How to choose a boat for the motor

With the help of a motor, a boat can reach high speed, thanks to which to overcome water open spaces and cope with strong river flow becomes easier. However, not every boat suitable for operation with a motor, and in order to choose suitable option, you should pay attention to a number technical nuances.

choose a boat under the motor

Top motor boat manufacturers

Many people are currently engaged in boat production. manufacturers, however, are far from suitable for operation with a motor all models. Preference should be given to those brands that are well known, and their products are in demand among advanced hunters and fishermen, as well as special services:

  1. Solar

  2. Marlin

  3. Korsar;

  4. Frregate;

  5. Hummingbird

  6. Track;

Technical specifications for specific models, as well as expert opinions and user reviews revealing features operation, their strengths and weaknesses can always be found in Internet, on thematic forums and in social networks.

What are boat engines?

types of boat motors

Outboard motors are divided into two categories:

  1. Internal combustion engines. Powerful and noisy devices designed for installation in the stern of the boat, allowing to develop high speed and take the boat to planing. Used as the main element leading the boat in movement and require certain characteristics from the craft and the presence of a hard transom for stable fixation;

  2. Electric motors are compact electric motors. They are installed both in the bow and stern of the boat due to features of its own design. In the first case, such the electric motor will serve as an auxiliary engine, in the second is to be used as the main one.

In this regard, the choice of a boat for use with a motor may vary widely enough. If a compact electric motor with low traction mounted on virtually any watercraft, up to the good old rubber “Ufimka” or “Orioles”, then with a powerful four-stroke gasoline engine, not all so simple, the boat should not only be prepared appropriately, but also possess a set characteristics.

The main criteria for choosing a boat for the motor. What to look for Attention?

criteria for choosing a boat for a motor

Material of which the boat is made

If we are talking about an electric motor, you can install it on everything without boat exceptions. Powerful and, accordingly, heavy, two- and four-stroke gasoline outboard engines require maximum density and rigidity of the material of the body. Such can provide wood, plastic and metal, and from the inflatable models – polyvinyl chloride (PVC);

Boat bow design

Given that under the engine the boat is able to develop significant speed, it is necessary that the nose is raised as much as possible up. This contributes to easy planing and enables to overcome even strong excitement of the surface of the water;

Transom Availability

Transom is a special element in the stern of a boat, designed for mounting a motor and increasing rigidity designs. The transom is a fundamental element, without it impossible to install a gasoline engine in principle. In the case of with a bow boat electric motor you can do without it. Transom design can be either mounted or rigid fixed. The first involves the use of outboard low power motor, the second is great for installation sufficiently powerful gasoline engines, up to 15-20 horsepower forces;

Design of a bench designed for seating

While driving under the motor, the boat is able to develop significant speed, and therefore the design of benches should have tight fixation and do not fidget in their seats.

Motor boat dimensions

  1. Minimum boat size suitable for use with a motor is considered 200 centimeters – such a boat is suitable for a fisherman or a lone hunter, and as an engine with it it is better to use an electric motor.

  2. For boats with 300-320 centimeters in length, suitable for moving two people and a full set of equipment. On them you can install both gasoline and electric engines.

  3. Massive four-meter boats allow simultaneous finding 4-5 people and suggest the use of powerful gas engines, about 10-15 horsepower;

Type and design of the bottom of the boat

For maximum stability, preference should be given to the use of boats equipped with a hard bottom – plywood or metal. Speaking as a kind of spacer, he significantly increases the stability of the boat while driving on high speed. For low power gasoline or electric engines it is quite possible to limit yourself to a rigid inflatable bottom, found in most inexpensive PVC and rubber boats.

In the following articles, our experts tell you how to choose outboard motor and the secrets of choosing a boat for fishing.

Video for choosing a boat under the motor

Attention! This material is subjective opinion of the authors of the project and is not a buying guide.

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