the slopes, on the untouched snow and uneven, mountainous surfaces.

What cross-country skiing to choose

Which cross-country skiing to choose

Cross-country skiing is:

  1. Skate – not suitable for small children, as they require certain riding skills. Glide occurs when the skier, like a skater, is repelled by the inner edge of the product from the surface. In this case, the track should be wide and well rammed. Skis can be used by teens and to adults.

  2. Classic – suitable for children over three years old. it the easiest and safest type of cross-country skiing.

  3. Universal – suitable for skating and classic styles.

Depending on the age and weight of the child, the size is determined ski:

  1. 3–6 years old. It is impossible that the length of the runners greatly exceeded the growth a child. With a growth of 1 m or 1.1 m, their length should be 1 and 1.1 m, respectively, and with an increase of 1.15 and 1.2 m – 1.2 and 1.3 m.

  2. 6-11 years old. The length of the product is calculated by the growth of the “skier”, to which is added 15-20 cm. For example, if the child is seven years old and its height is 1.2 m, the recommended ski length should be 1.4 m

  3. 11 years and older. At this age, it’s worth choosing skis in the same way as and adult products. Skis for classic glide must be 20 cm more than the height of the child; skating models – by 10 cm, and for the universal – 15 cm.

What to look for when choosing skiing

What to look for when choosing skiing

Size is determined by height, weight, and skills child:

  1. If a young athlete is lighter than 20 kg, the length of the ski slats should be be about 70 cm.

  2. With a weight of 21-30 kg, models 90 cm long are suitable for the child, and with 30-40 kg – one meter.

  3. If the child is above one meter, the ski slats are vertical position should reach to his nose. But if the baby is bad a skier, he needs shorter runners that upright position will reach to his chin.

  4. The better the child is skiing, the more there can be length.

The choice of alpine skiing also depends on its level of stiffness. Than “softer” model, the more it is suitable for small and inexperienced kids. Conversely, products with a high level of rigidity are designed for confident users.

Selection tips

Selection Tips

Before buying, pay attention to the type of mounts. For babies often use soft mounts (from a leather belt), designed on ordinary winter shoes. But they can slip and get confused. Therefore, it is better to choose semi-rigid (metal) methods fixation. Remember, the older and more experienced the child, the harder it should be to be a fixture.

Children 3-5 years old can not buy sticks for skiing. Main the task of “athletes” at this age is to learn to balance and to ski, and excess equipment can even interfere.

Pay attention to the aluminum ski poles. Often their length can be regulated, which means they will last you longer.

Do not buy ski boots and sticks for growth, otherwise it may cause injury to the child.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose downhill skiing and the secrets of choosing cross-country skiing.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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