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The maximum load on the spine is created when a person sitting, but not standing. Therefore, it is so important to choose a chair that will keep your baby in the correct position and promote the formation of a healthy posture.

What should be the chair for the student

The best manufacturers of furniture for students

Student chairs should be made from quality materials that comply with safety standards and do not contain toxic compounds. In addition, they must maintain physiologically correct body position, promote normal blood circulation and be comfortable for a child. The following products meet these requirements. manufacturers:

  1. Kettler

  2. Moll;

  3. Duorest;

  4. TCT Nanotec;

  5. Comf pro.

What should be the chair for the student

choose a chair for the child

Backrest and seat

Recommended to use chairs with orthopedic backrest, which follows the curves of the spine and forms the correct posture a child. It is desirable that it be height adjustable and depth. Thanks to this, you can fix the correct position a child. When the child is sitting, his hips and back should to form a right angle.

Choose models with a high back so that the student can confidently rely on her while studying. In this case, the child’s feet should Stand on the floor (at right angles) or on the footboard. If the baby bends the legs under the seat or his knees touch the countertop from the inside, you need to change the height of the chair.


For younger students it is not advisable to choose chairs and chairs with the armrests. The child will rely on one or the other armrest, forming an irregular deflection of the spine. Hands The student must be on the countertop.


When choosing models with wheels, make sure that they can be fix, and the child did not ride a chair throughout the room. Products can be equipped with mechanical and automatic blocking. The mechanical fixation of the wheels is performed directly by parents, and automatic is triggered when the weight seated is 30 kg or more.


The height of the chair seat is selected according to the height of the cub. For babies with a height of 100–115 cm it should be about 30 cm, with 116–127 cm – 35 cm. Children who have grown to 128–136 cm need to choose a height of 37 see. With growth 137–153 seat height of a chair varies from 40 to 43 cm.

What chair to buy a student


It has the simplest design – steel frame, back and seat made of wood or plastic. Typically seat height and angle the backrest on it is not adjustable. Therefore, the size of the chair should clearly correspond to the growth and body characteristics of the child. Such a product will not last long, since it does not “grow” with a child.

Classic chair for the student


  • Affordable price;

  • Stability and durability.


  • It’s not convenient for a child to sit on such a stool for a long time

  • Lack of additional functions: orthopedic backrest, castors, steps, etc .;


computer chair for the student

Computer chairs for children withstand a weight of 50-60 kg. They often have seat height and depth adjustment, high back. The angle between the back and the seat is 90 degrees, but the back can be lowered to 180 degrees.


  • Provide support for the spine;

  • Mobility;

  • Ability to adjust the angle of the back;

  • You can adjust accordingly to the growth of the child.


  • Often have armrests (not recommended for primary school students);

  • They do not always fit well into the interior of a children’s room.


Orthopedic chair for a student

Ideal for children spending several hours behind lessons Creates the correct position of the spine, removes tension from the back, evenly distributes the load.

Orthopedic chairs are equipped with a massive and comfortable back, and some even have knee support that prevents the child crawl to the edge of the seat.

Orthopedic models can be adjusted in height, choose backrest angle. They often have a removable footrest, height which changes according to the growth of the child.


  • Ensure the correct position of the child;

  • Suitable for children of any age.

  • “Grow” with the student;


  • High price.


Remember, the health and posture of the child depends on your choice. Before the beginning of puberty, the spine of the student continues form and improperly selected stools can lead to the development of scoliosis, kyphosis, and also worsen the work of internal organs. Therefore, select only products that match the listed requirements.

The correct position of the child at the table

the correct position of the child at the table


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Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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