How to choose a boxing bag

For those who are unable to spar with live rival boxing bag is the best option for posing and sharpening the impact technique. Choose an accessory with taking into account all design features and technical nuances.

How to choose a boxing bag

Which boxing bag to choose? Top manufacturers

The choice to make is best in favor of models from well-known manufacturers of boxing gear and equipment:

  1. Absolute

  2. Relmax;

  3. Vimpex

  4. Jabb;

  5. Clinch;

Get acquainted with the characteristics of the above models, and also with reviews of customers who have tested pears in action, you can on the Internet. The maximum amount of information is present on thematic forums or on social networks.

Types of boxing bags. What are they like?

  1. Pneumatic boxing bags. Are durable cameras with one fixation point located in its upper part. The filler is the air pumped into the bag with special pump. Such a bag holds pressure well and allows do without the need for swapping for a long time. Of the disadvantages note the impossibility of practicing kicks, as well as high the cost of quality models;

  2. Water filling boxing bags. Being filled with water, the consistency resembles the human body, which contributes to proper setting hands and correct execution of punches. Are different compactness – in order to move the bag to another place, need to drain the water. Of the shortcomings, the fear of sharp objects is distinguished – even one careless movement can threaten a “flood”;

  3. Printed boxing bags are considered universal. They are tight strong and hardy, allow you to practice blows with both hands and legs. The characteristics of the bag vary significantly depending from material used as packing. Disadvantages emit a lot of weight and bulkiness, making it difficult move such a bag to another place if necessary;

What to look for when choosing a boxing bag? Selection options

bag selection criteria

Bag weight

  1. Light bags, the weight of which does not exceed 40-50 kilograms, Designed for testing shock, maneuvering and evading them. Not suitable for staging powerful blows when which is the insertion of the entire body.

  2. As a universal model, boxers allocate bags weighing 50 – 70 kilograms. These models allow you to hone the battle technique, and powerful point strikes.

  3. Heavy boxing bags are optimal for spotting blows with the full calculation. The weight of such bags is 80-110 kilogram, which is comparable to the weight of the average person. Preferred by their professional boxers with well-honed combat technique;

Material used as packing

  1. Tyrsa and sawdust are currently used exclusively in budget models. High hygroscopicity, and even quite quickly cake. IN As a result, the density of the pear changes – the upper part becomes soft, and the bottom turns to stone;

  2. Not the best material is sand. Due to the high density, hits on such a projectile are tough, which is far from suitable to each. In addition, the sand is also hygroscopic and typing water also turns to stone.

  3. The best material for a boxing bag is rubber sawdust or shavings. Being tightly packed, such a pear has worthy springy properties, does not cake and is suitable for both beginners and professional boxers alike;

Exterior upholstery

  1. Budget models of punching bags are made of leatherette. The material suitable for staging a novice, no different excessive resistance to mechanical stress and is not suitable for heavy duty professional sports a club;

  2. Professional models are made of genuine leather, stitched with durable thread. Such a pear endures without any problems shock and mechanical stress, it is characterized wear resistance and durability. Minus- high cost;

Mounting method

  1. The metal hook attached to the centering cables is the most A simple method used in most budget models. Convenient in operation and allows you to quickly hang and remove the pear when necessary. The disadvantage is not enough reliable fixation, under the impact of powerful blows, the bag can slip off the mounts;

  2. The metal ring fixing the pear with chains – where more reliable, durable and hardy way of fastening. Its hard to mount and even harder to remove, however it is the ring that provides maximum reliability in any training mode;

Bag height

  1. Compact models, 50-70 centimeters high, are suitable for practicing punches. They cannot be called universal;

  2. Tall pears, the length of which is 120-140 centimeters, are the most preferable to purchase option. They allow to carry out multilevel strikes both with hands and with using legs.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose boxing gloves, secrets of choosing punching bags for boxing and features the choice of boxing mouth guard.

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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